Saturday, October 21, 2017

To Seattle and Beyond!

This is finally happening!

I’m writing this post from my hotel room near the Seattle airport – body clock still on East Coast Time, and up at the ungodly h our of 4am Pacific time.

I tried forcing myself back to sleep, but that just doesn’t fly.  So after talking to family on the East Coast, busy with their normal Friday lives, I got up, grabbed a shower, made sure everything was packed the way it should be, checked and double checked all of the documents that go with a person when traveling to way far away lands, opened up the curtains to my 6th floor room to find – dark.  It’s still dark.  Of course it is!  It’s only 7:30am here and I am much farther north than my North Carolina home.

Too early to walk up to the Denny’s for breakfast – and I feel like writing so here I am.

I should have waited to take my next round of antibiotics for the stow-away tick and its bite for when I had food for my stomach, but NOOOO…I didn’t think of that.  There was a package of almonds in my bag from yesterday’s cross-country flight.  Hopefully that will stave off the tummy upset I feel coming on.

Or is it nerves?

For those who emailed asking about the bite – it’s healing, and the antibiotics are to make sure I don’t come down with Lyme.  I’ll have it checked again and perhaps a blood test done when I get back.  I am still covered in creepy crawlies when I think I was host to that bugger for at least 3 days and brought him HOME from New York. 


North Carolina Sunrise.

This was what I saw before boarding in Greensboro at about 7am.


A rainy cloudy Seattle!


Beautiful red maples near the airport.

Despite the rain, which wasn’t heavy, I grabbed my travel umbrella and headed about 1/2 mile up the road for some dinner. 

There isn’t much along this stretch of road around the airport, but one place caught my fancy:


Chopsticks practice at Ginger Palace!

Honestly, I was in bed by 8:30pm here…which is 11:30pm time at home – it was all I could do after a very long long travel day.


Morning light from my window.

My friend Jill is picking me up here at the hotel in a bit, she flew in yesterday to visit her daughter who is going to school about an hour away.  We’ll head back to the airport together, drop off her rental car and be on the look out for other Quiltville travelers and be on our way!

Oh, and one more funny:  And it serves The Hubster right for laughing about my crown escapades. His came off yesterday afternoon! LOL! Karma will get you every time!

I also find it fitting that I stated at a CROWNE plaza in Seattle last night, and we will also be in a Crowne Plaza in Beijing.  Let's hope this helps karma keep MY crown firmly in place.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

I usually make these little quotes daily to start my morning off on the right track.  I’m pulling this one out of the archives because I think it’s a good one.

Do what you can to contribute to the peacefulness of your own life today.

Have a great Saturday, everyone – catch you next when I can from China!


  1. Have a wonderful time, safe travels!!

  2. Wishing you and Jill a fabulous trip! Hugs from Debby in Fanny Bay

  3. Good quote for the day, Bonnie. Peace to you on your happy trails ! Enjoy China and the experience of it all! I'll do some sewing for you today ! Working on my Texas braids from class last week. Michele

  4. I saw a few Bonnie Quilts in Spokane yesterday. So close yet so far. 51 Quilters on a bus- going to to a Quilt show= Heaven on Earth. Sew peaceful this morning when I could sleep in. Oh dark-thirty came early yesterday. Excited to follow your posts from China. Yes, Chop sticks need to be practiced.

  5. Have a terrific time.

  6. Have a safe flight. Last night hubby and I watched a Nova program on The Forbidden City in Beijing. It was amazing how those buildings were built in the 1400's. You'll, no doubt, get to see them in person. Have a wonderful time :)

  7. looking forward to hearing about China trip. Have safe travels, Deb

  8. I know what you mean about the time change from the east coast to the west coast. Our son lives outside Seattle and the first day there it is a struggle to stay awake. When they come here it is three hours earlier and they can’t sleep, We are always so excited to catch up that it is a late night for us when they visit. Hope you have a wonderful trip. Safe travels.

  9. Happy Travels, Bonnie!

    Stay Safe.

    Kasilof, CA
    Where it is sunny and bright, but cold by day and just cold at night!


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