Tuesday, February 28, 2017

A Bloomin’ Road Trip!

These trees down the road from my house put on quite the show each year.

Bradford Pears are amongst the first of the bloomers when it comes to spring, and it looks like they have been doing their happy dance the whole time I was away in Texas!

The leaves are starting to push the blossoms off the trees, and they are getting their halo of new green.

Of course blooming trees are MOST magnificent against a blue blue sky and yesterday was overcast – I shot this photo out the car window on my way to the post office.

After dropping off the book orders, I made a beeline (did you notice that bees do NOT go in a straight line?  They take a wandering circuitous route?) toward Raleigh. 

My baby brother Mike was flying in to town, the first of my siblings to come this far east with an opportunity for a visit.  He’s here for work.

His flight got in just before 5, and knowing this, I thought I could get to where he was staying, just under two hours from home, before traffic got really bad at rush hour.

Only……I had to make a stop.  Antique Mall Adventure!


Kitchen cabinet, maybe?

I wasn’t sure what I was going to find, I only knew I Had to look.  And I have a list of things needed for the new cabin because it is not being left furnished.  The only things we have negotiated for with the purchase of the property is the generator (GOOD IDEA!) the extra fridge in the basement, and the lawn mower.  Other than that, we turned down the $3,000.00 the sellers were asking for living room furniture we really didn’t like, rugs, we didn’t like, and beds that we didn’t know where comfy enough to keep. 

Some things we want new. 

Some things we want to choose for ourselves.

Some things will be moving over from the other cabin because they are antiques or family pieces I want to keep.

DRESSERS are needed!  And that is what I was mostly in search of.  (Although that handmade cabinet has some appeal!)  My problem is that I usually want more furniture than I have room for simply because I love the piece and it will go “somewhere.”  I’m trying to go SLOW here.  And fairly minimal until we see how our stuff fits.

But wouldn’t quilts look great stacked in this cupboard??  I’m still thinking.


Vintage dentistry cabinet??

I opened the doors and drawers and everything still smelled like disinfectant.  I think my Grandpa had a cabinet similar to this in his office back in the 1960s.  Those drawers are appealing though! 

Dressers.  You are looking for dressers.  Not kitchen cabinets.  Not sewing studio furniture.  Dressers.


But look!  A beautiful Singer 201!

NO!  Dressers!!


But this would make a great computer desk?

NO!  Dressers!




Hello, New Home!

No New Home for you today.  DRESSERS!

Try as I might, the shelf above the machine prevented me from leaving her out in the open, but I sure loved saying hello, petting her a bit, and lowering her back down.


HEY!  I had one of these as a kid.

I even locked my diary in here thinking it was “SAFE”!  Ha!  Yes, I’ve been journaling nearly my whole life, and it isn’t stopping any time soon.


Now this is pretty!

I sent a photo to the Hubster, and his comment?  “Of course you like that one, you have one nearly identical to it at home.”  And it’s true!  The carving at the top is different, but I have a very similar one at home.  Keep looking.


Cute 70’s mushroom clock.  (SQUIRREL!)


THIS.  Just wait for it.

I am checking this one out and it is extremely sturdy, handmade of walnut, 1800s from Alamance County near by.  The hand carved handles need some anchoring, but other than that…this is amazing.  Solid.  And I love the color.  It won’t blend into the color of the log walls.  It won’t disappear.

And I have to laugh at a bit of Appalachian Speak:


Handmade CHESTER drawers.  LOL!


My new dresser has a name.  CHESTER!  This one is coming home to the new master where it will pair up with the log bed that is on order from the guy in Wilkesboro. 

And just as I had made my decision I turned the corner to let the folks at the front desk know, and…BAM!


See the giddy look on my face?!

This is another early walnut piece.  I love really unique furniture, and the guest bedroom will also need a dresser.  Those carvings!  Those drawer pulls!


Avacados?  Fruits?

My son said they looked…well…anatomical. 

And we laughed – and I told him they are going in the YOUR guest room.

And he grimaced.  LOL.


Check out this attention to detail.

I’ve always loved dove-tail construction, but I have NEVER in my life seen scallops that fit this way, or the fact that the drawer is not assembled with nails, it’s pegged.  FINE craftsmanship!

Things like this always make me wonder about the craftsman who put so much care into this piece.  Who ever it was – I ran my fingers over these joints and said THANK YOU!  This is the kind of thing you can’t find in today’s furniture, as much as I love IKEA.  I spent probably about the same as I would have if I had bought mass produced dressers at IKEA –but I bought history and pieces with interest instead.  I also consider antiquing a form of recycling.  And there were no flat cardboard boxes to dispose of, and no Allen wrenches were cursed at in this process!


Shrink wrap and red velvet! LOL!

There is a Goodwill across the parking lot.  While the mall folks were getting my items to the front, I ran over to purchase some blankets to wrap the dressers in.  I had no idea I would be buying furniture on this trip, so I didn’t pack any.  One twin comforter, and one queen duvet cover and a 55+ discount later (HOORAY!) I was back at the mall and we were wrapping.


Dresser and mirror.


And this is why I drive a van!  ROOM to spare!

As I was pulling away, I got a text from Mike that he had landed in Raleigh after a long travel day from Boise to Houston to Raleigh, and had yet to pick up his luggage and rental car.  I said NO HURRY! (guilty voice!) I’m still 55 miles away!


But I got to spend the evening with my youngest brother!

He wanted to eat LOCAL.  He wanted to experience things deeply CAROLINIAN, so we ended up at a little hole in the wall local BBQ place and we sat in a quiet corner and talked for hours until it was time to get his weary self back to his hotel, and me back on the road for the hour and 45 minute drive home. 

It was worth every mile, just to see this smile!

The dressers are now in my garage waiting – I have a mental countdown happening in my head.  18 days until closing!

I’m going to try to get out of here today, head up to our cabin and start organizing things.   It’s amazing what you can amass in 3 years.  There is china to pack.  There are kitchen items, linens, tools, and oh, the quilting nook needs to be packed.  The plan is to pick up a bunch of tubs and start in.

And yes, I’ll leave SOME time for sewing! The Straits of Mackinac parts are still baggied up and I will take that with me.

Catch you from there --


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Vintage and Anvil quilt found in North Carolina.

Every word matters. Speak kindly and give encouragement!

Happy Last Day of February, everyone – MARCH ON!

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  1. Both of the dressers are beautiful and I love the detail in all those pegged finishes. Glad you got to enjoy sometime with your brother and safe trip home.

  2. yay for antique dressers. Wish I was closer, I would snag the first one! Love that one. :) Family is the best!

  3. How fun to get to buy some furniture for your new cabin. Really nice looking Chester. Lol.
    Now to pack all your goodies at the old cabin. Be safe and do have some sewing fun!!!!

  4. How fun to get to buy some furniture for your new cabin. Really nice looking Chester. Lol.
    Now to pack all your goodies at the old cabin. Be safe and do have some sewing fun!!!!

  5. Love seeing what you find at these malls. Beautiful choices you made for the new Quiltvilla!

  6. I thought those drawer pulls look like figs or avocados, but the leaves are wrong. I hope someone identifies them for us.

  7. Love the dresser with the pegs and scallops! Beautiful work. My husband has been learning to do woodwork

  8. Too funny! Have fun with your Chesters!

  9. Nice find. My husband always says buy antique over these new dressers. Not made as well and mostly made with particle board.
    I think perhaps these handles are the fruits from the pawpaw tree?

  10. The furniture is beautiful, but I have to agree, I thought the drawer pulls looked anatomical as well!!!

  11. I think the fruit on the drawer pulls are figs. Avocados wouldn't have been common in that region when that dresser was built!

  12. I'm getting excited for you and for moving day.!

  13. Hehe, I thought the same as your son about the drawer pulls.
    I have an antique oak dresser with the same sort of dovetailing on the drawers, something I had never seen before either. I love my old solid oak furniture!

  14. I believe I have the matching dresser for your "chester drawers" - no room in the bedrooms and so it has a place of honor in my living room and is filled with wrapping paper rolls and linens that I have, but don't use, and can't part with.

  15. You will love the new place. I feel as if I am in heaven when we go to visit Cheri. Kathleen loves to go visit her too. Walter says hello. =) Dawn

  16. Well,I am amazed!!!! First at the beauty of the 'spare room' chester....The scalloped pegged joints are definitely one to tell Norm Abrams about.
    But most.........that a secondhand seller Shrink-wrapped, or indeed wrapped with anything, your purchase. It would be unlikely here :(

  17. Beautiful craftsmanship! I've not seen the scallop dove-tailing. Great to find 2 such finds enroute to your visit with Mike. Yea for a good wrapping to protect your purchase too.

  18. Great furniture finds, and I was thinking of anatomy as soon as I saw the drawer pulls. ROFL

  19. Seek and Bonnie will FIND! Those are so gorgeous and full of character-personality plus. Seeing them in Moby...I can almost hear them cheering: "WE have a FOREVER home"

  20. Seek and Bonnie will FIND! Those are so gorgeous and full of character-personality plus. Seeing them in Moby...I can almost hear them cheering: "WE have a FOREVER home"

  21. Beautiful furniture!! I love antique dressers. The best thing is most of them have some nice deep drawers. Also what a wonderful end of the day spent with your baby brother.

  22. Both those dressers remind me of pieces at my grandmother's house in Bloomington, Indiana. They were works of art!


  23. What a wonderful happy picture of you and Mike. Thought it was your son with you at first glance. Super buys, I love the old brown furniture as it is so well constructed . I can understand you getting excited with only 18 days to go before you close out. Hope all goes smoothly with the move and everything fits in with your travel schedule.

  24. Love your dressers! So wish I could find something like that here. Glad you got to have sometime with your brother. It is so great to see family from away.

  25. exactly what my son would say! sometime would you explain your family tree of siblings? How many 1/2 's from Mom and Dad? I amalways trying to figure that out. Mike has your Mom's smile I am guessing

  26. Yep, it's all in the details, isn't it? Those dressers are lovely but the scallops are toooo amazing! You're going to HAVE to leave at least one drawer open all the time. lol Wow, it's only been 3 years. I can't even imagine going through ALL my stuff in this house where we've living for 42 years! Journey on, Bonnie.

  27. I think I must be your shopping twin Bonnie! These two dressers are fabulous, but I did so enjoy the scenic route you took to find them.

  28. What great dressers. I really like the 2nd one. Love your son's comment on the handles. Glad you got time with your brother. Mine flies within an hour of here, but won't tell me he is in town, or take extra time so we can visit. I always make time to see him when I'm near him. Oh well.


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