Monday, February 13, 2017

Mystery Monday Link-Up! The Finale!

Good Monday Morning, everyone!

Today is the day – the last Mystery Monday Link-Up for our En Provence quilt progress!

SO MANY of you have finished!  So many are tops, or full quilts complete with bindings and labels, and I couldn’t be more thrilled at the momentum that swept this quilt to completion all across the globe.

Just think of it!  On every continent! You have been working so hard on bringing these quilts to reality, you’ve shared the fun with your friends who have also joined in.  It’s been a learning experience for those who consider themselves “new” quilters.  It’s been a fun adventure for those of us more seasoned.

You’ve added your own twists and touches to suit your own vision, and I love that!

During yesterday’s Quilt-Cam fun, so MANY En Provence photos were sent to my inbox, so many that I couldn’t share them all during the time we had available. 

They were all so gorgeous!

Here are a few:



There is something just COOL (ha!) about a quilt in the snow!  Her comment was “Working on the binding for my mystery  quilt today ..”  And I can just imagine her tucked into her cozy spot, stitching away.  It’s a beauty, Janene!


This beauty belongs to Lesley!

She writes: 
Hi Bonnie, I am so thrilled to say I finished En Provence 2 days ago and here it is.
I'm in love with it! It has over 60 different neutrals in it, it's so fun!  I hope you like it!
Also just checked my ruler stash and even more thrilled to find I have the Easy Center Square ruler ...that I've never used!  I will now lol
Thanks for everything!
The Easy Center Square ruler was the one we talked about during yesterday’s Quilt-Cam.  I’m looking for a supplier because I LOVE THIS THING and my usual distributor doesn’t carry it.  More on that later.

More En Provence:


This one is Maria’s!

She writes: 
Put the last borders on my En Provence while watching quilt cam love how it turned out using what I had in my stash.

I tried it out on the bed and am thinking I might add one more border to make it bit bigger. Decisions decisions.
I love her subtle color changes!  Just WOW! 


Oh, Cynthia!

I love everything about this photo from the aqua wall to the hat hanging on the door, to stacks of fabric ready for stitching into some future project down the road.  Quilters in progress…so fun to watch!

She writes: 
I'm doing mine in 1/4s ! I sew them together when they are all quilted. So far I just have the first one ready to pin.

Had to have ankle surgery a few days ago. I can't wait to get back in my sewing room! 

Thanks for quilt cam today, I love watching even when I'm not sewing!
Speedy recovery to you, Cynthia!  This is just lovely!

If you missed yesterday’s Quilt-Cam you can find it HERE.  It’s also archived under the Quilt-Cam tab at the top of the blog for your viewing pleasure.

No matter where you are in your En Provence, you can share blocks, design wall photos, completed tops, quilted tops waiting for binding, finished quilts, quilts with your dog, cat or grand baby on it – just share!

If you do not have a blog, you can link to an instagram post, google+ post, flickr photo or even a Pinterest photo. But you MUST have one of these to participate.

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This Link-Up will be open until Sunday night, February 19th, closing at midnight, North Carolina time.

Now it’s your turn.  I can’t wait to see what progress you have to share!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage Lemoyne star quilt found in Texas.

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Have a great day!

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  1. Love seeing the MQ in all the different colors... this one was my favorite of all your MQs!
    Thinking you have started a ground swell ... yup, the square in a square ruler is something we all would love to have. I posted on Open Studio a thought, maybe you could contact the manufacture to take it out of retitement. You could even sell them on my site.
    Have a super day. Quilt a lot and smile a lot too...
    Smiles to you

  2. Thanks so much for another great mystery, Bonnie! You really have a gift for making these large, complex quilts accessible. I'm thrilled with my result! And ready for the next one... ;)

  3. I really enjoyed this year's mystery, Bonnie. The many interpretations -- not just variations in colorway but also in the design (layout, borders) -- have been so interesting. Shall we start the countdown to color-chip-selection for the 2017 mystery? (No pressure. No pressure.)

  4. Thank you Bonnie for such a fun filled couple of months. i so enjoyed this mystery, and all the hints you gave along the way.
    It's wonderful to see all the variations that people have made; all the different interpretations of your original plan.

  5. Thank you again Bonnie for another wonderful mystery experience!
    You fill the world with quilty love...Happy Valentine's Day!

  6. With all the stops and starts I had this Mystery, I am just sew Happy to be this far. Had to Pose with my En Provence in my matching T-shirt. Thanks to Zazzle. I can't wait to see it quilted and in a Picture with YOU! May is coming...

  7. Love seeing all the beautiful quilts.

  8. Fun MQ! I have my top finished. I'm wondering what other people are doing for quilting. I have a few ideas for certain areas but would love to see some close-ups.

  9. Would love to see some ideas of how people made it longer, as opposed to a bigger square.

  10. Thank you Bonnie for another wonderful mystery. I think this might be my favorite yet. Of course, I say that after each one. ;) I've just added my one lonely block that is finished; all units are done, now I just have to get them all together! My link up is #81. Sashing strips are laid next to the block and I just realized that all of the 4-patches (in my case, blue ones) in the sashing are sideways - where the darker squares should be, I have light and where the light should be, I have the dark. ALL of my sashing strips are the same... I'm trying to determine if this will be a problem?


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