Sunday, February 19, 2017

Cabin Plannin’!

This is the view from one of the look out points at Grayson State Park, Virginia.

I just can’t get over the vastness of the Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountain ranges.  As far as the eye can see, there is a peace and a sense of wonder that just leaves me breathless.

While some folks flock to the beach along with a gazillion other folks to claim a section of sand barely bigger than the perimeter of their beach towel and umbrella, I run the other direction.  To each their own.  The ocean is beautiful, no doubt, but my batteries are recharged with solo time.  My soul is centered in solitude, not fighting traffic and the noise of others around me.

I know I’m weird that way.  It’s just how I’m wired.

We had friends Rick and Mona with us on this drive across the North Carolina state line into Virginia.  They guys were discussing the bazing of ATV trails on the property as we hiked up the hill from the cabin to get a feel for this new land, soon to be ours.


Hey!  I have 2 bars of 4G up here!

Can you see the cabin below?

And we went higher!


When the trees leaf out, these ridges will be hidden.


View outside my new quilt studio space, lower level.

I am really going to love this place, Quilt Villa VA.

The current owners are in the process of moving their belongings out, and soon we’ll be doing the same with our place on Buck Mountain.  It’s a shifting of lives.  Someone will eventually be shifting THEIR life to move into our place, and I hope they enjoy it as much as we have over the past 3 1/2 years.


I can’t wait to see this place in all 4 seasons.

The windows and all of the natural light are one of the things that first captivated me about this little haven of a place just across the state line into Virginia. 

I love the windows.  They will be my windows to clean.  And it will be worth every effort to do so. (And Mona agrees with me!)


We are going to paint the bottom level.

Not a fan of the color, and will find a paint shade more akin to mud.  We did the same with our place here on Buck Mountain.  White foundation and white concrete retaining wall looked much better after it blended in with the surroundings.  I love this porch!


Soon!  Very soon!

There is a little place outside of Wilkesboro, North Carolina on Highway 421 where a guy custom makes log furniture and it is for display in his front yard. We've driven by many times over the past three years, but today was the first time we stopped as we are interested in a king size log bed and a dining room table set for Quilt Villa VA. I love his work, and look forward to featuring his pieces in our new place.


Love this table!

This table is 5 feet long, but would love one that is 7 feet.  We are going back to meet with the guy today to see about having one made for us.  I love  the twiggy detail!


Some benches.  So cool!


This headboard is so beautiful, imagine it King Size!


More simple, but would be gorgeous.

I love the fact that these piece are made here by a local artisan and his son.  No two pieces are ever exactly alike.  It uses resources found in this area, and these are beautiful unique pieces that will fit Quilt Villa VA perfectly.

There was much plotting and planning while in the cabin with Mona helping to decide where my cutting table is going to go, where the sewing table will go…where the treadle can go as we slowly make the transition to making this place ours.


And this is ready!

I’m flying into Dallas on Tuesday, I’m teaching one workshop in Denton, and then moving down near Temple to teach at a retreat, and I’ll have some sewing time of my own.  Irene is coming from Kentucky, and she is bringing me a machine!  All of the units for Straits of Mackinac are ready for assembly, and this should keep me busy enough for the 4 days that I’ll be in Texas.

But I couldn’t just stop there.


Because these are just too cute!

These little guys are also going to play a strategic role in the quilt.  Just wait until you see!

I’ll be heading home tomorrow to pack up my stuff.  It’s a postal holiday tomorrow, so there is no rush to get home to get mail out.  It can be dropped off Tuesday.

We are just going to relax and enjoy a lovely Sunday up here as we plan for how/when we are going to make this cabin transition from NC to VA.

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Creativity is not a race. Stop comparing your work with the work of others.

Enjoy the process!

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  1. There is something fun about the first new season in a new place. We are in our first year in our new to us 126 year old farmhouse. It's been so warm here that our spring flowers are starting to pop through. It's a new adventure everyday seeing what's going to join us this spring. Enjoy!

  2. Looks so pretty! I am so happy for you. Is Mona and her husband moving too or staying there? Just curious. :) I hope you sell QV soon too. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Your quilts are going to look absolutely fantastic on those log beds.

  4. What a lovely new place! I too love the hills and solitude. You will have such lovely times there in VA.

  5. Love the little hint about the Straits of Mackinac quilt to come! I love the anticipation of waiting and seeing what awesome design you come up with. Your new cabin looks just amazing. I hope all goes well with the sell and purchase.

  6. I so agree with you Bonnie - my favorite places to go to are the mountains - we always head to the Rocky Mountains anyway from as far north as we can go to the south - the peace and solitude, the rushing rivers or sometimes just the tinkly sound of the water on the rocks in a slower moving stream is so nice to listen to - I rarely ever go to the beach - just not my thing. The furniture looks lovely and will look great with the cabin - I bet you will be very happy with the place especially as there is no home group involved

  7. Many people say they are beach & ocean lovers but I'd rather have the gorgeous mountains for my view and quiet place any day. I love the Great Smoky Mountains and the Blue Ridge -- what beauty. Glad you have a cabin to get away to at times. Sounds divine. :)

  8. I love your view. Having Mona and Rick see it too, what fun! A 7' Table, WHOA! 4th of July & Thanksgiving @ Quiltvilla VA!

  9. Our daughter and her husband live in Petersburg, VA, a lovely, historic town. It is beautiful. I think I could live in VA very easily and happily. It's a beautiful state. Your new cabin is lovely. You will have so much fun decorating it and placing your lovely quilts to show off both them and the cabin. I wish you many hours of peaceful piecing. Best wishes with your new cabin.

  10. Such an exciting time for you. I am getting the bug to move just from reading about your upcoming adventure.

    Have fun in Tx.

  11. Every view of your new cabin is just wonderful. I cannot wait to see how it looks with your decorating touches.

  12. I love your new cabin and you will enjoy it when you get there.

  13. Wow....Absolutely Gorgeous!! So happy for you and your family!!

  14. Hugs to you Bonnie...life also is not a race..unless someone makes it one. You are so so correct.
    Find as a get older, I do enjoy getting slower too!!! At first, I fought slow tooth and nail, thus enjoying nothing.
    Huuuurrrahhh for high energy people, love them all. But happy to now be somewhat slower...and enjoying what I do. Sometimes life forces us to slow down, it has for John and I...special times.
    Yup will enjoy getting QuiltvillaVA just the way you want. It. Crazy abouth the furniture!!!!


  15. Wherever you find solitude, is where your soul is recharged and sings. I find my peace at the sewing machine. Thank you Bonnie for being you and for sharing yourself with us. Love your Straits of Mackinac quilt, I love the colors. It really sings.

  16. I also find peace in the mountains and I think your new view from your quilting studio at Quilt Villa VA is ideal! I like the ocean, too, but prefer it from the balcony of a stateroom aboard a cruise ship! May your new setting inspire many a quilt, Bonnie!

  17. I would love to move back out to the country, I miss it so. Please count me in for your Norway trip. My great-grand parents were from Norway and a trip there has been on my bucket list forever! Maybe I'll have time to learn some Bokmal or Nynorsk before we leave.

  18. Your new place is gorgeous. And I would take the mountains over the ocean anytime & for 26 years leave 15 only minutes away from it. Love the furniture too.

  19. Bonnie...Grayson Park, is this the spot you can view 4 states from the one location?

  20. I'm so very happy for you and your new Quiltvilla!

  21. I look forward to seeing the seasons change at your new location as well. I love Texas, but we don't have the changes of season very much. I love the fall colors! I'm also trying to figure out how to crash your retreat in Temple! It's killing me that you're in my town, and I couldn't get into the retreat..it was full as soon as it was posted. Its a beautiful location...right on the river. I'll be green with envy for everyone that gets to enjoy it. Have loads of fun!

  22. I'm with you on where I want to be. We prefer the woods and land to water and sand. We love to hike. Enjoy your new home.


  23. Bonnie, you are gradually moving north; maybe you'll make it to PA (my home state). It's prime quilt country.

  24. You are truly blessed!


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