Friday, September 01, 2017

Quilt-Cam! 8/31/2017

It was a good evening for Quilt-Cam!

Well for as long as it lasted.

Because somewhere around 45 minutes into our evening the house completely lost internet, in fact the whole area did.  And it stayed off for more than an hour, and so I turned everything off, and slid between cool sheets with a good book to read instead of being electronically charged.

Sometimes that’s a good thing too!

But I did enjoy our time toether – I got going on a couple of Sugar Bowl blocks from our new tutorial found under the Free Patterns Tab.  Have you seen it?  CUTE CUTE CUTE!


This is me kitting up about 30 minutes before we go live!

These are the fabulous shirts that arrived from Gayle in the mail this week and I love how they play together.  These are all cut according to the directions found in the free pattern and it makes it so easy to put these blocks together.  2 long strips, 2 short strips and 2 squares…and from there you are ready to use your Essential Tirangle Tool to cut your triangle pairs and head to the machine.

This would also be a super “Prepare ahead” retreat project.  Then you can just sew and go while at retreat.  This is going to definitely fill my spare moments and my Quilt-Cam time for the next while.


We got this far before the internet went kaput!

You can follow along and see just when it konks out by clicking the screen below:

Thanks for tuning in with me and sewing along!

I just have to show you what one of our watchers sent in last night:


Suzanne Kennell’s Punkin’ Patch from the Sept/Oct 2017 Quilmaker issue!


Whoohoooo!!  It’s coming along great, Suzanne!

I just love it!

I also received something very special to me in the mail:


Now there is one that can LIVE at the cabin.  Always.

My TJ Lane thimbles are every bit as important to me as my sewing machines.  I just can’t work without them.  If you are a hand work junkie, be it applique, wool, hand quilting, embroidery or even for hand stitching binding, there is no need to just struggle through and deal with a thimble that doesn’t fit or feel comfortable. 

You’ll find more on the TJ Lane website. Order a catalog.  Find your size.  Visit them at major shows around the country.  They will tailor fit your thimble to fit YOU.  It’s NEVER a one size fits all.  These thimbles are for life, and a life time of stitching pleasure.

Thank you Tommie Jane!

Speaking of cabin, I’m on my way.  Friends Rick and Mona are coming up (They are home from a big trip down route 66) and there will be steaks on the grill, a round of card playing fun, and maybe some sewing fun in the morning as they are going to stay over.  Whooopie!  It’s been months since I’ve seen them.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Thinking on this one a bit. Never lose your enthusiasm in spite of failure! Wise man, Winston!

Vintage Orphan Black quilt top shared by Virginia who found it in Ohio.  Thanks for sending in the photo, Virginia!

And now I’m off to Virginia, Virginia! LOL!

Have a great Friday, everyone!

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  1. Safe travels. You packed a lot of info in a short period of time on Quilt-cam. I know you are excited to see Mona! (Is Sadie's buddy coming too???)
    Mary / www.stitchinggrandma.wordpress.com

  2. QuiltCam did end abrubtly. Glad to send our Hello from the Local Fair. Mona a Rick time for Labor Day weekend, hurray! I never learned to use a Thimble. That one is really pretty.

  3. Thanks for another wonderful block design!! I'm in love with it and will be cutting up civil war reproductions fabric (Jo Morton) for these blocks. I don't do deboning of shirts (I'm too lazy..haha), but I think Civil War fabric in lights and darks will be pretty. Thanks again. I'll be watching QC from last night as I cut and hopefully sew today.

  4. Have a great holiday weekend and enjoy your visit with Rick and Mona. Maybe make it a partially unplugged weekend - good for the soul. Cold here in Michigan today - 63 with a north-east wind from the lake a mile away - too soon.

  5. What no Farkle!? LOL You introduced me to Farkle on you blog long ago and now whenever my daughter comes to visit we have a Farkle-ing good time. Thanks for sharing. I have missed seeing you and Mona together on the blog, too. Have a wonderful visit.


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