Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Sweet September Morning


I've got Neil Diamond's "September Morn" playing through my head.  Or  maybe James Taylor's "September Grass" or both!  I love September and all it brings with it.

My back yard this morning as the sun came over the trees, shining through the early morning fog.

I love the cooler mornings September provides.  You can feel the changes a bit more each morning.

I woke to the sound of the school bus winding up and down our road picking up kids in the area as they head out for their Wednesday ahead.

Harvest is ramping up, and I’ve heard, not yet seen, the tobacco wagons being pulled behind pickup trucks through our neighborhood to the holding barn behind.

This neighborhood was built in the 70s and early 80s, and there must have been a right of way to the farm behind.  Perhaps they sold off this land back then as a housing development but keeping some of the family land for themselves.

Tobacco fields are one of those Carolina conflicts.  I love seeing the plants growing green and tall, seeing the whole process – yet I know it’s not a cash crop we really need.

Still, this is the Tar-heel state, and the history of tobacco growing here goes back into the pre-colonial years.

I know it is September when I hear the tobacco wagon axels banging and squeaking as they are pulled down the road, crossing the end of my cul-de-sac.


My house is behind these trees, somewhere.


Our patch of woods at the back of our yard.

There is a creek just past the trees.


Come on Sadie, give me a smile!


That’s a Squint!  Not a smile!

I need a REAL SMILE!


That’s not quite it, either!


That’s what I’m talkin’ about!

And at the moment Jeff and I are laughing hysterically – Just stopped blog writing to meet the FedEx truck that was coming down the drive.  Sadie loves the FedEx guy.

Evidently so does the “Neighbor Dog” (whose name we still don’t know) as she TOO came to get ear scratches from the FedEx guy, and then proceeded to follow us right inside for treats.


The ears, oh the ears!

Love my dog friendly neighborhood!


My day yesterday.

A day in the life of a quilter is NOT always quilty.  We’d like to think that it could be, and wouldn’t it be wonderful if – but my entire day was spent at the dining room table doing this.  And dealing with this:


And automatic Quiltville Store updates!!

No sewing happened.  At all.  No fabric was petted or put away.  At all.  But I did get all needed info to Quiltmaker for my 2018 Addicted to Scraps columns so you can be looking for those to start with the Jan/Feb 2018 issue, only a couple of months away now.

It was 10:30pm in North Carolina when I looked at the clock -- still at my desk. I'd been on the phone with Delta and in contact with the 3 Oregon guilds that were postponed due to fire this past week.

Dates are set, tickets are reissued. I'll be in Oregon December 2-8, right in the height of mystery season. I'm begging for your patience with me this year. Thanks in advance.

My brother is back in the hospital and has been there since Saturday. My heart is twisted every which way but loose.

The guild I'm supposed to visit in Boca Raton, Florida on the 19th says that they will let me know by the 16th if we are still going through with this trip, or if we will postpone it as well.

I'm trying to think of something witty to say about it all, but it just isn't coming to me!

This morning my resolve is to only do what I can – ONE THING AT A TIME.  Right now multi-tasking is not working for me.

We sold out of all of the 100 new Eco Pouch Sets by 2pm yesterday.  I’ve already had emails asking when more will be in.  I'm so happy that you love them!!

As soon as these 100 orders are packaged up and sent on their way I will add more.  I am turning this faucet down to a manageable trickle, and I thank you for your understanding.  I will post again when more are available, keep checking back.

Today is for pattern writing.  I’d love to piece a quilt back and get the hourglass quilt in the machine.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage nine patch and snowball quilt found in West Virginia.

We've all got something that pushes our buttons. We struggle for various reasons. Maybe it's health issues, financial issues, or after-effects of nature's wrath.

Anger may yank your chain, but don't let it hang on.  This is a quote I need for myself today.

I also may find myself with another walk this afternoon to clear more cobwebs.

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  1. Unfortunately, I'll be missing September in NC as we have had to cancel our vacation in Asheville and Boone next week to instead head down to make sure our future retirement home is in good shape near St. Petersburg, FL. Power is back on, so we're keeping our fingers crossed that we will be able to get enough gas to drive back home. I love those cool Carolina mornings that turn into warm and sunny afternoons. Oh well, there's always next year!

  2. Beautiful!! Love your pics and thoughts .. Have a blessed week.

  3. Yes take that walk this afternoon, it will be good for you and Sadie. I'm sorry to here that your brother is back in the hospital. More prayers for him, your family and for the professionals taking care of him.

  4. I enjoy reading your blog every morning! Prayers to Mark, you and your family. {{hugs}} from one Minne-Sewta girl to another.

  5. Love the quote. There was a similar one that was posted in the hallway of my small town high school. 50+ years later I still recall it when I need it: For every minute I am angry, I lose 60 seconds of happiness.

  6. I love the quilt and saying! Another one to add to my list. Really love 9-patches. So simple yet such a good use of scraps. And everyone, especially non-quilters, love them.

  7. Neighbor dog is cute. With those ears she looks part Corgi.

  8. The neighbor dog does hane Corgi ears and face. It. Looks big for a Corgi though. Wonder what the body looks like. So cute anyway.

    Glad you were avle to accommodate the Oregon folks, and I hope Florida works out as well.

    Lots of pray. The for Mark.

  9. Grrr, autofill. Prayers for Mark.

  10. Praying you get your Paperwork done and can get to the Sewing you want to do... I have frustrations and try not to get angry. Sometimes the heart just wants to be mad at everything.
    Time to run away and visit my girlfriend is on the agenda. Happy for the Oregon girls! Mystery will go on just fine from on the road. Maybe a bit slower but that is OK! Thanks for sharing all you do. My September has Family Birthdays. The start of Fall is sad for me, I love the Spring and Summer!

  11. Re: "Neighbor Dog": it's nice that Sadie can have a friend over! :)

  12. Love Sadie's buddy. They are almost twins!The Fed Ex guy is obviously a smart person.

  13. Thank you for the pics of the surrounding countryside..... and pooches..... and everything in your world!
    Love it ��
    TS Jarvis

  14. We're really looking forward to your visit in Boca Raton. Most power in the area is restored and what is not, will be soon. We've contacted those signed up for your workshops and the overwhelming response was "we'll be there!". Our Guild is excited!

  15. Praying for Mark, Hope he is out of the hospital soon

  16. Looks like neighborhood dog has a name tag? My healer (Australian Cattle Dog) had ears like that!May your days be sunny and bright and good words from Mark

  17. Sadie knows how to take care of her mama...a nice walk outdoors in the wonderful fall weather and an a visit from a friend. Keeping Mark and your whole clan in my prayers.

  18. Today I kissed and hugged my favorite grandson goodbye and he is now in GA for basic training. Yes, I blubbed. Don't look if you don't want to see that mess. LOL I'm really not laughing. I can relate to your stomach problems. Your posts help me immensely. Thank you for all you do.

  19. Oh, the news about your brother is tough. Thanks for sharing it with us, so we can send powerful, positive thoughts his way, and to his doctors and nurses, too. Take heart--you're not alone.

  20. Just loving the beautiful pics in your blog beautiful trees and so lush and green. Sadie and her little pal are so cute.
    We seem to have plunged straight into autumn here too with lots of rain. Just got my grandson dressed and his breakfast eaten lol now he's ready for school, so my day is off again I hope I can get to my sewing machine today really want to make a few more wild and goosey blocks.
    Enjoy your day
    Love and quilty hugs


  21. Bonnie, Sometimes the "business" keeps the hard stuff at bay, although only the shortest of distances for the shortest amount of time. All you can do is pray and open your hands to let go of what you cannot control. Warmest of hugs to you and your family.

  22. ND .. neighbor dog... looks like maybe part Basenji, I missed whether male or female, next time ND comes for a visit, attach a note w.your number to the collar to see if you can communicate w.owner...prayers for beneficial outcome for Mark and the family. It would appear you have become a phenomenaon... everything you produce becomes a collectible or something special; people want a part of Bonnie, cause we want to BE you, or a lot like you... could we manage just a little bit more height for me? Thanks for sharing your world.

  23. Bonnie, I'm a new subscriber and have really enjoyed getting to know you over the past couple of months. I wanted to ask your permission to share one of the photos in your post today. I have a "friend", Miss Mustard Seed, who is working to paint 100 meadows. I think she would love to paint yours. Please let me know your thoughts.......once you've had a chance to do a little quilting today! You inspire me every day!!


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