Friday, October 27, 2017

Friday: The Great Wild Goose Pagoda

Even in the midst of  millions of people, you can still find a place of peace  and reflection  by visiting  the Great  Wild Goose Pagoda and surrounding gardens. 

The weather gods smiled down upon us yet again  providing us with  beautiful blue skies and perfect temperatures on our  Friday.  We arrived at the  temple site  around 5 p.m. and had plenty of time to wander the grounds and observe the people and get a feeling of what their Buddhist faith means to them in practice. 
Incense sticks and candles are available for worshippers with special prayers and requests on their hearts.
I have always liked the smell of incense and candles be it in a Catholic Church, Episcopalian Cathedral, or a Buddhist temple.
Making our way to the Golden Buddha inside.
I must say that I am very pleased with how my phone did as my only camera this trip. The colors are vibrant!
My friend Jill purchased a candle, the single yellow one you see in the middle. We lit it with the help of an older Chinese gentleman who could not speak our language but new we needed assistance.
My thoughts are with my brother and his family and my sweet father-in-law who is still with us. 
We both remembered loved ones long gone, and left our well wishes burning next to all of the others
A juxtaposition of heights and angles.  The hardest job of all is trying to capture it without a hundred people in the photo.
Dragon in an octagon! Wall detail.
This may be my favorite photo from this visit.
Or maybe, it's this one!
Or maybe this one, catching the Sun as it descends just below the pagoda leaving it in silhouette.
We start our journey home today. It's 6 a.m. as I post this, and it's going to be a screaming long day. We fly from Xi'an back to Beijing, have a three and a half hour layover before catching our international flights back to Seattle.
I will be spending the night in Seattle and then making it home the next day.
I have enjoyed spending this amazing journey with many folks I've met previously as well as some new ones I now consider friends. I hope we will be traveling again together.
Today's quiltville quote is upon a photo of an old wooden door found here in Xi'an.
My next post will have me back in the States and we will catch up more then!
Much love as I leave Xi'an,


  1. I loved seeing China through your eyes Bonnie. I can see an appliqué design on that wall hosting your quote of the day. Safe travels back to Quilt Villa!

  2. Many thanks for the great photos and thoughts! Safe trip home!!

  3. I love visiting spiritual places on international journeys! Somehow it's in those places where we realize we really are all the same one human race. Many blessings on your journey home, I have very much loved seeing you pictures and adventures. What fun to travel with Quilters and make Friends!

  4. You have my prayers with you as you travel home. Also with your dear Brother and Father-in-law. I'm sure he loved the quilt. Hope the Hubster took a picture for you. Beautiful Pagoda in the sunset. Counting the days until Tuesday...Hint, Hint.

  5. Safe journey. Thanks for sharing what you could of your amazing trip.

  6. Thank you for showing us China from your journey. Safe travels home, Bonnie!!

  7. Was watching your 10/17/2017 webcam (love those!) and you mentioned you need a necchi cabinet. I bought one 2 weeks ago not realizing it was a necchi, just knew it was a beautiful piece of furniture (cherry wood, I think). If only I wasn't on the west coast and you on the east, I'd work out a deal with you - LOL! Would you believe I got it for $20! Picking up a Domestic tomorrow, provided she passes the stitching test! You have had enormous influence on my interest in older machines - my husband thanks you - not!

    Working on your mystery quilt inspired by your trip to Italy, hoping to have it completed to take to my son when we for Thanksgiving. The fabric for the mystery from last year is in a tub for a later date. Hope to be able to keep up better with the mystery this year!

    Thank you for all you do for the quilting addicted!

  8. This time in Seattle we have sunshine for you. Safe travels and I look forward to having you back in Seattle next May and taking your workshop.

  9. Glimpses of the world through your eyes is such a heartwarming day opener. Thank you for sharing China. Today’s quote is also a lovely thought as I am ‘maturing’ in my 80’s but quilt every week with a younger (60’s) group!

  10. I loved "traveling" through China with you. You wrote in such a way that I felt I was there too. Thank you for taking all of us along.

  11. Thank you for sharing your trip with us!!

  12. We wait, plan and the anticipation rises and then all too soon that thing we were so anticipating has come and gone. Take pictures and leave only footprints and have a safe journey home!

  13. thank you for sharing, love you 'eye' for form and shape (LOL, not a new attribute, just shows a bit why youre such a prolific designer of quilts... creative genious) xo Cats

  14. Thank you so much for the tour of China. I feel so lucky to see far away places through your eyes and your wonderful "take" on the marvelous places you visit. Such an amazing lady. We are truly blessed to have you in our world. -Rhonda


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