Friday, February 24, 2017

The Road to Rockin’ R!

There is no way to avoid traffic in the Dallas/Fort Worth area commonly known and aptly named as The Metro-Plex.  This is downtown Fort Worth as we rolled on by at a crawl.  Like a snail.

It’s just a CLUSTER of traffic at all times of the day,

It is a continual struggle through merging lanes due to copious amounts of ongoing, oh, ALWAYS ongoing construction.

And it is no wonder in this land of big big sky and bigger population that they call these massive over-under pass systems “MIX MASTERS!”

I was ever so glad that Irene was driving yesterday as as made our crawl south on I-35 toward Waco and then beyond to Temple for our retreat at Rockin’ R Retreats, hosted by Jill Baxter, owner of Minding My Ps & Qs Quilt Shop in Denton.

Our only job was to get there.  By dinner time.  And it nearly took that long!

At one point, traffic came to such a stand-still that I popped up our destination on my WAZE app to see if it could come up with a better route.  It had us take the next exit, wound us around from one dirt road to another, down a highway and back around toward the interstate.

We were so proud of ourselves!  “WE BEAT IT!” We yelled as we air pumped our fists from within the confines of the car –radio tuned to “70’s on serius” and singing all the way ---Only to find that we had found our place right behind the same semi truck that we had been crawling behind from before we even left the pavement on our wild dirt road journey to get beyond the snarl.

There is a life lesson in this.  YES – we ended up behind the same guy.  In the same place. But we had a choice.  We could have taken the long and boring slow crawling option --- or we could go wheels screaming down an unknown dirt road just for the experience of it.

I’ll take the dirt road ANY TIME!  Besides, the singing and the laughter were worth it!


Who knows what THIS is?!?

It’s a Texas Thang, Y’all!

We made one other detour – an antique place in Waco that Yelp gave high praises to.  Evidently they never got the opinion of quilters before.  If you like painted furniture and fine glassware, go.  If you are looking for machines, quilts and vintage kitchen items, don’t bother!

It wasn’t a total waste, however.  Irene’s hubby is a pilot, and she found a very cool propeller that has a clock mounted in the center if it, and it is going home with her.  we wouldn’t have found that very unique piece unless we had stopped there.  So there is another life lesson in there.  You’ll never know, if you don’t go!


The wonderland of Buc-ee’s!

Think Walmart sized truck stop with everything from BBQ smokers to home decor (Texas Style) to clothing to every kind of snack you could ever want – and a coffee bar that goes on for miles and miles.  BBQ!  Brisket, sausage, pulled pork, and all kinds of other southern comfort food available.  And the cleanest restrooms on the interstate.

And it’s not far from retreat!


Thank you, Buc-ee’s!


When we arrived, everyone was already busy sewing!


And before you knew it, it was 5’o-clock SOMEWHERE!


Finishes are happening!

Deb has made two cushion covers from mini En Provence blocks that match our logo (right side bar of the blog, best viewed on a real computer, not a mobile or tablet) SO STINKING CUTE!


Our catered dinner was scrumptious.

Smoked chicken thighs, green beans, whipped potatoes with rosemary, green spinach salad with strawberries and walnuts, cake for dessert –oh my!


Texas Sunset.

It’s warm in Temple.  VERY warm.  Balmy warm.  Wonderfully deliciously warm, and my be-sandaled feet are so happy for the fresh air.  My toes need a pedi!  But who cares, it’s retreat, right?  Today the temp should reach above the mid 80s. 


As night fell, the stitchers stayed stitching into the wee hours!


Straits of Mackinac Blocks ready to assemble!


17 in the DONE pile!

There are more retreaters arriving this morning – our Midnight Flight workshop from MORE Adventures with Leaders & Enders starts this morning at 10am.  I’ll be picking up a rental car during our lunch break, I’ll be driving myself back to Dallas for my flight home in the early morning hours tomorrow.  Retreaters stay retreating until Sunday.

Next time, I’ll plan better – I’ll stay the WHOLE TIME!

When our workshop is over about 5pm I’ll have the evening to stitch and play with the other retreaters.  It’s so great to be part of a group and to sew along with everyone else.

And playtime with others is just as important to adults as it is to children.  We have to let our hair down, and let our creativity flourish.  WE NEED RECESS!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage basket quilt found in North Carolina.
This explains everything-

Embrace your own kind of crazy!

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  1. Looks like so much fun - wish I was there! Enjoy!

  2. Have fun with your ladies!!!
    Be careful on the way back to Dallas
    And have patience with the traffic. Lol

  3. SEW away your Worries and your Cares! Glad you and Irene can Retreat with the Texas Quilters. BBQ sounds Great! I'm getting my UFO Pile Tackled this week. 4 Bindings in the DONE Zone. It feels so Good.

  4. Ah yes, we have the most beautiful summer days in Texas. Usually, they occur in February. Glad you got to defrost before heading home again.

  5. I am now 2/2 on missing you when you've been near me! I missed you in Germany back in...2012, I think it was? And now I'm living in Waco and you're in Temple and I won't be there. Someday I hope to make one of your classes...we'll see!

  6. Ahhh the perils of I-35 in Texas. It's ALWAYS busy. Leave yourself plenty of time to get back to Dallas. But a stop at Buc-ees can certainly help make the best of it. And yes, we're having an especially warm winter here in Texas. No complaints from me though. Enjoy the sewing time & hopefully plenty of BBQ & Tex-Mex. Yum!

  7. Bluebonnets are starting to bloom along side the road and hills in the hill country in Texas--just peaking out a tad early. Another 2 weeks and we shall see lots more blue. Just so you know Buc-ee's is not a truck stop. It's a place for regular travelers/quilters to stop and use the clean RR's, gas up, pick up a t-shirt or snack etc. It has lots of gas pumps so out of staters just might think it was a truck stop. LOL

  8. Stop at the Czech Stop in West, TX on your way back. They're open 24 hours a day. They have the most amazing Kolaches!The artwork on the walls of the exit and entrance ramps to I35 is worth the stop too.

  9. Bonnie , I can relate to the traffic in dallas, I call those over and underpass that are twisted and entertwined a big spaghetti Bowl. Buckees is a staple in texas, in fact we have 3 here in Angleton, TX. Glad you had a good time here in texas. Wish I could have been there��

  10. My daughter just lives around the corner from the Retreat, but I wasn't able to attend. So sad! Someday, maybe. I did get to hear you when you came to the Dallas guild a few years ago. Safe travels and takr your time on the drive back up 35. I don't think it will EVER be finished!

  11. The quote is absolutely true....it's almost March and we Hoosiers know all about Madness then!!
    Glad you saw the sunshine!

  12. Both the class in Denton and Midnight Flight were fun! I was sorry we didn't do the whole retreat but attending yesterday was the best! Have a safe trip back.

  13. I loved Bucees when we were in Texas 2 years ago now... You bought back some great memories.. Were they the store that had the 100 toilets... opened our eyes a lot.. and all that jerky and ice cream... so cool. People came up to us there and asked us where we bought our shoes from and when we said Australia we all laughed.. too far to go for a pair of shoes..
    Thanks Bonnie

  14. I loved Bucees when we were in Texas 2 years ago now... You bought back some great memories.. Were they the store that had the 100 toilets... opened our eyes a lot.. and all that jerky and ice cream... so cool. People came up to us there and asked us where we bought our shoes from and when we said Australia we all laughed.. too far to go for a pair of shoes..
    Thanks Bonnie

  15. Bonnie, next time fly into Oklahoma City and drive down to Denton. Much easier!

  16. Yes, Ma'am. EVER-body needs recess! That creative child MUST come out to play! MomCats

  17. Thanks for all the kind words for Texas. I've said it before, but I'm just minutes off I35, had I know you might come all the way down, I'd been standing on the sign of the road to at least say "Hi" to you. I love the RR retreat center. Temple is a neat town also. Wish I could have a way to connect with the leadership of the retreat so I could have come too. Have a blessed weekend.

  18. Did the I 35 crawl last week and stopped at that same Buc-fees! On way to San Marcus from Mississippi. Then back home and Buc-Cees again. Their cinnamon rolls is what I love!!!!


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