Monday, February 27, 2017

A bit of Texas Show & Share!

3 cheers for Ramona!

She finished her WHOLE Midnight Flight quilt during retreat!

And This should be April Fools Day! LOL!!  No, lovely Ramona came to retreat to work on other things even though she had already finished her beautiful rendition (Isn’t it cool to see them both, one behind the other?  COOL!) And surprised us all during show and share when she unfolded it and held it up to our view.

Midnight Flight can be found in my book MORE Adventures with Leaders & Enders.

This was the most relaxed and leisurely show & share – we had just finished our Tex Mex dinner, our bellies were full, we’d been sewing all day –and there was still evening sewing to come.  Perfect time to take a break and see what everyone had completed since the last time I saw them.


Ramona’s Talkin’ Turkey from String Fling!


This is like a happy grape explosion of color.  Whooohooo!

And our whole show & share segment was just like this, each quilt as lovely as the last, each a color-burst of happiness for our eyes, inspiring us to WANT to get back to our machines and work some more on the projects we had brought with us.


Sherry’s Sister’s Choice from the Free Patterns tab.

Love the use of her bonus triangles in the upper and lower borders!


Siri brought her Crab Apples top from Adventures with Leaders & Enders!

I love how the checkerboard squares just dance!


And her Allietare!  WOW!!


En Provence is ready for Quilting!  Whooowhooo!


Another En Provence, quilted and bound and beautiful!


And Deb’s!

They were all so lovely.  Deb had a flange inserted as piping with her binding, and it really added a nice touch.  Well done!  This just makes my heart so happy!


Deb’s Double Delight
An early Quiltville Mystery, still found at the bottom of the Free Patterns tab.


Old Tobacco Road!  Happy Scrappy!
And still found under the free patterns tab where the earlier mysteries live.


The colors of Deb’s Roll Roll Cotton Boll from String Fling are just DELICIOUS!


Deb’s Weed Whacker (free patterns tab) has SO much movement!

I really love this color theme!


Mad City Mama from Adventures with Leaders & Enders!
Pixelated and so pretty!


And Allietare, scallops and all!

Even though we had duplicates of quilts – it was so amazing to look at them side by side and see the different fabrics, the slightly different shades, or colors of constants –it was just such a fun evening!

And to those who “didn’t know” there would be a show & share – it’s never announced!  If we had 30 people all bringing 8 quilts to share we’d never get back to sewing – but what a great show & share it would be!  The point is – you never need to ask.  Your quilts are always welcome, be it in a class, at a lecture, or at a retreat – BRING THEM.  I love to see what you’ve been working on.  Blocks, tops, and finishes – BRING THEM!

When in Texas -
Put a Bull On It!

When the retreaters get lost – we pull over for BBQ!

Funny story – but not so funny when you are on a deadline and trying to get back to class!  We had to run into Temple to pick up a rental car so I could get myself back to Dallas the next day.

The night before, after leaving retreat for my hotel –Jill was driving, Irene was riding shotgun because she was going to pick me up the next morning.  Temple is completely upside down with construction.  The GPS doesn’t know this, of course, and we got so turned around and were being directed to turn in places that you couldn’t turn into, up and around and back again we went, and by this time I am laughing so hard I could have wet myself.

Now – Irene and I are on a tear to get this car picked up, and we think we have it figured out right, but still – NO!!!  We didn’t go up far enough, had to re-loop around, the GPS all the while telling us we had to turn around in places we couldn’t turn around in, and we finally says “To heck with this!” and we spotted the “bull in the air” and pulled over to get lunch before we went further.


“No Texas quilt retreat is complete without BBQ and copious amounts of taxidermy.”

This was a fun place, they served us quickly and we were back on the road.

And THEN.  After finding the car place, where I was the only customer – it took 45 minutes to GET me the car.  (What were they doing back there? Building it from a kit?) It was a good thing that retreat didn’t have an end time for class – because instead of a 1 hour errand, it ended up being nearly 2, and we were only 7 miles from retreat!

Life lesson?  When in doubt, pull over and eat.  And we did!

And I’ll be doing the same tonight.  My little brother Mike is flying into Raleigh for several days of training with his job.  I’m driving out to Cary tonight to meet him at his hotel when he checks in.  

Where does he want to go?  Carolina BBQ!  Okay, we can do this.  And hopefully find it in due time! 

I’m so excited.  All of my siblings are on the west coast between Idaho/Arizona/Utah and this is the first time that one of them is coming this far east to see me.

The plan is to get the mail order out this morning and leave as soon as I can – there are some antique places I want to hit along the way. 

Let’s get this day going, no time to dawdle!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Close up of Ramona’s Talkin’ Turkey!

Blossom at your own pace! And expect the same of others.

Happy Monday, Everyone!

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  1. I come from a family of late bloomers. My dad and grandfather both started new careers in their late 40's and I graduated from college at age 51. It is never too late!

  2. I can hardly wait for our turn to show you all our Bonnie Quilts at the Retreat in May. I wondered what to do while the Midnight Flight Workshop is happening. I have finished mine. I hope to bring an extra project to wor on that day.

  3. Great show & tell - love seeing all the variety even within the same pattern! What a chore for a 14 mile round trip! Oh but don't hire a car at Denver International Airport - 4 times we have done this now & doesn't matter which agency or how many months in advance it is booked we have never gotten out of the rental lot in under 2 hours!! (which kinda sucks after transatlantic travel & being up 24hrs plus :/) Love todays quote too :-) Have a great time with your brother! Helen

  4. Welcome to our nightmare here inTemple! It's been this way for going on 5 years now, and it changes from day to day. The roads and crossovers that were open yesterday are closed today....we are the last section of IH35 to be widened from Austin to Waco. But, we hope you had a wonderful time despite the delay. Hope you find glorious things on your antique trip today and have a great dinner with famIly!

  5. Excited for you for your family visit. In the past two years I've had every family member come visit East to West coasts for me :)! Enjoyed the show and share from Texas. Wonder how the BBQ stacked up between Texas and North Carolina... Sandi

  6. We use the app Waze. Real time construction and accident reports. We travel a bunch . This is the best GPS.


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