Saturday, February 04, 2017

Fill the Busy Bag!

I spent some time last evening before bed packing the busy bag…okay, more like RELENTING to what I should be working on, instead of what I want to be working on.


Since finishing fill-in corner #4 on the Eternal Hexagon Project, and not even having sat at it yet to attach that corner….I am SO not in the mood to go back to piecing more hexies for the border but I know it needs it.  There is too much neutral to the outer edges of the quilt top, it NEEDS a border of rosettes around the outer edge.  But…..Okay…my whiny side is complaining it could take YEARS at this pace!  Yes.  But it’s airplane sitting time anyway.

I pulled my BIGGER Busy bag out, along with my big girl britches and set to reorganizing.  I opened a drawer.  I vaguely remembered putting the left over sets of browns and reds somewhere…Oh yes!  Here they are!  And the browns are already pinned in sets of 6 matching hexies.  I wasn’t going to have to cut anything.

I flipped through those stacks of brown hexies and it was like revisiting old friends.  Okay, this might not be so bad after all.

And then this morning it all flew to heck as the project that WANTS to be primary infiltrated my dreams through the night and caused me to spend part of this morning cutting diamonds instead of finishing my packing.


After all, Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend, right?


The papers are by dritz.

They came in a goodie bag.

I have a die for the Accuquilt Studio that cuts 60 degree diamonds 1/4’’ bigger all around than these papers.  This is seeming much more doable, and quick to kit up. (I’m sure they have a die for the GO or GO BABY too.) 


And then I remembered Alex Anderson filling yet another goodie bag for me with rulers, a cutting mat, and these GLUE STICKS she said I needed to try.

You know what?  They are pretty slick.  I haven’t tried stitching any diamonds together yet, but since I would have to thread baste THROUGH the papers on these, and those stitches would have to come out, can’t be left in like the stitches on the hexies (It all has to do with the length of the sides and whether the seam allowance would stay in place over the edge of the paper or not) I think I will give this a try.


Oh ho!!  Ready for stitching!

Do I start in on these as soon as I’m seated on the plane to Atlanta and on to Houston this morning?

Do I force myself to sew BROWN HEXIES on one leg of my flight and then stars on the second flight? 

As to what this sample project will be?  I’m taking a group to China and another group to Thailand in October, and there will be no sewing machines so I need to present a hand project.  I’m not sure how many kits I’ll have to make, but it needs to be kept simple.  I’m thinking I provide them papers and enough fabric shapes (and glue stick and thread, etc) in a small kit and then they can add to it with fabrics we purchase along the way, or from their own stashes when we get home.  I’m thinking total number of stars needed is 7.  But we’ll see!

So do I sew stars first?  Or reward myself with the stars after plugging along on hexies.

The struggle is real. 


A bit of dashboard explanation.

I had an issue yesterday that really had me dropping my jaw, staring at the comment, and quickly deleting it because I could not see how someone could write what they wrote.  Now I’m wishing I saved it.

From before sun-up to long after sun-down I am working.  Quilting may be a hobby and a pastime for many, but it is my job.

I spent yesterday re-writing the tutorial for  Chunky Churn Dash.  It needed to be done as I am teaching it in March in Michigan and the instructions needed to be simplified and  a new printer-friendly PDF written along with a class supply list.  It took me over 3 hours.  A good chunk of a work day.  I posted at noon time about the up-do, thinking that others might want to give this older pattern from the free patterns tab a try.  I put in all of that effort to re-write it, so why not.

A very unkind comment came in the form of “If you have time enough to write a long post such as this, perhaps you have time to answer my comment on Spanish Rose.” 

Lady, whoever you are – I never received an email from you, and I can not answer all comments because I can’t find them all.  You didn’t leave an email address for me to reach you.  There are comments left in places like Youtube, Flickr, Instagram, 2 places on Facebook, and then the Messenger thing on Facebook –where if you are NOT a friend on my personal page I don’t get those messages. They stay in limbo. If you leave a comment on Google + or even sometimes on a blog post and expect a reply, without leaving a way to reach you – it isn’t going to happen.

Besides, that was such a mean-spirited comment , deleting it WAS my reply.

My communication happens in my email inbox, not in comments on various sites including this blog.

You have no idea of how much work goes on behind the scenes here.  I was filling book orders until 11pm last night to make up the time it took me to up-do the Chunky Churn Dash pattern. I’m not just sitting here eating bonbons.

What you see above is a screen shot of the upper right hand sidebar of my blog.  This is YOUR dashboard on how to find me.  See the circle with the envelope?  Find it in the right hand sidebar and click that.  It sends me an email.  All of the other circles will send you to my other social media sites.

If you are reading me on a mobile device, you may not SEE the side bars on the blog to even know that is there.  So go to a real computer.  Or open your browser in “web view” not mobile view.  Everything you need to reach me is right there in plain sight and at your fingertips if you know where to look.

But the ONLY way to ensure that I get your message is to send me a direct EMAIL.  Facebook?  Instagram?  Google+?  Youtube comments?  There is not enough time in my world to go on a full out web search for some question someone might have had about something that they posted elsewhere.

And please, if you leave a comment and don’t get an answer, do not be miffed at me.  You didn’t put it where I could find it.

Now that is settled.  I am putting my happy pants back on, and I hope you do too.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage string quilt found in North Carolina.

These are my guidelines for a fulfilling life. I am happy to be flying to Houston this morning in the midst of all the Super Bowl craze, not for football - but to share these ideals with the quilters that I love.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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  1. Safe travels Bonnie! It will be fun to see what you accomplish on this trip!

  2. Hava a wonderful day, Happy Pants! I appreciate all you bring to my quilt world!!

  3. Travelling mercies, Bonnie!

    I love English Paper Piecing - great for when my hubs is in the hospital or his many doctors visits (he's a disabled veteran, so loads of wait time!)

  4. I cant believe some people!! They must think the world revolves around them!

  5. Going through Houston! Lots and LOTS of football fans. Thanks for the new idea about diamonds.

  6. Be safe and look out when you get to Houston. SuperBowl crazies everywhere. Have fun sewing your projects. Don't let negative people get you down. I can't imagine how busy you are everyday. Wish i wad as fo used as you. ��

  7. Bonnie, sometimes we have to shake our heads... I was contacted by a woman into genealogy. She wanted info on our family ... old old stuff. Told her if I could, she would get it after the Holidays. Slipped my mind, ok. Email from her deriding me terribly..and telling me . Seriously now, She had her whole family back to ADAM AND EVE and only my family was missing.
    Laughed so hard I about split Lol... wrote her back, if she had all that she sure didn!t my paultry bit of info!! SILLY ????

    Have super TECAS time... look up into those wide open clearTexas skies and hum Deep In The Heart O f Texas. Then smile.


  8. Usually if I have a question about a pattern, I ask my quilting friends. She must not have any of those wonderful friends who can always help you out!

  9. I hope you have a wonderful time in Houston and meet some quality people. We recognize the work that goes into everything you do and we are grateful you do it! I for one love to quilt but have no imagination so I am depending on you to give me ideas! Here's an amusing comment from my husband as I am finishing up my Provence quilt: "it's like trying to sew confetti together". Men....they are amusing...sometimes!

  10. Have a great time in Texas. I have a baggie with some of those diamonds in it - came in a box of projects I got on craigslist from a woman who was disposing of her grandmother's stash. I'll have to take a look at them...or else send them your way! Saw the comment on your blog yesterday and couldn't believe the arrogance.

  11. You make it look so easy, I think some of us forget ALL that you do on a daily basis. Just packing and going away for a weekend sends my world into chaos...so kudos to you for handling things so well.
    You don't need or ask for all that negativity....positive thoughts and actions is what everyone needs.

  12. So proud of you for calling this person a lady!

  13. Anonymous10:43 AM EST

    Dear Bonnie,

    Wishing you safe travels and tons of fun -quilting and otherwise- on your Houston trip!

    So sorry you had to be the recipient of that thoughtless comment. However, an upside to that for me is that now I know why when I've left a comment on your blog I've never seen a reply from you. I now know that if I have a question for you, I need to send you an email! I subscribe to several quilting blogs, and it seems they all work a bit differently with regard to posting comments and replies, as well as where the "previous" and "next" buttons are located in the post. Some blog posts are fully contained in the notification email, while some (including yours) require clicking to the actual blog. So we all need to be patient and pay attention to how everyone's blog posts are presented.

    I am always amazed at how you manage to keep up with all your social media platforms with everything else you do! Please know that your fans so appreciate all you do for us. We love you! -LK in Wilmington, DE

  14. Wow. Just wow. I try, especially when I am feeling a little bit grumpy, to keep to myself and respect others until I am feeling better. Quilting is therapy.

  15. My mom always said there's one in every crowd. Thanks for all you do. I get tired just reading about it lol.

  16. The world must revolve around this woman, to think that you should drop everything and search for her comment so you can reply to her. You did the right thing!

  17. Bonnie, So sorry for the mean spirited gal. I must confess that I now have a mental picture of you sitting in a recliner eating Bon bons. Seriously, Bob bons will get chocolate on your fingers and might mess up your fabric! Safe travels! Love you gal!!

  18. Happy Travels! I love the diamond project - can't wait to see the magic happen.

  19. To the person who is unhappy that Bonnie did not reply to your comment and give you info about Spanish Rose, I glanced at your comment, then immediately went to see if had trouble finding the info, too, so I am not certain I remember now what info you really were after, but it seems it was about the size of Spanish Rose.

    It only took me a couple clicks to find the size. i clicked on the store tab, then digital patterns, then chose Spanish Rose. There in the item description it tells the overall size of the finished product. For more detail than that you would, understandably, need to buy the pattern., though if you are determined and creative, you can figure out a lit from the various posts and puctures Bonnie share while in the process.

    Bonnie's patterns are well-written and include many tips and hints to help you succeed with the project and fiture projects so are a great investment.

    I also used the search box at the very top left of the screen at the top of the blog post. (I am doing all this from my iPad) I searched for Spanish Rose. The first entry that comes up is a blog post from July or August 2016 where Bonnis is taking the time to prepare kits and extra supplies for those who would be stitching Spanish Rose on a cruise with her. You can see how much effort and care Bonnie puts into ensuring she makes the experience as good as can be for everyone she encounters. Unfortunately she is human time the rest of us. She does not always see everything every day. But I know of few people who make the gargantuan effort and attends to the tiny details as well as she does. So I think if Bonnie somehow missed your comment (you are commenting to one Bonnie, but Bonnie is receiving comments from a thousand yous.) you might put yourself in her shoes, which are going a mile a minute all the time to keep as many of us happy as possible.

    I hope this helps someone. And, Bonnie, if you want to delete it, I can understand why, and I will not be miffed in the slightest.

  20. Thank you, Bonnie, for ALL that you do. Everyday you inspire me. Yesterday I downloaded the new pdf of chunky churn dashes to "kit up". I cannot wait to see what form your Dawn's Early Light quilt will take...book? pattern? Love that quilt!
    Have a great time in Texas.

  21. I think you should take a day and eat bonbons. You are so dedicated to us. I always look for your blog post when I get up. Thank you for being an inspiration to us.

  22. 99.9% of us, your fans, truly do appreciate all the things you do for us, and the many freebies you let us try for, and how you inspire us into doing just a little bit more than we thought we could. Just be you, and ignore the cranky people out there!!!
    Laurie Baum

  23. Safe travels Bonnie. I am so glad that you did the pattern for Garlic Knots as a digital pattern and I purchased it immediately? I am so excited about starting it. You are a very wise person and a very giving person. You inspire me everyday. Thank you for who you are.

  24. Safe travels and have fun this weekend! The angry "lady" probably won't see this - but - I emailed you a question and I had an answer the next day! Couldn't believe it, this is only one of the many reasons why you are my favorite blogger! You are amazing! Ok, too many !'s.

  25. I will never understand those who leave nastygrams. Being the center of the universe must make for a tough life. So glad you're moving forward Happy Pants :-) Thank you for all you do for the quilting world. Your generous gifts as well as the work we pay for now and then. I hope your Houston visit/work is fabulous!!!!!

  26. Life is too short to worry about all the Nasty Commenters. Have a safe Flight and SEW on Bonnie. The glue looks like a good idea for the China Trip and take-along project in your busy bag, I say make one star, then go stitch those Border Hexies. Iced in and all events are cancelled here. I have a quilt on my frame and I'm a Happy Girl! Just call me Pollyanna...

  27. Remember Dr Seuss quote (I think from you) "Be who you are and say what you think because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind" It's been my theme for many years!!

  28. Safe travels... and thank you for all you do for us out here in blog land.

  29. Zebra clutches, wheeeeeee!

  30. So sorry to hear you got an ugly comment, but so glad you wrote about. Let's hope she gets it and her face is red with shame. Might be my imagination, but it seems that our country is condoning and encouraging bullies. I wonder why???

    If only we could hit "delete" and get rid of all the mean-spirited words/voices out there.

    You take care and remember there are more of us nice people than the bullies of the world. We do appreciate and love you.

    Hugs..... Terry in So. Calif.

  31. I'll be curious to know how easily the foundation pieces pop out with the glue. Let me know when you can.

  32. Bonnie, you are the best. You mean the world to me- how much you do and have done for quilting and people. Do not justify yourself to anyone- now go spend a day eating bon bons and enjoy it.

  33. You do not need to justify what you do with your (repeat your) time. Your are so generous and caring with helping out your fans/students. You don't need the negativity. I sent you an e-mail the other day and the reply from you was already there when next I checked my e-mail. So thank you for the quick and courteous reply.

  34. Bonnie:
    I Love your little Stars! I love the colors and fabrics. It will be fun to see what you do with them. I also love the quote of the day, and the colors on the string quilt.

    I may not enjoy the act of paper piecing those little hexie's or stars, nor the art of piecing a string quilt (so I say now),but I certainly enjoy looking at them and appreciate the hard work that goes into them.

    Pay not attention to the bad comments some people make. Maybe they got up on the wrong side of the bed, and remember You can't please all the people all the time!

    Have fun in Houston!

    Kasilof, AK
    Where it has been sunny and bright, with the temps in the low to mid 20's- great for a daily afternoon walk, and throwing the ball for the neighbor's dog.

  35. I remember reading the comment about the Spanish Rose and thinking to myself "whatever has this got to do with the content of your blog post that day". One would have thought that if she was a regular reader of your blog, she would have known how to contact you. You have mentioned it on more than one occasion and also, you refer to it in quilt cam too. One thing I really admire about you though is your positivity. Keep it up girl, you're the best. By the way, I like the term "Happy Pants"!!!


  36. Enjoy your trip to Texas, Bonnie and use your delete button whenever necessary 😊

  37. I am so glad to hear you are trying a glue stick. I was introduced to them 2 years ago and am hooked. I use a regular glue stick used by school kids. It is washable, inexpensive, and works great. The heat of the iron loosens up the glue easily in case you need to reposition or move fabric. Safe travels Ms Happy Pants!

  38. You go, girl friend! In this social media world, we seem to have lost our kindness. Thank you for reminding all of us to put on our Happy Pants before we leave a message!

  39. People who are critical of you obviously have not read any of your blogs, post, etc. I don't know how you manage to do the daily chores like eating and sleeping. With all you do for this quilting community, it's amazing that you have time to communicate individually on any aspect.

    Just you "Go Girl" and do things your way! No matter what you do, we are the beneficiary's.

    Thank you! Enjoy Texas!! Their Sun doesn't shine as Bright as You.


  40. Hi Bonnie! I emailed you twice and received an answer both times! THANK YOU!!!

  41. Sorry for the rude comment, Bonnie, but I see no reason for people piling on the bandwagon against her behavior. Two wrongs don't make a right and rude behavior is just that, whoever it comes from. When I read that lady's comment I sensed her frustration in being unable to know where to find info she wanted. I think she is probably sorry her comment came out rudely and I bet she did not mean it that way at all. There are some of us following your posts, and enjoying all the wonderful info you provide, but maybe we are not blog savvy or computer literate, etc. Maybe she doesn't have a laptop or desktop, just a cell phone, making it a bit harder to find what she was looking for. By her question, rude as it was, it was apparent to me she did not know how to reach you. Thanks for giving more info today on how to contact you, and hooray for all your followers who know everything already, but lets be kind to those who need some help navigating modernity, and give them the benefit of the doubt regarding their motives. Kindness is more powerful than criticism.

  42. Bonnie, I used to use that phrase "They must think I sit around and eat bon bons". my son asked me once ." Mom, what is a bon bon?"! I just love that kid! (HE knew I didn't sit around eating anything..hehehehe)


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