Wednesday, February 08, 2017

And Antiquing We Will Go!

Meet Tara and Kay -Two of my cohorts in quilt-crime!

I really have to thank the guilds and organizations that sponsor my visits.  There is so much work that goes on behind the scenes to make things run smoothly, especially over things like a Super Bowl Weekend when half the country is in Houston at the same time!

These gals have made my visit so much fun.  Monday was a “day to play” with just an evening presentation on Monday night, so they did some brainstorming, contacted Ronda who also loves antiquing, a then at the last minute some plans had to be rearranged because one of the things that are rarely open in Small Town Texas on Mondays ---are hair salons and antique shops!

However, in not-too-far-away Spring, there was a huge Antique Gallery, at least as big as the football field, and we four girls took a road trip!


Of course we found really great vintage quilts!

Many were shredded after years and decades of hard use, much loved by family members evident by the faded and fraying edges and split seams.  The life of a quilt that has had a lot of loving!


But there were other fun things!


Wouldn’t this be fun in a bathroom?

Or maybe to hold sewing notions?


Oh look!  A Mid-Century Hi-Fi!

Or is it?


Oh ho!  It's a Necchi Supernova!


The doors in the front slide to the side,


The bottom panel pushes up and back!


And the manuals and tools and attachments are all here.


Here is the booth info…and it’s only $129.00   Now don’t go fight over it, but if someone goes and picks it up, I’d love an email and a photo from you!  Really, I would love LOVED this cabinet, but it just won’t fit in my luggage!

((Would make a great bar!?!?!  Who are they kidding, and they better NOT!!))

Check out what else we saw in the slide show:

I didn’t go home empty handed.


My goodies!

One of the booths at the antique mall was full of fabric, fat quarters, kits and half yard cuts and I gravitated right to the Fat Quarters of neutrals just so pretty.  These are going to mix great with my other stash.  $1.50 each.  How can you pass up a deal like that?

Of course all of this shopping and poking around left us with a ravenous appetite, so off we went with our parcels and bundles and headed out for some local BBQ, a must have on my list any time I am in the great state of Texas!


Stuffed BBQ potato anyone?

This late lunch would tide us over due to the busy evening ahead with the guild meeting and all that went with it.


So much quilter activity and networking going on.

I love being part of this fascinating “sub-culture!”

I’m now over in Pearland, I gave a presentation to the Bay Area Quilters and visiting friends last night.  Today is my last workshop of this Houston Area trip.  We’ve got Garden Party up on deck for 40 students eager to sew up the scraps and I can’t wait.

Tomorrow, this bird flies home.


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Quiltville Quote of the Day!

This goes without saying. Focus on what you have, what you don't. In other words, Keep your eye upon the donut and not upon the hole!

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

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  1. Holy cow I would buy that Necchi in a heartbeat. Too bad I am in Arizona.
    There were a lot of machines in that mall.

  2. Love the cabinet the Necchi was in. So 1950's! Would love it, but am trying to downsize in hopes of selling house & moving into 5th wheel for full time living and visiting my kids & husbands family.

  3. I love your American antique malls, we try to find one whenever we are traveling. It makes a nice stop to stretch our legs and a real hoot to see our childhood memories up for sale. Took advantage of your digital sale and have now run my printer out of toner ( insert sad face), with one left to print. Guess I've over done it this time.

  4. Hi Bonnie
    Im south of Houston on the gulf , wanted to see you so much, but couldn't get a response from those guilds about classes, i am assuming they were totally booked months ago, but could you tell us about that really cute antique machine she's holding in the top picture please? Glad you enjoyed your stay we want you back anytime you can come lol

  5. That necchi is MINT! The cabinet is so dreamy too. I too hope someone cherishes it!

  6. Oh! OH! I LOVE that mid-century cabinet, and I grew up on my mom's Necchi from that approx. same era. If I wasn't 7-800 miles away I'd buy that thing in a second. Somebody please go give that beauty a good home!! :)

  7. I fell in love when it was just a cabinet, but a sewing mackine too? Wow! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Wow! I love that Necchi. My first brand new machine was a Necchi in 1963. I had it until I got my first Pfaff in 1983. I'm on my fifth Pfaff now!

  9. So funny that they had a sign on that beautiful cabinet about making it into a bar. Just what does it say about our country that everything can be made into a bar. LOL!! I watch Lara Spencer on Flea Market Flip and almost every show someone is taking a cabinet and making it into a "bar". They seem to sell well though.
    Safe travels home from Houston.


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