Thursday, February 09, 2017

A Garden Party Day of Fun

Would you believe it if I told you the air conditioning was humming along with our machines during our Garden Party workshop day yesterday with the Bay Area Quilters of Houston, Texas?

I so enjoyed spending time with these ladies, and I just love it when mothers and daughters come sew together.  It’s just the greatest.

86 degrees.  It was 86 degrees in FEBRUARY!  And this is while the north east is gearing up for a pounding storm coming this weekend.

I first heard of the impending storm through a text message from Delta letting me know that my home bound flight from Houston to LaGuardia may experience delays.  OH NO!  I called them quickly, and we rerouted me through Atlanta instead, so there will be no problem getting home this evening, but still.  86 degrees in FEBRUARY in Houston??


We got busy with strip sets!


Oooh, loving the texty prints!


Some were so organized!


Others?  An explosion of creativity!


We sliced!

The Quiltville Rulers made it easy!


We pressed!


We had the best day!


And before we knew it…WOW!

Check out the rest of the fun in our slide show below:

 I also have to send a shout out, not only to my son Jason, but to the lady who posed for this photo:


I love this shirt!

Here she is walking into Olive Garden where my son works, and he told her he just had to have a photo of this shirt for his mama.  So happy that quilters are keeping an eye out for my son, and happy that she was happy to be photographed.  This way we let HIM know that no matter where he is, no matter where he goes, quilters are watching!

We all got a big kick out of his text when it came in.


Thank you for the fun, Bay Area Quilters!

The pattern for Garden Party is found in my book Addicted to Scraps.  Signed copies are available in the Quiltville Store.  I’m happy to send you a copy.

I’m being picked up in just a few minutes to heads out to the airport and make my way home.

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Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Live life your way, stick to your gut, follow your heart, and stop worrying about what other people think.

I know it's not always easy.

Sometimes I start second-guessing myself because I don't tend to follow the latest trends. I sew with fabric that is sometimes 20 to 30 years old, I'm not shouting out manufacturers or designers names on a regular basis. Name brands mean nothing to me.

I may quilt to a different drummer, but in the end I make what pleases me, what speaks to my heart and that's what really matters to me. Do what you love and make no apologies!

Vintage Star quilt found in Texas.

Have a great Thursday, everyone – catch you from home.

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  1. Oh Miss Bonnie, how true that last few lines of today's blog post are for me also. Fabric is fabric is fabric... seems folks can get all into brands, stylesy, labels etc., but in the end so what? LOL! If I like a fabric,it can be in one of my quilts, humble as they are. You go girl!!,

    Texas is always such a treat when we have visited. Find the folks there have hearts ad big as their state.... great people.
    Have fun, always wear that smile...
    Smilies to you

  2. That quote is perfect especially on my birthday. Do what pleases you not what pleases others. Be happy don't worry!!! Be safe going home Bonnie.

  3. That quote is perfect especially on my birthday. Do what pleases you not what pleases others. Be happy don't worry!!! Be safe going home Bonnie.

  4. Garden Party is one of my favourite of your designs and these ladies did a wonderful job! Happy and safe travels, Bonnie!!

  5. Oh my sweet lady, your "quote of the day" has me in tears. Happy, healing good tears. What is "out of my control, going on in my life right now" crud, your quote hits to my gut.
    Immediate and hard.
    Thank you for this. Blessings to you, Jackie in NC

  6. Bonnie thank you for always sharing positive words....Have a safe trip home with NO complications

  7. Bonnie thank you for always sharing positive words....Have a safe trip home with NO complications

  8. Oh to be where the Temp is higher than my age! Still in the 20's here in PNW. Hope your flights were uneventful. Glad you could reroute it. Fun shirt! I bought one in Purple, of course!

  9. Glad to hear you will be home tonight and not caught in all the East Coast "white stuff". Kudos to Jason for snapping the picture. Now "The Eyes of Texas are Upon You" will go through my head for the rest of the day even though I know they were not Texas eyes on Jason. It is true that Moms have eyes in the back of their heads ... and waaaaaay beyond in your case. These young men are going to be caught doing good things for others :) Enjoy snuggling in your own bed tonight.

  10. Excellent quote! Also love your words about brands .. I have finally convinced my daughters that they no longer have to pay extra to be unpaid advertising for the brand that is trendy at the moment. They can be who they like .. not someone else's expectation of who they should be.

  11. Love the sweatshirt, blocks, photos and "Do what you love and make no apologies!"
    Rock on!!
    ~ Christina in FL

  12. I so love your videos & the music you pick to go with them. They brighten my day first thing each morning they come. I watch them multiple times. Hope you safely home by the time you get this. Have a blessed week end.

  13. Touché and thanks for reminding me to be me and not to worry what others think.

  14. Texans are wonderfully friendly people, but I'm so glad we don't live in Houston any more. A heat wave in February is just wrong! Love the blocks with all the text prints, too!

  15. So true about quilting and enjoying the voyage. I have wondered why so many posts these days detail the fabric line, thread line, needle size etc. It is like reading an infomercial. We are hours away from a massive storm. Without power there may be some hand stitching in the next few days.


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