Sunday, February 12, 2017

Quilt-Cam! With POWER!

SO!!  How did YOUR morning go?

I spent mine without power!  Seriously.  I have no idea what caused the blip to happen, but when it stayed off, and didn’t come back on right away, we called the power company to find out that yes, there was an issue – and they hoped to have it resolved by 1pm.

1pm?!  Hoped?  Wait a minute!  I had just posted about Quilt-Cam happening on Facebook live, and we would be dead in the water without power.

So what’s a girl to do with power outage that could last as long as 2 hours?

Grab the hand crank machine and go piece on the table on the back porch, that’s what!  And it was such a lovely morning I didn’t mind.


This was spotted in my yard!

The first daffies of Spring!

Hang on to your snow shoes, those in northern climes – this is a sure fire sign that Spring IS on the way.  Eventually.

The power DID come on, and I ran around trying to get everything ready for Quilt-Cam, deciding what I was going to piece since I have finished all of the panel stringing for the interior block units. 


If you have seen the block pattern for the Straits of Mackinac quilt , you will have noticed the block centers are a square in a square unit.  These units can be a bit tricky.  Or I should say the center ON POINT square of these units can be a tricky measurement to cut.

In this case:


3-5/16????  Ewww.  Just Ewww.

The 2-7/8’’ corners can easily be cut from 2-1/2’’ strips directly from the Scrap User's System using the Essential Triangle Tool, but 3-5/16?

Sometimes I will paper piece these square in a square units because of the odd size issue.  But in this case, I have a tool I love that is no longer being manufactured.


This is the Easy Center Square by EZ.

I also wrote about this little goodie in an old 2012 post HERE.

I don’t know how many years that this has lived in my ruler drawer,  but any time I am doing a square in a square unit and don’t want to “cut-big-to-sliver-trim-down” or paper piece, I grab this.  This is the ruler I use to cut those odd measurements of on-point center squares and I wish they still made it.  Maybe they will bring it back if we clamor for it.


Just follow the lines.  You don’t have to look for 5/16”.

It cuts center squares.  That’s all it does. But then the corners I cut fit perfectly, and don’t have to be trimmed down. 

And that was my project for today’s Quilt Cam:

We had a great time.  I got as far as I could get with what I had cut, and now I’ll cut some more.

And if you like my Netflix & Quilt shirt by Maker Valley and Stately Type, you can find them and many others on their website!

(If you order one, leave a note to let them know you saw me wearing mine on Quilt-Cam!!)


Making progress!

And the back porch is calling me – though I think I’ll give up on the hand crank and pull out the treadle. That one arm sewing makes one arm really tired. LOL.

Remember that TOMORROW is our LAST Mystery Monday Link-Up for En Provence.  You’ve done such a great job with it, and I know this Link-Up is going to blow us all away.  Because it is the last one, we will be keeping it open a full week.

You can share ANY amount of progress on your project.  From fabrics chosen, to blocks in progress, to finished quilts.  Just share.

Have a wonderful afternoon everyone!

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  1. Who is the creator of this great ruler? Maybe we can all write in and maybe they will remake them.

  2. HI bonnie
    was so excited , I rushed and hurried through my bookkeeping (sales tax , payroll tax ) reports to quilt cam w you , and thought i made it and oooops, forgot time difference , Oh Well , watched here on the blog. In reference to the Cone holder comments , you should see my make shift one a country friend gave me , a piece of 2x4 wood with a dowel and cut clothes hanger rod, with an old button attached to run thread thru. Her husband made for me because my store bought one (exactly like yours ) kept falling over or would get to jerking and then thread would knot. will send a pic , when i get home .Still at office ;)

  3. I had planned to watch the Quilt Cam live today but no luck. I couldn't use my laptop as it was out of commission but I thought I could see it on my iPad. No such luck. I tried using several browsers but they all came back with a message about no Flash or something. I tried to find a Flash app but whatever, I had to give up as I didn't know what I was doing, I think. So, to make myself feel better I watched an older Quilt Cam when you were treadling -- I enjoyed it to the very end. Next time you are live I'll try again using my laptop and hope it works!

  4. Thanks for quilt-cam today! I lost your feed on my laptop about half-way through, but was able to pick up on my phone! I've been busy assembling my En Provence top, hopefully will be done tonight so I can share on the linkup tomorrow. Love that ruler, maybe with your pull, you can them to remake it exclusively for your website!

  5. Good timing for the last Monday Link up....finished backibg today & tomorrow will finish sewing the last rows....only sbout 10 months ahead of the last 2 mystery quilts!

  6. Deb Tucker of Studio 180 has a ruler that is like the Ez Center Square ruler. Tucker's ruler is called Square 2. She also has a similar ruler in a larger size up to 12" blocks called Large Square Square. These rulers are readily available.

  7. Patty Quilter beat me to it! I love Deb Tucker's "Square2" (Square Squared) rulers. They are available at local quilt shops, or able to be ordered from Studio 180 Designs website. Great people and many wonderful specialty rulers!

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