Saturday, September 09, 2017

And Finally, Purple!

I finally had enough of these hourglass blocks to assemble them into the two side borders of my Hourglass Leader & Ender Challenge quilt.


It’s been a crazy year full of what seems like LESS sewing, and more teaching, and this week I am cranking to get so much more done.

But don’t worry, I’m relaxing in the process.  I’m binge-watching Netflix and listening to audio books and just letting the progress come at its own pace.

I love this quilt!  I love how it is coming along.  I love that it has taken me more than a year to get to this stage, without deadlines. 

That’s what Leader & Ender projects are all about.  It’s been a free quilt on the back burner until it is time to hunker down and add each round to the center.


One purple side going on!


Just the top and bottom left!


UHOH. Do you see it??

Two of the same light triangles are TOUCHING!! AAUUUGHH!

I didn’t notice it until I was ironing.  Too stinkin’ bad.  Some things in life are cut apart, so they can come back together again.  And that’s how I’m looking at this.  It’s a life lesson.

I’m beginning to wonder if this whole month is a life lesson with having to reschedule my visit to Oregon, and now hurricane Irma is beginning to beat down on Florida – somewhere I am supposed to be 10 days from now.

My heart and prayers are with friends and family and everyone who is enduring this storm over the next few days.

My heart is just breaking for all that our country is going through right now.  I’m finding it hard to be upbeat about things that are going on in my life when so many are hurting or in distress.

Remember this photo from my August 30th post?

See that yellow stuff blooming???

I thought I was going to get by just fine this year, but yesterday it hit me in the face like a ton of bricks.  Goldenrod.  OH NO.  It’s blooming all over in this corner of southwest Virginia and last night when hand-quilting all at once I understood why my eyes had a sticky film and I couldn’t see to sew.

Fall allergy season!  YUCK!  Meds are being administered – this happens twice a year for me.  Spring and Fall.  So I guess this is the official arrival of fall for me.  Nothing is more fun than waking up with your eyes gritty and glued shut.  Bleh. Allergy eye drops.  Flonase. Allegra.  A trifecta of goopy-eye relief. 

I’m hoping the residual rain we get from Irma will help wash this pollen down.


This fridge is now in the basement!

I will no longer have to bend so low (or get on my knees) to retrieve something from the back of the fridge.  I will no longer whack my head on the upper freezer door when I come up too quickly.  There is a new fridge at Quilt Villa!


Oh yeah!  Welcome home!

I never thought anything would beat the excitement of a new-to-me vintage sewing machine, but this fridge has me squealing with delight.  THE LIGHT!  THE LIGHT!

Now if only the old side-by-side at home would die a quick death so I could replace it too.  One can only wish.

Isn’t it crazy how life changes and things like new washing machines or dishwashers or a new fabulous fridge can feel like Christmas?

My inner home-body is just over the moon with this fridge.


Sticky-eyed and all, I did get this far.

Things to love about sampler quilts – every time you move the hoop you get a new view to enjoy!  Something to relive, something to discover.

And I am loving my new TJ Lane dragonfly thimble.


Quiltville Quote of the Day.

A dream is just a wish until you put action behind it. How bad do you want it?

It’s a good day to make something happen.

Have a wonderful Saturday, everyone!

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  1. Anonymous9:51 AM EDT

    Glad you love your new fridge. We used the 40% off sale at Lowe's to replace our washing machine. No more crappy top loader with no control over water level and it only works on hot. I have a new samsung front loader coming tomorrow.

    I love the hourglass, may have to start one of those as I am still drowning in scraps and finishing up the tumbler from year before last as I put most of my sewing away for a year. I used bigger tumblers in my favorite bright prints, you may need sunshades to look at it :)


  2. You said, " I’m finding it hard to be upbeat about things that are going on in my life when so many are hurting or in distress." I understand that sentiment but also have the thought that in life, we need to find our joys in each day whenever possible. If the sun is still shining bright in your world while others are experiencing fires and floods, you can be empathetic yet still enjoy that bit of sunshine while you have it. If nothing else, we can enjoy the beauty of your world as you share it on your blogs and so on. I so enjoy the photos and the thoughts you share with us. Please keep them coming and do not let our fires etc. get you down!
    Allyson Smith from the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon.

  3. Loved the quote and saying today. Enjoy your new fridge. We all need to take happiness and pleasure where we can.

  4. We got a new refrigerator a few years ago. The LED lights in the new ones are amazing! Enjoy.

  5. Love that quilt. My allergies just started this week here in Az. Hope your home in NC is safe. I can't believe the disasters taking place in our country right now. Crazy. I hope to sew a lot this weekend to feel better. Stay safe.

  6. This is too much. We just bought a frig like that yesterday!

  7. Love your quote today. We ALL have 24 hours in a day. No more no less. Plain and simple. It comes down to how we spend it or how hard we work at getting things done whether it's quilting, cooking, cleaning, taking care of family, volunteering in your community or church and so on. Sometimes all that happens within a 24hour period! While I am enjoying a cool Saturday morning on our farm in rural Indiana my thoughts and prayers are with my fellow Americans who are being affected by fires, Harvey and Irma.

  8. So many things in your post today applies to how I'm feeling, too. Prayers to all those in Irma's path. Please be safe.

    I was smiling when I read about your new refridge. We recently moved and the old...and I mean OLD...appliances (stove, refridge, dishwasher, and microwave) needed to be replaced. We got them about a month ago and I especially love my new dishwasher. I had to wait for it to be delivered to the appliance store because I wanted a noiseless (46 DPL) one and it was worth the wait! You can't even hear it...at all! :)

    Allergies? Me, too, even though I live in the desert, my eyes have been watering like crazy.

  9. The golden rod at my house is 7' tall! Covered with all sorts of bees. Not much longer. We love our french door frige, don't loose items in the back. Happy sewing Bonnie

  10. It was so funny your comment about waiting for the stove to break. I've been waiting quite a few years for the fridge to break. I am in total agreement about the bending over to see in the fridge and bonking your head on the freezer door. I have a tender spot on my head from the freezer door a few days ago.

    More than anything I want the stove to die. It is an electric and I love having gas. I saw a beaut in Costco. It had a microwave/convection oven on top. Sigh.

  11. I am loving your Hourglass quilt! I didn't join in, because I have 2 Leader and Ender quilts in the wings. But I may have to rethink that!
    I remember my daughter calling a couple of years back and saying, "is it weird to be in love with a new washer?' I say "Nope, I feel the same way about my new fridge!" Guess I pretty easy to please!

  12. I am so happy to be able to be home enjoying my sewing and the beach but like you say it is hard to be upbeat when so many are suffering. Enjoy your new fridge, I've got one just like it and love it...especially the ice maker.
    Are you done with your hour glass quilt? Is that the last round?

    Happy Weekend at home, hope DH is feeling okay after his oral surgeon visit.

  13. Bonnie, your leader ender quilt is BEAUTIFUL! Your abilities and creativity is endless and fantastic. I love watching you through your blog. I could only hope to be 1/4 of what you are as a quilter and as a person! Thank you!

  14. Love the hour glass quilt.

    Today the feudin' family all got together for my mother-in-law's surprise 80th birthday. It went really well and everyone put their differences aside for a great day. And when I came home I finished a UFO/WIP that's been around for about 17 years! I did it! It feels great to complete it all. So a good day for everything!

    Then I hear that a friend in Florida has moved to higher ground for safety - am greatly relieved. Feel for all those caught up in crazy conditions - earthquakes, fires, and the weather. It seems to be throwing everything at the US at the moment. Stay safe people.

  15. Bonnie -- From what you've said in your comments, I don't think your cabin is all that far away. We moved to Southwest Virginia a few years ago and the allergies are a real pain here! I've had severe allergies for years and this year the doc gave me a new nasal inhaler - Q-Nasl - I don't know if you've heard of it but it has helped a ton when all the regulars (xyzal, zyrtec, etc) have given up!

  16. Enjoy your new fridge, but, shhh....don't tell my fridge that it just turned 30 years old last month.

  17. I found another bag of Hourglass blocks, looking for something else. It might take 2 years to finish this Leader/Ender. Got in 2 days of Tiara Time with Brandy this weekend. Made some Christmas gifts. Yea, I just need to make about 5 more. Quilt Show challenge is done for next weekend's Show. Still hoping for clearer skies and fires to stop burning up in the PNW.

  18. Goldenrod gets a bad rap, but for many people it is ragweed that is the culprit. Both bloom at this time of year. Look up ragweed so you know what it looks like; it does not have showy flowers like goldenrod and has very fine pollen. I didn't do a good job of cutting and pulling it in the garden this year.

  19. hi Bonnie,
    yes, for my own struggles, i can choose to view it from the vantage point on next year, [or 10 years from now!], and it always makes it easier. but for someone elses pain, i dont do that. than being said, i also don't choose to allow any pain to cancel out the beauty of today,not ignoring the hard part for someone else, but not ignoring that which i have that will give me the ability to keep going and be there for that someone else in what ever way i can, even if it's only in thought. life is made up of the whole tapestry of everytthing to be embraced.

  20. Our fridge is only 6 years-old and still going strong. We recently replaced the bulbs with new LED bulbs. Oh my, what a difference! Cheer up your fridge yourself and get new bulbs. Great work on the colorful quilt Bonnie!

  21. Bonnie I'm just loving your hour Glass leader elder challenge quilt the purple round is really looking fabulous. I even got 2 blocks of my rail fence one done yesterday in between my other sewing. Haven't done many in the last week as I'm doing wild and goose, which is coming on a treat over 100 blocks so far although my scraps seem to be breeding! I've had to put both coloureds and nuterals in larger tubs since I began! Very strange lol
    Been watching the CNN news channel on Irma and my heart and prayers go out to everyone effected, hope everyone will be safe.

    Love and quilty hugs


  22. Love the bottom pull out freezer. I have one just like that!

  23. Thanks for today's quote. It's one I've been struggling with lately!!

  24. Hi Bonnie,
    when I was a young girl, the open pastures beside our house in my home town were filled with Goldenrod. It would set my Mom to sneezing, though it didn't seem to affect us kids. So every Fall, my Dad would cross into those fields and pull out the goldenrod by the roots and eventually he got it all and my Mom was relieved of her allergies. Is it possible to remove the goldenrod from your hills and enjoy the season with clear eyes?

  25. We have a dear friend that has a gorgeous Navajo handmade rug hanging on her wall. As I was admiring it one day she asked " Can you find the mistake ?" UMM no ! So I kept looking and looking. I never found the mistake. She told me that the weaver always puts one mistake in her rugs so that people will really study her rugs to find the mistake. That sounded great to me ! Now, when I make a quilt, if there is a mistake in it, I just tell myself that I wonder how many people, in the future, will really look at and study my quilts to find the mistake. More artists should adopt this attitude. If they want perfect then they should look elsewhere as I have never ever seen a piece of handmade art that was ever perfect. I think this would be a good story to tell during your quilting classes ! Love, love, love your work.

  26. I don't usually comment, but have to say that I love this post! It's so positive when there is so much negativity around. Thank you Bonnie from the bottom of my heart!!!

  27. Our side by side refrigerator died August 24th. I found what I wanted that day, ordered it from Lowes, and paid for it. The delivery date was set for Sept. 6th. Then Harvey decided to pay us a visit in the Houston area. The day for delivery arrived, but no refrigerator arrived. I learned that my new refrigerator is rescheduled for delivery on September 12th. We will see. At least my order was placed before everyone flooded.

  28. Beautiful sentiments about what people in texas and florida are enduring. Many prayers are being said for their safety and to keep their property free from damage. I am just in love with ur beauitful pink and black sampler quilt blocks. Please post patterns for these blocks:)) Good luck with ur Florida commitment. I agree your safety is your first priority.

  29. Beautiful sentiments about what people in texas and florida are enduring. Many prayers are being said for their safety and to keep their property free from damage. I am just in love with ur beauitful pink and black sampler quilt blocks. Please post patterns for these blocks:)) Good luck with ur Florida commitment. I agree your safety is your first priority.

  30. Hi Bonnie - I'm an herbalist, and like to share with people that Goldenrod pollen usually isn't the cause of people's allergies, as the pollen is too sticky and heavy to become airborne. Of course, it blooms at the same time as Ragweed, and is a lot showier, so it usually takes the blame for everyone's suffering! Goldenrod can actually HELP your allergy symptoms, if you ever want to try a more "granola" alternative. Teas and tinctures made from the leaves and flowers are great, and even just chewing on a goldenrod leaf when you're outside can be a quick fix. Hope you feel better soon!


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