Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Trail Cam Visitors, and Quilts in the Machine!

Saturday, September 23rd -

I was on my way home from Florida when this guy crossed in front of the yard cam at Quilt Villa.

Just look at those shoulders!  Holy cow!

It’s one thing to get photos in the night time – they are shadowed and almost feel “not real” somehow.  But THIS?  8:20 in the morning.

Evidently he still thinks deer corn is going to magically appear.

And later that night, closer to midnight, he was still hanging around:


Nose to the ground at just past 10pm.

The crazy thing is that The Hubster and Sadie were already up at the cabin at this time and had been there the whole time I was in Florida.  That 8am one at the top of this post?  Dave had just walked Sadie about 40 minutes before that to take care of her morning business.

Since these guys have been spotted, I have done ZERO hiking other than the time we DROVE to the state park, bringing Sadie with us to get a long walk in.

Living in the middle of the wilderness with NO gated-community comes with its own set of adventures!


The up-top cam!

A “Rafter of Turkeys!”

You can call a bunch of turkeys a FLOCK – but they are also called a “Rafter.”  Who knew?  Thank you, google!


Mama and baby on the left, so sweet.  2 other does looking on.

4:30 in the afternoon.


Can you find the 5 deer in this photo?

I love the timid fawn on the right – her spots are leaving, she is reaching teenagerhood.

I find all of this VERY fascinating!  It’s humbling living out amongst such nature.  No matter what craziness is going on in our world, the animal kingdom has its own set of rules. Even with bears – there is such a peace here.  I can’t wait to go back.  It won’t happen until AFTER I return from China.


This happened last night!

Click the arrow below to play the video.

I was going to stop after a couple of hours, but I just couldn’t!


Zombie in the backing!  LOL!

I love the surprises in this quilt.  Easter, Halloween, Christmas, Hanukkah, and St Patrick’s day!  And don’t forget the Millennium Y2k!  It’s all in here.


It needs trimming and binding – that’s tonight’s job.


Love the texture!

I quilted using a gold-colored thread in an edge to edge design called Country Garden by Hermione Agee of Lorien Quilting, Australia. I’ve used this design several other times – I just love it.  This time I scaled it quite large.  String quilts are heavy by nature – all of those seams!  I didn’t want a flat, stiff as a board quilt so I kept the quilting looser so the texture would show.  I used a Hobbs 80/20 batting.

I’m thinking random scrappy neutrals as binding so the blue squares at the edge of the quilt still float.

This morning Is appointment #4 for this week.  It’s been something, if not 2 somethings per day since Monday.  Massage and Chiropractor on Monday, yesterday was my skin cancer check (All good!) and today I’m off to the dentist to see about the crown that went awol. 

As soon as I’m done with that I’ll be back here working on getting the rest of the mail order out – I ran out of time before I left for yesterday afternoon’s appointment, and the post office was closed by the time I got back.  My goal is to have EVERYTHING out the door by tomorrow so we are free and clear for Quilt-Cam tomorrow night!

Meet me at 8pm on Facebook Live and we’ll spend an hour catching up!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

What if at the end of our lives we realized that we were doing it all wrong? That we had our focus on things that weren't important?

People are always more important than things.

Happy Wednesday to you, however you decide to spend it!


  1. Bonnie - I love this new quilt! are you going to release a pattern?

  2. What a beautiful new quilt! It is going to light up a room when it's on the bed. It just says " Rise and shine! It's an good morning to be alive!"

    The Bears will probably in hibernation in another month. In the meantime if you make noise as you hike, carry some jingle bells and perhaps bear repellant spray you should be pretty safe. Most bears are pretty shy and don't want to be near people. The only problem is if people think they are "cute" and feed them!

    Thanks for all you share with us! Starting my day with you is such a pleasure!

  3. I'm really enjoying the animal life that you have shared with us all. A rafter of turkeys, lol. Its also a murder of crows and a gaggle of geese! keep those pictures coming. Your quilt is stunning and I have a large sack of blue scraps that is waiting on this pattern to be released.

  4. That bear DOES have big shoulders! When I first glanced at the picture before reading the tet, I thought it was a gorilla!

  5. Wow what a bear! He needs to hibernate sooner rather than later. What fun to have a camera to see all the wonders of nature.
    The quilt is beautiful, the oranges and the blues just pop!!! I agree with you on the quilting. My long arm quilter Tiffanee Noack knows I love my quilts soft and not heavily quilted.
    One more thing - your quotes are so wonderful. They seem to inspire me in just the right way and at just the right time.

  6. Glad you share the name of the quilting patterns you use. I like the look of less quilting also. Great captures on the deercam. Big bear and Turkeys too. Praying the dental appointment goes as you hope.

  7. Stunning, gorgeous quilt, Bonnie! Great job.

  8. enjoy your animals - surely the bear will forget the corn had been there at sometime - just make sure to sing loudly when outside LOL

  9. Boy, the color combination and pattern on that one are just beautiful. Great job!

  10. Janette, I think Bonnie said in the last post before this one that the indigo and cheddar quilt will be in the new book.

    I still have two of her books to get, but am anxiously awaiting the new one, too.

  11. I suspect the are called a "rafter" of turkeys because of the way they roost in trees at night, looking a little like the rafters of a tree-branch roof.

    A Parliament of Owls, and a Congress of Baboons (appropriate, no?).

  12. To Nancy above...I love the Congress of Baboons. Hahahaha!

  13. That is funny. At first glance I thought that bear was a gorilla too! And there's that moment where you brain is trying to work it out in your head...🙄😂🤔

  14. I guess it is presumptuous to offer bear advice, but around here the counsel is walk with a staff and your dog. Don't get between a momma and her cubs. If you see a big one, stay calm, don't run and try to look big, but not threatening.. I have a friend who jogs with an air horn. Don't let them keep you from getting outside.

  15. You know, the snowballs/alternate blocks didn't turn me on while in process... but now I'm in love. Another one to add to the list. :)

  16. Living in CO was beautiful much like VA but I was always too afraid to go walking or hiking for that very reason. YIKES! Bear spray wouldn't have made me any braver either.

  17. That will be two gorgeous finishes in a week!

  18. There's a bear in a corral posted over at Restorationcowboystyle.com, yesterday's post I believe. Then he leaves the corral.
    Thank you for that quote, today, Bonnie. I spent three hours this afternoon helping four other women with chats and errands. One of my main prayers is to be useful, and I guess God is using me, all right!
    Thank you for the beautiful quilt pictures. I especially loved the rainbow quarter square triangle from yesterday. Such a beautiful quilt!

  19. Bears are so much better than those stupid, fake buck heads on gateposts in the planned community, no? I still laugh thinking of those. :)

  20. Beautiful sunny quilt. Love that "people are always more important than things". I tell my girls, "Use things, love people, not visa, versa." Oxdeb

  21. Bonnie, I appreciate your closing comments. Our culture is so achievement-driven, we have to remind ourselves that life is truly about relationships! Our relationship with the Lord, our relationships with family, and our relationships with our communities - that's what will matter at the end of our days.

  22. I seriously thought that bear was a gorilla. whew, it's just a bear, does that make you feel better Bonnie?!

  23. Love your Quilt Bonnie and the quilting is awesome. Blue and yellow quilts pull your eyes in! You are one amazing lady and sooooo talented!!!


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