Wednesday, September 06, 2017

From my Mobile Office!

If this looks like the interior of a Subway inside of a Walmart, you would be correct!

Any place where I can get 4 G to use my mobile hotspot on a medical chauffer day is a good place to be.

Yesterday I headed back to Virginia to spend the night at Quilt Villa – that hind sight and reasonings thing, remember?

I’m not in Oregon.

And The Hubster has a dental procedure this morning that requires him to have someone to drive him back HOME.  (Yes, his dentist is here in Jefferson, NC for convenience!) Well, our friend Rick, who lives an hour away was planning on coming up last night, staying the night, driving the patient to the dentist this morning to have this work done, and then driving the loopy patient back up to Virginia, and then would drive another hour back to Boomer, NC home.

Since my plans were postponed, that puts the chauffeurship back on ME!


7:27am at the dentistry suite.

He is there now, and not knowing how long he would be or how he would feel after, I brought my laptop with me, have accomplished the grocery shopping, the filling up with gas (It’s up to $2.60 here in NC due to incoming hurricane panic.) and here I sit inside of Subway to tap this out until I get a call on my phone that he is ready for me to pick him up. 

He won’t feel like grocery shopping at that time, which is why I’m making good use of his “in the chair” time.

My aunt Gail (who I saw in Minnesota a couple weeks ago) is home in Puerto Rico with my uncle Tony and I am really worried about them!  She should have stayed in Minnesota!


Some late evening stitching.

All I could muster last evening after dinner was a bit of cutting and stitching for some Sugar Bowl blocks.  And I won’t be making much progress on these over the next couple of days because MONA has my bins of shirt parts! LOL! That’s okay, there are other projects that are more urgent on the must-do list for this week.

But I cut some.  And due to everything going on, let’s just say that I couldn’t stitch a straight line across a triangle pair to save my life.

Thanks to my friend Janet, I have this cute little tool in my arsenal:


Do you see how I’m oversized just a bit?

When sewing triangles it is ALWAYS better to err on the side of “TOO BIG” rather than too small.  We can trim fabric, but we certainly can’t grow more.

Janet’s little “Booty Ruler”  will turn odd sized and wonky triangle units – even stitch and flip style bonus units saved from other projects into QUILTER’S BOOTY!  We all know that those cut off corners run us about $12.00 a yard.

Can you see that I am oversized just a smidge to the left side of the ruler?

I simply put the 2 1/2’’ unfinished size line on my stitching line and trimmed up 2 sides.  Then I pressed.


happy set of 2 1/2’’ units ready for Sugar Bowl Blocks.

I will be getting these into the Quiltville Store as quickly as possible.  I love the size, and I love the accuracy!  I’ll let you know when they are in.

Another cool thing - the lines on the BACK of the ruler feel like they are "etched out" so they snug right on top of your thread.  Very cool.

And it will be the perfect companion to the Simple Folded Corners ruler – allowing you to make bonus triangles from cut off corners and trim them to size.

Rulers are back in stock, and so are the ruler stickers!

You can see that I have used the Simple Folded Corners ruler to first square my string snowball block, and then used it to quickly cut the corners- no drawing lines required.

I put 100 rulers in the store.  Orders will ship upon my return home from Virginia after the weekend.

To see how I used this ruler, please click to the following Quilt-Cam episodes:

I love the tools that make our quilting passion sew so easy!


Thank you thank you thank you!

A gift box from Laura.

Before I left yesterday afternoon I loaded up the back of the van with all of the Hubster's Amazon boxes.

The man has something coming from Amazon everyday it seems!

He brought them all in and told me that one of the boxes was not for him - it was for me!

Dear Laura in Cincinnati, tears are rolling. Thank you so much for sending what I needed just when I needed it! I can't thank you enough for your kindness.

Vintage fabric, delicious tea and cookies - and pumpkin flavored everything!

My brother Mark has his last radiation plus chemo today for his brain tumor. And 6 more months of chemo ahead. I beg for your continued prayers.

We also just found out that the Hubster's sweet 92 year old father has pancreatic cancer. Our family is being tested from all sides.

And the only way I can seem to deal with all of this is to just stay busy.

And that hindsight thing about not making the Oregon trip?


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Isn't this the truth?! Sister's Choice quilt shared by a student during our Iowa workshops. The pattern from the free patterns tab  at the top of my blog. Those bonus units would be happily trimmed with the Booty Ruler!  Just sayin ---

I’m hitting send and headed back to the dentist --

Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone!

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  1. Bonnie - I hope your dear husband has a swift recovery today from his dental procedure. Prayers for your brother continue and now for your father in law. Hoping you both will have a chance to spend some family time with each of them as your schedule allows. I'm so glad you decided to not risk the travel to Oregon. Hoping your Aunt and Uncle will be safe as well. Mary / www.stitchinggrandma.wordpress.com

  2. One day at a time. I love the Booty ruler. Now I am glad I waited on ordering. I will wait until that one is in and order that and the corner ruler. That little Booty ruler is just what I need. I have a million little sewn triangles that need trimming.

  3. I hope that all your family will be ok. I am glad you did not risk Oregon. So much disaster everywhere. I hope your aunt and uncle will be safe. Hurricanes are not anything to take lightly. Hopefully they will not take a direct hit. Thinking of you often. Frieda

  4. The AIR is definately not safe around the PNW. You did make the right choice. Prayers of comfort those in your heart. Sewing a straight hst seam is something that can wait. Take care of yourself. Breathe deep the breezes in VA. Gas is up to $3 in my town. Is there a Blue shirt in the HUbsters closet you can de-bone? lol Another little Useful Ruler. Playing and staying inside to get my Quilt Festival Challenge done in time to turn in Saturday. Praying for Rain to clear the air. Happy Sewing Month.

  5. Booty ruler question:
    Do you sew the triangles together first or trim the triangle, then stitich? I can see how that would be SO useful for all the bonus triangles I seem to produce.
    Be safe .

  6. Many of us empathize with you as it seems during some periods there is no end to the
    heart-rending things that overwhelm and make you think you can not take anymore. Faith gets tested but you will make it. You will make it. Friends prop you us and help you hold on now and later .

  7. The Booty Ruler is etched with a laser before the color is applied, the etched line is the groove you are feeling. The paint is below the surface, in the etched area, so the lines will wear longer.

    I hope you continue to enjoy my little ruler and thanks for sharing your stories.

    Hugs from Texas,

  8. Continued love, prayers & blessings to you, Mark, the hubster & his father. May peace & love fill every moment.
    Thanks so much for the sneak peek at the new ruler. That really looks cool!

  9. Oh Bonnie, when it rains it pours. Continuing prayers for all the family and for the physcians taking care of them. I know what I am asking Santa for Christmas - Scraps, Essential triangle ruler and who wouldn't want a Booty ruler! Take care.

  10. Your mobile office is slightly larger than mine. you can often find me in working from my mobile office (my car). Making phone calls, doing internet stuff via my phone. Send you and your family lots of love to get you all through these testing times. I know how it feels with my family this year.

  11. Silly me. I was reading "Subway" and thought, there aren't any subways in North Carolina...they are in New York!! Duh... Work wherever you can and get those pesky jobs done so you can spend more time sewing. Stay safe!

  12. Yes, this does seem like you are being tested and I hate to say this but the older you get , the more you will see. But we get through it, sometimes with better results than other times. I will keep all of your family in my prayers.

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  14. Bonnie, take a look at the New Leaf Stitches Clearly Perfect Slotted trimmer. It does the same trimming as your Booty Ruler, but also has the slots on the side for trimming the dog ears. Might be one step better than the one you showed today.

  15. The interior of the subway looks like a vintage diner so pretty, hope everything went ok for the hubster and my continuing prayers for all your family. Love and quilts hugs for you too Anne xxx

  16. My heart is aching, to hear about your father-in-law's diagnosis. Perhaps the only comfort that ever comes from news like this is the awareness that you need to say all the tender things your heart holds, possibly saving yourself and your husband from the wrenching feeling of remorse people sometimes feel after an unexpected loss. Whatever is ahead, you can proceed with love.
    Know that you're not alone--many people care.

  17. Love, prayers, blessings and light...seems like we need some positive affirmations to lighten things currently. It's the black and white floor that flings me back to vintage soda shop!!! Stay busy, if there's nothing that i can DO to be helpful, my sanity rests in keeping busy and productive at SOMEthing... nice gifty box for you, more love and positive stuff coming your way from California

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  20. You're always in my prayers.

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  23. nice gifty box for you, more love and positive stuff coming your way from California


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