Tuesday, February 07, 2017

And Sew, it Began!

Outside of Houston,  away from the hustle and bustle of BIG CITY TEXAS you will find the quaint and historic little town of LaPorte.

And within the little town of LaPorte, you are welcomed to “And Sew It Began  Pieceful Stitches”, the first retreat venue nestled in the heart of the historic district. 

Whether it be sewing, quilting, scrapbooking, or other crafting, And Sew it Began” offers you the room and comfort to create something beautiful.

Ronda Stockton is the heart and hands behind And Sew it Began, purchasing this delightful 1913 Sears “kit house” with the intent of turning it into the beautiful retreat center it is today.

Who could resist the front porch complete with porch swing and rocking chairs?

The venue has grown to now include THREE separate buildings on the property.  The house, which sleeps 16 quilters comfortably, and the retreat sewing room, housed in a building just outside of the backdoor of the house, and another building in progress which will hold Ronda’s dream – a full service quilt shop with more living quarters upstairs where visiting instructors can stay and create as well.


I love the homey decor!

I took a photo of this vintage ironing board turned tv stand in hopes of finding something similar for Quilt Villa VA.  I’ve got a vintage ironing board, but this one is “industrial” for the day with a wide surface and 4 sturdy legs.  I’m on the hunt!


Dining room!

There are two tables in the dining room to fit all of the retreaters comfortably for meals!  And quilts and antique memorabilia inspire everyone to linger just a little bit longer, enjoying the ambiance before heading out the back door to the sewing room behind the house.


So much to look at!


Up to date kitchen with all you’ll ever need!


The retreat is full, and beds are occupied with STUFF!

The beds are all covered in quilts, both vintage and new, and I can imagine sweet dreaming happening in between rounds of endless sewing and retreat type chatter.


Beautiful furnishings and ample space to move in the large bedrooms!


Another sleeping nook!

There was so much light filtering through the windows that these photos are a bit dark….sorry!


But check this out over the beds!

Ronda loves antiques as much as I do and her passion are these little crocheted “doily dresses” and britches.  I think they were supposed to be pot holders?  But these things are so cute and dainty, I can’t see Aunt Bee using these to remove her cookies from the big old oven.  I love them hanging here!


Vintage quilt top shower curtain in one of the baths!


Another view from a corner of one room.


from the other direction to the bath beyond.


My favorite of all – the RED ROOM!


Red & White doily dresses!!

And that gorgeous blazing star quilt.  Perfection!


Original push button light switches!

I was ready to just move in and stay!


Entering the Sewing Studio!


Retreaters are busy sewing!

Gorgeous works in progress are up on the walls and I had a great time seeing what everyone was working on.


These gals are from up near Austin and are having a great time.


There is a kitchen here TOO!

Keep the coffee and snacks going, quilting all day is hard work and we have to keep our energy levels up!


I would love to come back and RETREAT for real!


The nitty gritty!

There is more information on the And Sew it Began website HERE.

Ronda is also sharing the building of her shop building on her blog HERE.  I’m excited to see  the next phase of this dream come true for her!


Ronda, Me, Tara and Kay!

After we were done bothering the retreaters, the four Quilt-a-teers headed out in Ronda’s rig out to Spring Texas for a huge round of Antique shopping.  We had a ton of fun and found some great stuff which I will be sharing tomorrow.  This is quite as long as it needs to be.

This post is also a bit late this morning due to a certain hilarious mishap:


This needs explaining!

just imagine you are heating up leftovers in your hotel room for breakfast because it is better than anything the breakfast buffet downstairs has to offer. (Stir-fried beef, veggies and rice! Breakfast of Champions!) Now imagine while deep in the depths of writing this morning's blog post, you realize you need a photo of the business card for the retreat center you visited yesterday.

Move the plate from the desk to the chair arrange business card on top of desk to take photo.

Job well done, you promptly sit down. On your breakfast.

Oh yes, this is embarrassing! Thank heavens for a guest laundry, and an 11 a.m. pickup which gives me enough time to get them washed and dried. It now looks like I am stuck with hotel breakfast bar for breakfast. But my room smells like stir-fried beef, veggies and rice!

It’s an exciting life, I tell you!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage Double Wedding ring quilt found in Spring, Texas.

I love what Sandra Kring wrote: "The Tiny Seed knew that in order to grow, it needed to be dropped in dirt, covered with darkness, and struggle to reach the light."

Keep pushing through the dirt and reaching up!

Have a great Tuesday, everyone!

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  1. Love all the pictures of the retreat center, its on my bucket list of places to go. I also love the little clothes line with the potholder dresses. I have some of those and I now know how to display them in my home, super cute idea!
    Oh no on the mishap with your breakfast, I must admit it made me giggle and glad to know they have laundry service. Happy Trails!

  2. Thanks for letting us tag along for this wonderful sneak peek! Beautiful concept, beautifully executed!

  3. Now I am on the lookout for an ironing board like that and the little dollie dresses!
    Loved the tour!

  4. Oh my gosh, the place looks like a little bit of heaven. So neat. Have fun.

  5. I hope you found some fruit in the Breakfast Bar. There should be munchies and veggies in the workshop room somewhere. Retreating in my Basement- More SNOW in our forecast, UGGGG

  6. I hope you enjoyed Old Towne Spring - very quaint and a nice day to spend with the girls.

  7. What delightful day you had in my old stomping grounds as a newlywed-- 33 years ago!! I can't believe you sat on your breakfast leftovers . . . you had me rolling this morning. THAT ironing board!!! Wow . . . something else to hunt for. The retreat center, turning into a quilters compound is delightful. I do hope at some point a retreat, just for you, will be on your calendar. You know you have an open invitation to come retreat with us at the Brazos House in Rainbow, Texas. Just come play and be a retreater. Speaking of which, I'm loading up tomorrow to head out early since Deb is going a back-to-back retreat. Wednesday - Sunday here I come! Hugs, Allison C. Bayer, Plano, Texas USA

  8. thank you so much for coming to visit, you were a delight to drive around town and all your kind words are very much appreciated about the house. I love it so much and am so glad to be able to share it with so many. I hope to have you back to be at a retreat there. it would be wonderful! safe travels and thank you for all the inspiration!

  9. What a lovely spot for a retreat. So cosy, great space and beautifully decorated. How lovely. Such a funny story about your breakfast. That's something I would do. Haha.

  10. Such a fabulous venue! Thanks for sharing and enjoy!

  11. Thank you for the wonderful tour of And sew it began.
    Love the shower curtain and TV stand. Just finishing el provence top and realized my neutrals are in the beige side and yours are on the white side. Never thought it would make a difference. You are terrific to share all of your adventures and talents. I learned so much sewing the mystery. On to hourglass challenge and Chunky Churndash. Bless you!

  12. What a great retreat spot. I would never find anything like this in California. Thanks for sharing your adventures

  13. This place looks awesome! I love the way she has arranged the antiques and the quilts are so beautiful. Enjoy your time there Bonnie. Your quotes are fitting for the day and I have copied several of them in the past - so inspirational. Thanks for all the sharing you do!

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. What a great retreat venue Ronda has created. I wish her much success. I would love to spend a few days there, but it's very far away from my home in Alaska.


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