Thursday, October 12, 2017

Smith Mountain Morning in New York!

So much happy that I couldn’t capture it in one photo!  We had to shoot both sides of the room!

Yesterday’s Smith Mountain Morning workshop from Scraps & Shirttails II was a full-up and fun filled day, and the variety of plans and colors being made into blocks would have surely knocked your socks off!

My thanks to the Snow Country Quilters of Remsen, NY and all of those who traveled in from outlying areas to participate – including one gal who had a flight snafu from Florida, ended up driving to Charlotte NC to catch a connection to Chicago and finally made it in to Syracuse to join us. 

Who says that quilters don’t take our stuff seriously!

Some of these quilts just have so much meaning to me, and this is one of them.  Precious shirt scraps, and all of my favorite units!  There was a lot going on in my life during the making of this quilt, and you know what?  It felt wonderful to hang it up, step back and look at it and tell myself “See??  It all turned out better than you had hoped!”  Sometimes hindsight is definitely in our favor.

We got to the location a bit early, and I had a couple of phone calls to attend to, and while walking around the parking lot taking care of business (Class wasn’t starting for nearly an hour) I found the entrance to a little trail and my curiosity got the best of me.


Could you resist?


I’m certainly glad I didn’t!

Red barn by the river!


Oh how lovely!

I knew on our lunch break I'd want to come back and see where else this lead!


How about a covered bridge!




Oh, this was wonderful!

The walk was les than 5 minutes in length, but it was a good enough break away to clear my head for a few minutes before returning to the fray.


So many units!


Friends stitching with friends!


Whoowhooo!  Love these colors!


Busy hands and beautiful blocks!

You’ll find all the rest of our photo fun in the slide show below.  Just click the arrow on the screen to start the video. 

After the workshop day was over, we packed up all of my stuff and headed out to meet my driver from the Rochester guild half-way between here and there!

Yes, Bonnie gets into cars with strangers at truck stop half-way points!  Sometimes that’s the best way to make it work when guilds are a 2 hour drive apart.

A quick dinner, and I was too tired to do much of anything besides edit these photos and get them ready for this morning’s post.

This morning – another guild, another venue, another presentation!  I’m excited to be with the Genesee  Valley Quilters for the next few days.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Blue Ridge Beauty quilt shared by Maria and yesterday's Workshop!

We've all got to start somewhere! Just start Where You Are! Purple  Pattern from my book Adventures with Leaders &Enders – on deep discounts in the Quiltville Store!

Let’s get this Thursday going!


  1. I love all the blocks but especially the bright colored version. And the fabrics are still plaids!

  2. Thank you for showing us the beauty in every day as you travel. Not only do you show us the joy you give in your workshops and the rainbow of colors that abound. But you share a beautiful way of finding joy in every day. Thank you.

  3. Your days are so jam packed... I click onto each new blog entry wondering what Bonnie is up to today! Have a wonderful Fall day! Enjoy the discovery...

  4. Thank you for being with us, Bonnie! I had a fabulous time and learned SO much. Your skill and enthusiasm are very inspiring. Glad I handed you off to the right person at the truck stop!! 😇

  5. Thank you for the photos of beautiful upstate New York, my home place.

  6. Oh wow, only an hour away from me! Bonnie doesn't come to NY that often. Wish I would have kept better check on her schedule. Was in a group when she came to Glens Falls about 3 years ago and had a blast. She's an inspiration! Lucky ladies!!

  7. That was just the most perfect little walk...so glad you got to do it!!!

  8. Smith Mountain Morning is probably my favourite quilt of your designs and the reason why I first started following your blog. I've yet to make it, but one day I will. Thanks.

  9. That walk looks soul restoring! Love the water, the red barn, the Fall colors, and covered bridge. You couldn't have placed an order for a more perfect little getaway stroll!

  10. Thanks for sharing your walk with us. Beautiful! Looks like all the workshop participants are surrendering to you. lol

  11. Nice to see beauty in the short walk. Thanks for taking pictures. You leave memories wherever you go. I'll never forget quilting on the Columbia River at Block Party with You!

  12. What a wonderful trail to explore and the river is the greatest! Thanks for sharing the pics. Country girl through & through


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