Monday, September 11, 2017

In the Aftermath of Irma

I know many of us woke up this morning to instantly turn on the news and see what Florida’s outcome was.

Boy, this has been a shifty storm.  And it just goes to show how unpredictable storms like this are.  The path seemed to change again overnight.  Where it looked like the path was going to track west of North Carolina, it now looks like it is going to come right up through South Carolina and into my own area, so I am packing quickly and bugging out of the cabin to head home.

I have a stop to make in China Grove, NC first…I need to do it before winds get gusty.

this post is a bit late this morning because I have taken in all of the patio furniture, secured everything and made the cabin ready for leaving. 

I spent yesterday watching intermittently what was going on. 


Time to switch out machines.

I had finished a couple of projects, and felt the need to give the 500a Rocketeer a rest while bringing out Spotty Dotty, my 2 toned 301 a go through and a workout.

I finally remembered to bring this extra 301 cradle from home.  It fits this cabinet, and why I’ve not done this before I’ll never know.


Ready to fit right in.

With the cradle in place, the machine easily pops in and out of the cabinet for sew-away time as well as in-the-cabinet home time.  It was probably one of the coolest features that Singer did for the 301 short beds.  They are dual purpose this way.

This cabinet is fairly trashed.  Really it is.  And I like it that way.  I don’t have to worry about pin or scissor scratches, I can give this table a beating and smile at the fact it only cost me $35.00 – machine (a different one) included.  I had to remove the black metal side spring that had a hole through it in which the class 15 machine cords ran –and once it was out it now fits all of my Singer machines except for featherweights.


Trashed up cabinet at perfect height!

Could I paint this cabinet?  Certainly.  Do I want to?  No.  I’m not a fan of chalk paint or milk paint or whatever other kind of shabby chic paint trend is out there.  Besides, if you paint it, then you have to worry about the pin scratches and scissor gouges thing all over again.  I’m a fan of natural wood.  Trends come and go, but wood is always in style for me.

Why do I love this cabinet so much?  I don’t know if you can tell but it is a couple of inches taller than the table top to my right, and the folding table behind the cabinet.  It’s the perfect height for this tall girl.  It keeps me from back aches and neck aches after many hours at the machine.

The little rolling cart under the table extension was a TV cart that was left at the OLD NC Cabin. (Still not sold, but it will, I know it will.) and  I love its multi-purpose portability. I would buy another one of these in a heartbeat if I found one.  It is so easy to roll around the room from Accuquilt table to cutting table.  I can use it to hold block parts or supplies, or even put a pressing pad on it.


Cradle Clips.

Wow, I really should have taken a brush to these!

If you are going to install a 301 cradle to an existing cabinet you need a couple of things….THESE kinds of clips for one.  If you purchase a cradle via EBay as I did this one, make sure it comes WITH the clips.


My project at hand.


Making a plethora of units for a border.


There is a secret to nesting these!

Just as with our Lozenges Leader & Ender Challenge from a few years back found under the free patterns tab, Press your first two opposite sides IN toward the center square.  Press your past 2 opposite corners OUT.  As you sew the units together, seams will oppose each other for a good nest.  It really helps distribute the bulk.  Give it a try!


Yes, oh yes, oh yes --- oh NO!

Somehow I am short about a dozen units or so, and I don’t have any more of the Shweshwe indigoes up here at the cabin with me. This whole project is going to have to go home with me so I can continue on it there.


This border is destined to land HERE.

When I get enough pieces made.


Quiltville Quote of the Day.

Today's Quiltville quote is especially for friends and family dealing with the aftermath of hurricane Irma. Today is a new day. We are here to help you clean up and rebuild.

It also has not slipped my mind that it is 9/11.  This quote also applies.  We will never forget, and we are hopefully stronger now than ever before.

Take time to remember today.

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  1. Love the quilt the border is going on ... is it in one of your books or is it a new one? It seems like I have seen it before, but drawing a complete blank!

  2. You have totally inspired me with your vintage machines! I'm going to dig my 'sort-of-vintage' Elna out of the basement and give it a try tomorrow. It's from the 1960's and will sew through anything. Your Aunt's story made me wonder if some of the challenges I've had are because I've ben sewing on a little plastic machine! :)

  3. I would never have dreamt that the gorgeous blue border would go on the quilt you have shown. BUT I know with your ingenuity it will work marvellously. You're my hero and it never ceases to amaze me just what you do put together. I wish I had one ounce of your knowledge regarding the vintage machines and how they all work. Keep safe in the path of Irma, hopefully it will not cause you too much damage if any at all.

  4. Safe trip! I am always so impressed with how much you get done, Bonnie. How many projects do you have in the sewing phase at one time? I am pretty sure I have too many. ;D

  5. I need to get a Cradle for my 301. I have one of those Cabinets with the spring loaded thingy too. I took a Scratched up 66 out of it. I figured the Border units were for that Quilt. Love square in a square. Glad you can get out of harms way and be HOME. Be Safe!

  6. I just love the colours of your latest project. Oh the inspiration. Keep safe, praying for your country. Nicole from Australia xoxox

  7. In these trying times we have the best pastime that enables us to reflect and pray for those that are dealing with these disasters. So I am busy stitching away interceding for those who are in need. I also wanted to pass on some info on eye drops that help me a good bit during this difficult allergy season. I too suffer with itchy, watery eyes. My eye doctor recommended ketotifen fumarate eye drops, the prescription name is Zaditor and they are now available OTC. Walmart has a brand that I use. A bit pricey but it helps.

  8. The quilt is beautiful and the border is so pretty it will look stunning on the quilt. Hope you get home before the wind have a safe journey,
    And I pray that everyone in the path of Irma is safe xx

  9. How do you sew without hitting your knees on the drawers of the sewing cabinet?

  10. safe harbor, dear Bonnie. Always Remember (I'm a fan of the positive..never forget is fine, but always remember is my choice... since i am a language nut and look for the positive way to express, love and blessings, Cats

  11. This was an excellent idea. I just bought one off of ebay for my wife's 301 or 500. Only trouble is none on ebay have the cabinet brackets (clips) as they are attached to the cabinet and most strippers don't realize this. So I will be endeavoring to sort out a substitute that will work or my name is mud.


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