Sunday, February 26, 2017

Midnight Flight, Rockin’ R Style!

If I say RETREAT!!

How many of you instantly think: GOOD EATS!?

We were so spoiled at our retreat at the ROCKIN’ R!

Jill, owner of Minding My Ps & Qs Quilt Shop thought of everything we would need.  She had meals fixed on the premises just for us so we could keep on sewing.

At the end of our Midnight Flight workshop day, we were enticed by yummy smells coming out of the full-service kitchen area, and treated to “build your own” tacos, chips, salad, queso and a big ole bowl of guacamole that I could have just eaten with a spoon, and finished off by licking the bowl!

Good food is a necessity if we are going to keep our strength up so that we can sew into the wee small hours.

And there was dessert too – but I was too stuffed to care!

And the best part?  We didn’t even have to do dishes!


These gals worked tirelessly!

Notice the “Split 9 Patch” quilts on the design wall?  These were a continuation of scrappy fun from our Wednesday workshop in Denton. We arrived at retreat on Thursday, which was a free-sew day, and our Midnight Flight workshop from MORE Adventures with Leaders & Enders started on Friday morning.  10 am start – we thought we’d let them sleep in a bit since they were up sewing so late the night before.


I spotted a 222 in the wild!


And a lovely black 301 long-bed.


We made 4 patches – with all seams spinning the same direction!


We chain sewed pairs of triangles –all cut with the Essential Triangle Tool!


We went from this -


To this!

Check it out!

And of course, we got a laugh out of this:


Me & Kim: Twinsies!!

The shirts can be found on Statelytype.com If you place an order, please tell them that Bonnie sent you.  I LOVE this shirt.  This is just how I roll.


Thanks for the fun time, everyone!  See you in TWO YEARS!
(Which is far too long in my opinion!)


Dallas on an early Saturday morning.

I packed up and left retreat at 9pm –I had an early morning start yesterday that had me leaving my hotel at 6am and driving all the way back to Dallas Love Field.  Got there with time to spare thanks to almost no traffic and the early weekend morning travel.


FUNNY from the airport gift shop!! LOL!

Maybe we should re-word this to say “Life's to short to make an ugly quilt!”


So I stitched this!  I’m getting better at it.

The scissor fabric was a gift from a friend in Belgium.  I love it!  I have decided that I am just simply a thread baster.  I’m not a fan of glue when it comes to all of those dog ear areas which need extra glue to hold them down.  To each their own.  This may take a bit longer, but it is only a couple of stitches per side. 

I can’t just tack these on the back like I could the hexagons because of the dog ears at the points and the longer sides.  Tip to tip these diamonds measure 3’’ across the middle in the longest direction.

Thread basting it is!  And audio books.


This was waiting for me when I got home!

For over 9 years I have hated my front loader washing machine. I could never get it clean, it always smelled like mildew, and for 9 years I waited for it to die so I could replace it.

While I have been in Texas my hubby and son tossed out the front loader that would not die and bought me a new top loader! I am a happy camper!

I know there are those who love their front loaders – but they require constant care and time and special potions and cleaners, wiping of gaskets and leaving doors open.

The whole deal is -- it's a WASHING MACHINE. I never had a washing machine problem since owning my first washing machine (what a concept as a newly-wed) in 1982. Until the front loader we bought when we bought this house 9 years ago. I do not have the desire to wipe gaskets and add special additives and prop doors open on ANY appliance...it's supposed to SAVE me energy, not give me more work. I'm not home to deal with it on a regular basis.

We left the door open when we could, but my washer and dryer are in a hallway CLOSET and you can't close the closet doors if the machine is left open.

The front loader is not a High Efficiency machine. It takes forever to wash clothes, using MORE electricity.  Water is cheap, electricity is not.

It’s Hate Everything machine. It's a HUGE EFFORT (meaning my energy and effort to care for it) machine. I want to put my clothes in, put the soap in, wash my clothes and be done.

Some PEOPLE are High Maintenance. Washing machines should NOT BE.

***off Laundry Soap Box***

And that was more than I intended to say about the bringing in of the new washer – but that sure feels good to get off my chest! LOL!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage hourglass quilt found in North Carolina.

You will never be happy if you are only seeing yourself through the eyes of others who are not you. Know your worth! Your self-esteem is between you and yourself only. Self esteem starts where comparison stops.

And look closely – you just might see my shoes at the top of the photo! LOL!

Remember our drawing for the Quiltmaker Bundle happens TONIGHT.  Be sure you got your entry in ON THAT POST.

Have a great Sunday, everyone – it’s wonderful to be home.

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  1. I had a front loader too and i hated it.

    replaced it with a regular washer what a difference.

    Thanks for everything you do for us.

    read your blog daily.

  2. I also hate my HE machine!!!!! What a load of crap the ad people made us believe. I've only had mine for 6 years - disheartening to see how long yours lasted and still wouldn't die.

  3. I also hate my very expensive, top-of-the-line front loading washer. I even bought the expensive drawer stands to bring the level up so I don't have to bend over to load and unload. I like the height and ease of moving loads from washer to dryer, but that is the best I can say. The washer is a nightmare, especially since it clogs every time with dog hair, (and my dog is a German SHORThair!). I have all the same issues Bonnie stated. And since it is a Maytag, it will probably last the rest of my life! I think Bonnie really hit a nerve with this post!

  4. We have one at the lake... we have to unplug between washes because the light is on with the door propped open! Ugh!

  5. I also hate the "HE" machines. I'd like one I could truly soak items. What happened to that? Now it's go find a utility sink or big old bucket. Many of our processes ask for some soaking time. Sometimes clothing needs more than a "shower" for real cleaning. The "doer" of the laundry never designed these machines!

  6. I have avoided the front loading washing machines--it is hard to find regular laundry liquid Tide. My regular old GE washing machine and dryer are 12 years old and still going strong--I hope they last a long time because the new appliances are not as good.

  7. We never tried the front loaders mostly because I thought it was a rip off that they charged additional bucks for the pedestals. I did have a digital no agitator top loader I hated. It was like playing 20 questions every time you did a load of laundry plus it took an hour to wash a load. Crazy! Finally found a Speed Queen washer. Throw in a load set the dials and half an hour later clean clothes...just like it should be. Love it! Glad you got a new washer. I know it's a small thing but sometimes that's all it takes to make Mama happy!

  8. I heard so many unhappy complaints about the front-loaders! When it was time to replace my old machine (and it was kind of an emergency) I went to a local store and said, I want the most basic machine you've got. The guy looked me over and trotted me over to a Speed Queen, and said I could figure out how to run it in one load without the manual because I had been using one like it for the last 20 years. Top load, it doesn't match my dryer by they live in the basement. They work for me, not me for them. A match made in heaven!

  9. I guess am the odd duck here, because I have had a front-load Frigidaire Gallery from a scratch n dent outlet since 2005 or so, and I love it. It is in a spot where the door can be left wide open and I always have done that. I am well-known for detecting the faintest "off" odor and I have not had any with this washer. I have never done anything special to care for it other than wiping dust and soap off the top and front and dispensers. I don't wipe down the gasket or use any special products. I have always used Wisk and never use fabric softener other than white vinegar in the softener dispenser for each load. Just like Baskin Robbins, we all like a different flavor. LOL But I am somhappy you finally got rid of a major annoyance for you. Ain't nobody got time for that!

  10. You certainly have hit a nerve about the washer. My daughter has a front loader, and the problems that you mention are very real. She has tried everything to combat the mildew odor. I have chosen to stick with a relatively simple top loader. My remark is "I don't need it to cook supper for me, I just want it to wash clothes." I figure that ones with all the bells and whistles have more parts to break down.

  11. Wow Bonnie! Tell us how you really feel about the front loaders! You are too funny! But it is good to hear since I have always had a top loader. I am with you no high mantaince machines! Glad you had a nice trip to Texas! Glad you are home! I am sure Sadie and hubster are happy too! Have a great day!

  12. You obviously are not alone in your dislike of front loading washers. I really dislike mine and am thrilled that it is beginning to give me problems. Now I can finally justify buying a top load machine. I just hope that I can find one like the top loader I used for over 20 years, raising two children, living on the lake (lots of towels) and doing two or three loads every day!

  13. Today's quote - spot on! Thank you as always!

  14. Glad you're home safe & had a great surprise waiting! I love when good things happen to people! I continue to pray for you & your hubsters health. I'm a nurse & know shingles are so painful & your (traveling marble) bump is ruff to figure out. I'm sure you're tired of everyone's advice but try (easier said than done) to lower your stress the best you can. Looking forward to your next quilt cam- BUT do it after you've rested a couple days!!!

  15. You have a great husband! I doubt mine would ever replace an appliance that worked just to make me happy!

  16. Glad you like your new washer. Never felt the urge to try a front loader because common sense told me if you're going to have a bucket of water the access door should be on the top, not the side. (I live in fear of leaks!) Also, my friend at work told me when he fired up his new front loader the entire first floor shook.

  17. Too funny.... my daughter felt the same way about her front loader.... it always smelled of mildew every time you walked into the house! LoL... she was thrilled when it finally died!

  18. I love Midnight Flight!! It's what we usually end up taking to get out of Alaska. I started mine in a class at Mackinac Island last May. Now it's on my guild bucket list to finish this year! So nice to see all the color variations in the slideshow.

  19. Must admit - I hate glue too - the sticky pen, the little dots squeezed out from a tiny nozzle on a bottle - not a fan. I tried all sorts - even using starch (or sizing) but now just pin when doing needle turn applique! Glad you found what works for you! :D

    With regard to washing machines - that's pretty much what we are used to having over here. I loved using my Canadian cousin's top loading machine. I was also extremely jealous of her tumble dryer too! Ours takes ages to dry - hers just a fraction of the time!

  20. Perfect quote for Quiltville T=Shirt.

    Quiltcam and Quilt

  21. Thanks, everyone, for the comments on the front loaders. I had one back in the early '60's but they were much simpler then. It was OK, but I like the good 'ol top loaders. Have purchased 2 consecutive sets of KitchenAid washer/dryers over the years, both were maintenance and repair free, this last set is still running like a charm after 12 years. So very nice, Bonnie, that your hubby and son had your new top loader ready when you got back home! In the words of the old country song, Thank God and Greyhound that your old front loader is gone, ha,ha!

  22. I am so with you all. Not looking forward to the cost of replacing my machine but can't wait to get another top loader

  23. I have a top loader that has the same mildew problem. I like what Robbie H said about getting a basic machine. I will do that. Is your Moms back enter now? I got my new knee. Wonderful.

  24. AMEN, Sister Bonnie, and extra blessings to a thoughtful husband and son!!

  25. Yay!!! for top loaders and for thoughtful husbands and sons. We have been married close to 48 years and I've only had 2 - yes, 2 washing machines - both Maytag!! Maytag was sold to Whirlpool a few years ago and I understand I'll never be able to get the same trustworthy, well-made machine. :( Ok, people, write to washing machine companies and COMPLAIN and really tell them why you hate those front loaders. Maybe we'll go back to having some more and better choices.

  26. I totally agree on the front load washing machine! I have a very large laundry room and left my front load door open all the time - it was still smelly. It was a happy day when I dumped it and got a basic top load machine.

  27. I had a front load washer in Germany; it was the first time I ever used one (outside a laundromat). I loved it. It took longer than my top loader back in the States, but the clothes were almost dry when they came out, only needed a brief tumble in the dryer. And it was so much easier on my clothes than the top loader. The house we bought had a top loader and I donated it to our church and immediately bought a German-made front loader. It did a great job on the clothes, but we had issues with the electronics. We left the W/D when we sold the house and immediately bought a new set as soon as we got settled in Colorado. I love it and will never go back to a top loader. To each his own, I guess. As long as you're happy with the washer you have, that's what's important.


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