Tuesday, September 12, 2017

A Day of Deliveries!

My heart just skips a beat when I see colors like this.

I really keep thinking I should be driving around with the “Big Girl” camera along side, because I could get better close up photos and more detail than I can with my trusty old cell phone, but that doesn’t stop me from trying to capture just what I see in front of me at the time.

The deep green of summer is fading to yellow.  Can you see the barn quilt in this scene?  It was just perfection.  I was parked on somewhat of a hill, my emergency flashers warning anyone who came up the road the need to show a bit of caution – there was no shoulder, no driveway, just a ditch next to the road I didn’t want to be in.

I took the photo as quickly as I could, hopped back in the van and was on my way before I was passed by any vehicles going in either direction.

Lovely lonely empty country roads.  Allegheny county, North Carolina.

My route was a different one.  I  was on my way to China Grove, NC to pick up a large load of Eco Pouches featuring designs from my Addicted to Scraps book .


Heading over that pass you see in the distance.

According to my WAZE app, I started out with 108 miles, so my current Audio Book (Bosch series!) and I still had about 90 miles to go from this photo op spot.  Time to get moving before the rain started in earnest.


Another big barn out in the flatter farmlands.

Harvest season is close at hand.

I saw truckloads of pumpkins go by, my favorite fall sight of all.

Couldn’t catch them while driving, but they still made me smile!


Oh look an antique mall!  I think I need to stop!


The only quilt I could find.  But still so cute!


Love the flippy corners on the blocks.


I made it!


And oh these are so cute!

Eco Pouches!
2 pouch set featuring Wild & Goosey and Box Kite from the Addicted to Scraps book!

Stow your stuff in these colorful zippered Eco pouches and stay organized wherever you go. Pouches are made of recycled plastic that is tough enough to handle even sharp quilting, sewing, and art tools. They are also great for pens, jewelry, cosmetics, coins... The list is endless!

The durable, waterproof material is 100% recycled from plastic water bottles. I love this! ♻ Even better, heavy-duty rugged zippers and boxed corners on the large pouch allow you to hold more stuff securely.

My thanks to the good folks at C&T publishing for loving my designs enough to promote them through fun goodies like eco pouches and playing cards!

And over the course of the next year there are still a few MORE goodies to be revealed as they are released!

I have added these to the Quiltville Store.  You’ll find them under both the NEW and GIFTY ITEMS categories.  In order to track inventory in a sane way, I am adding 100 sets to the inventory system at a time.  This will let me stay caught up in outgoing orders, and when those are gone I’ll add 100 more.

One price flat rate shipping allows you to put as much or as little in your order as you wish.  And all orders $75.00 and over ship free WITHIN THE USA by using the coupon code FREE75 when ordering.  Coupon must be used at time of purchase for discount.

Be sure to check the sale book section as well, there are some great titles you won’t want to miss.

I’m home until next Tuesday – that is IF I’m still going to Florida.  I’ve sent emails, but those folks may still be without power and I don’t know the situation of the venue in Boca Raton.  Still waiting it out here.

We are feeling some effects here.  It rained all the way home from China Grove – no thunder or lightning, but some gusty winds that had some limbs falling over night.  Acorns are pinging onto the back porch's metal roof, and that has Sadie a bit disconcerted. It's startled me a time or two as well.

Our son Jason sent photos of trees and limbs down in his area of Columbia, South Carolina and they lost power for a while, but other than that are safe.

It’s just amazing to me how HUGE this storm has been and how far reaching.

My plans today are pretty much centered around computer and desk work and getting mail order out.  Hopefully some stitching time tonight!


This was waiting for me at home!

More TJ Lane love! This "circles" chatelaine was waiting for me when I arrived home this afternoon. It is perfect in every way! It's got five circles for hanging tools and thimbles. I love it! Thank you sew much, Tommie Jane! The things with beads are thimble keepers.  Un-clip the thimble keeper from the circle, thread the chain up through the bottom of the thimble and out the open end and clip back onto chatelaine.  Thimble will just ride on top of the bead securely in place.  LOVE this so much!

The little tube in the center is a needle keeper.  Perfect for just a few needed needles – as in stitching during flights. 

Getting closer to actually doing this CHINA thing.  I’ve even got my China Visa and passport back so all systems are go.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage Jack's Chain quilt found in West Virginia.

Keep a stronghold on your own keys! And don’t go trying to control anyone else’s keys either!

Have a sweet Tuesday, everyone -

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  1. You are lucky! TJ Lane must like your advertising for her, huh? Free stuff, surprises in your mail, fun stuff. Be safe while comforing poor Sadie girl.

  2. Busy time for you this week Bonnie! Isn't it fun to have lovely things coming in the mail! I love a good surprise. You must have weighed down your vehicle with those big boxes! Glad to know you made it safely home. Praying for those folks in the path of weather destruction! Mary/www.stitchinggrandma.wordpress.com


  3. Post more than Great , Kindly Thanks


  4. Love this quote for the day- so true.

  5. Truly appreciate your travel details Bonnie �� I enjoy maps, I usually search the areas your share about.
    Your Eco pouches look awesome.
    And may your day be blessed.

  6. Truly appreciate your travel details Bonnie.
    I enjoy maps, thusly I usually search the areas your share about.
    Your Eco pouches look awesome.
    Love your daily quote!
    And may your day be blessed.

  7. Your quote was spot on today! It is good to stay in the driver's seat when it is your car AND your journey after all!! Very excited about your Eco pouches too. Sweet find at the antique mall; interesting on the flippy corners. Thanks for all that you do for us scrappers!! Hugs, Allison Bayer, Plano, Texas USA

  8. FPL expects to restore power to all of eastern Florida by the end of the weekend. Schools in Palm Beach County are closed for the remainder of the week. PBC government services are expected to be restored today or tomorrow. We have a dusk to dawn curfew. USPS mail is still suspended. I think the Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale airports reopened yesterday or today. Even when we don't take a direct hit, it can take awhile get everything up and running again.

    I'm sure you'll hear something soon.

  9. I should have included this in my previous note. WPTV broadcasts out of West Palm Beach and their website wptv.com is a good source of information about conditions and recovery efforts. You might find information about the Boca venue or events there.

  10. Just adore your barn pics, the country is so lush and beautiful.
    Your eco pouches are gorgeous I must try and remember to add them to my next order, but that won't be for a while yet I'm still busy with my wild and goose. Then I have your 2 shirt tails books so many yummy quilts to try I'm spoiled for choice.
    Thank you for sharing your experiences with us .
    Love and quilty hugs

  11. Just adore your barn pics, the country is so lush and beautiful.
    Your eco pouches are gorgeous I must try and remember to add them to my next order, but that won't be for a while yet I'm still busy with my wild and goosey. Then I have your 2 shirt tails books so many yummy quilts to try I'm spoiled for choice.
    Thank you for sharing your experiences with us .
    Love and quilty hugs

  12. Your post came just as if I had ordered it - I am doing a long drive across southern Norway tomorrow and was wondering what audio book to listen to. Now I've got Bosch # 1 and 2 downloaded:-)

  13. Can just about see that barn quilt patch - and it looked rather pretty.

    As for weather - we've just been enduring some gales overnight and a little this morning. I could hear the acorns smacking down on the chicken coop. I guess they're a little shattered this morning - definitely subdued when I let them out! On the other hand it's like walking on marbles to get down the end of the garden. Some small broken branches, possibly down to squirrel munching damage - and then I think of the US and how it is nothing compared with what's going on across the pond. My heart goes out to all - especially another friend in Florida who had to evacuate because if the storm surge rose to 15 feet his house would be totally submerged.


  14. Love you quote, barn pictures and pouches! Being a country girl and growing up on a ranch in California, my mom had a similar quote to yours. It was, "No one can get your goat unless you show them where you tied it up!" I've always remembered that (or tried too!).


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