Saturday, September 23, 2017

Roll, Roll Here. Roll, Roll There. Roll, Roll Everywhere!


Gold Coast Quilters-  You were an absolute joy to spend 4 days with!

Our time flew by so quickly, I can hardly believe that it is Saturday already and time to head on  home.

I am so grateful that things here in Boca Raton were stable enough that our visit could go on as planned.  I know it was a close call.  The hotel didn’t open up until the day before I arrived.  It was iffy whether the Community Center where our workshops and lecture were held would be open as well.

There are so many trucks and service personnel working around the city daily – removing downed trees and limbs, uprooted bushes and other vegetation.  Fixing sidewalks that were overturned when trees came up, root ball and all – their evidence is everywhere.

What’s even better is seeing all of the different states represented on the truck logos and license plates of working vehicles as you drive by.

Florida, you are so loved and in such good hands!

We shared our love of neutrals!


We cut triangles!  Oh, so many triangles!
(Essential Triangle Tool being put to good use!)


Big ones, small ones and units in between.


Happy faces -


After hubbies do some ripping!

(If they come to class, we’ll put them to good use!)


I love each individual vision and personal color choice!


Adding String triangles to the mix!

Click the arrow on the screen below to view the rest of our day!

You’ll find the pattern for Roll, Roll Cotton Boll in my book String Fling!


Last afternoon of poolside stitching!

Finishing up by 4pm meant that we could drop boxes to FedEx and give me some down time. There was a couple hours of stitching time ahead before heading out to dinner.  Poolside?  Yes please!  I didn’t bring a swim suit with me, but that didn’t stop me from stitching some hexies with my flip-flops off under my chair, and a cool beverage at my side.  I’m on to long border number 2!

I understand we are out of the Quiltville Eco-Pouch Sets and I will get more in the store within the next few days.  I’m glad they are so popular!  I’m finding the perfect for bringing “just enough busy” to keep me occupied for several hours.


Late evening stitching!

What? You don’t see any fabric?  That’s because there is some secret mystery-type sewing going on behind the scenes!  I couldn’t do a black and white photo – you had to be able to see how beautiful this read loaner featherweight is – and they thought of everything – I’ve got an IKEA light to make up for the hotel mood lighting.  Thank you for thinking of every detail, Gold Coast Quilters!

I’m returning this featherweight set up in just a few minutes.  My ride will be here by 7:15am and we will be on our way back to Fort Lauderdale for my flights home.

Don’t forget!  I’ll be drawing for our September Quilty Box Gift-Away winner this evening!  If you haven’t yet, enter to win ON THAT POST.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Don’t settle for just a wish – get busy with that dream!

Enjoy your Saturday, Everyone -


  1. "Gold Coast Quilters- You were an absolute job to spend 4 days with!". Bonnie, we know you meant "JOY" when you typed that first sentence. It was a JOY to have you with us for four days! We couldn't have asked for a better speaker or teacher. Getting to spend the day with you on Thursday for the Gumbo Limbo Nature Center trip, lunch, and dinner was wonderful. I have been a fan for years and loved getting to spend time with you. Prayers for your aunt and uncle and your brother.

  2. This post reminds me how much I love my Roll Roll Cotton Boll and must get it quilted!


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