Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Impromptu Retreat for Two!

As I left the post office yesterday morning, I had a brilliant idea.  (It happens rarely, but when it does, watch out world!)

“Call Mona!” I told the familiar voice coming from my car dash board.  And with in a few seconds I got a “Well, Hello there!”
“Guess where I am heading?” I said.
“The cabin?!?”
“Wanna meet me for lunch, and come for a sew day?”


We met in Wilkesboro at a local Chinese place, enjoyed a yummy lunch while talking quilts and cabins and grandkids and sharing photos, and up the mountain we went.


Isn’t this glorious?!


In the parking lot at the Chinese place!


Happy Forsythia in my yard!

I am so happy to be up here while things are blooming one more time.  Spring is my absolute favorite time of the year up here.  My world is a bouquet of white bradford pears, dogwoods, tulip trees, redbuds and forsythia.



I was also told that Mona had packed an overnight bag and we were doing a sewing sleepover.  PERFECT! 


Sewing the last seam!


Pose for it, girlfriend!


Wahoooo!!  Her String X top is together!


Isn’t this fun?

String X was one of the first free patterns on the blog when I started blogging in 2005.  12 years later, it’s still a favorite!  We discussed border possibilities, as this is for the guest room at Mona’s new place.  We are thinking chocolate brown inner border, followed by a 5” cut string pieced outer border.


“YES!  More strings – get sewing, there is a full bucket to be sewn down!”


Border in progress.  Sew, Mona Sew!


My stack of Straits of Mackinac blocks!

Somewhere I lost 5 centers.  I’m 5 centers short.  I have a feeling they are at home near the machine, so I have stopped here and have moved on to sashing units.


Oh my heck!  Too stinking cute!

Yes, I know there is to be packing happening here, and Mona heads home this evening, so my thought is that packing can start in earnest tomorrow.

China is to be packed first. My thought is to use all the hand towels, wash cloths, hot-pads and even fat quarters to separate and cushion Great Grannie’s china for transporting to the new place.

The sewing nook can also be packed up and made ready to transport. 

Treadle machines can have their machine heads removed and wrapped for moving as well.  As I’m typing this post, I’m making a note to bring up my bin of batting ends on the next visit also for wrapping and cushioning and making ready.

Breakfast is to follow as soon as this posts. 

Chicken Taco soup was started last night from a left over rotisserie chicken.  This morning before Mona awoke I skimmed the fat off of the refrigerated broth, diced and sliced veggies, added them to the pot with spices, and it will be ready for lunch.



Quiltville Quote of the Day!

How you handle any given situation sets an example for others to follow. Even bad examples teach lessons.

Have a lovely Wednesday, everyone!

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  1. How wonderful for both you and Mona to have this time together. I would imagine there are MANY quilters a little envious of spending a "sleep over" at Quilt Villa with you ... happy you both had this chance!! Packing is a "pain" ... ugh!! Don't envy you the moving process but you'll be moving to a wonderful place and that is exciting. Have you sold Quilt Villa? Hopefully so or wishes that someone will walk in a fall in love with it just as you did! Enjoy your day with Mona ... thanks for sharing your world with us! Linda H

  2. sounds like you had a great time and have your packing all figured out - enjoy!

  3. Mona's String X is looking fab! I do have my eye on that Straits of Mackinac, which I've been coveting since I saw the first block. And in keeping with your thought for the day, "Never forget, you can always be a good example. Or a horrible warning."

  4. Enjoy your sew day with Mona. Love the colors in Monas quilt. Might have to put that one on my list 😃. It is exciting to move into a new place but the packing is difficult. Spending time doing the same, get keys to our new house on the 20th March. Large sewing room to set up 🤗 Can't wait, but first I have to pack.

  5. Love your quote today... YOU inspire me all the time... Glad you were spontaneous and Mona was too... glad you got visiting in so you could both sew! Wish you had those missing 5 centers with you so you could have a closer to finished flimsy yourself but maybe Mona will have one for herself from her great fashion forward flimsy she is so close to finishing...
    Enjoy the crock pot stew today and packing when you find extra fabric/batting/linens to continue packing fragile things! Thanks for being you though most of all Bonnie!!!!

  6. Oh what fun! I surely hope that Mona will be buying a new cabin close to your new one!

  7. Fun time...tell Mona, I might just visit her and leave with her string quilt packed in my bag"". Is this pattern a variation on the.
    Pattern Cracker?
    Pack well and even enjoy this part of your new move.

  8. Love, love, love all the blooming trees and shrubs! We still have a couple feet of snow here in Alaska, and at least another month of winter to go. We do have longer days and sunshine eith some heat now though. I don't envy you packing, but I'm usually up for unpacking!

  9. I love watching you put together a quilt that we haven't seen the design for yet. it's the best guessing game ever! Have fun with Mona, and good luck on your move.

  10. YES, Packing can wait. Girlfriend Quilt/Sleepover Time is always a WELCOME diversion! Go Bonnie and MONA GO!!!

  11. Bonnie all the quotes you post touch me in some way or another but this one went straight to my heart! With Grand daughters entering their teen years soon this is what I must be, not only for myself but especially for them! Enjoy your time with Mona and enjoy the process of beginning a new journey!

  12. I love the idea of a quilting sleepover! And loads of lovely sewing was done too! x

  13. So happy you had this totally unexpected pleasure with Mona. I know you are both overjoyed being able to spend time catching up. Love and Gid's blessings to you both.

  14. No fair not to post your recipe for chicken taco soup! So much fun to have a sewing buddy!

  15. Oh how I miss the colors of Spring in North Carolina!

  16. I saw the pink dish on the table and said to myself "Hey, that's the exact same dish we had with the divider in the middle." Such a small world.

  17. Bonnie,
    Towels of all sizes & your finished quilts make great packing materials also. Bubble wrap can get to be sooooooo expensive. Use what you've got! I'm sure you've got plenty!! Lol!

  18. Love the blooming tree photos, you give me hope that spring is coming. Mona scrappy is so beautiful, I want to wrap up in it a nap. Have fun. Hugs bren


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