Monday, March 13, 2017

All is Grand in Grand Haven, MI!


This was my view as we descended into Detroit yesterday. 

Blue blue skies, the world starting to turn green.

Spring on the way.

And a huge snow storm on the horizon yet to arrive.

It’s March in Michigan.  Snow happens.  But not on this blue skied sun-shiny day.  Not yet.  It was SUNday with high emphasis on SUN.

But don’t let the sunshine fool you, it was a crisp 27 degrees in Grand Haven when we landed!


Beautiful Grand Haven Below!


You can’t miss the quilters!!


I am so happy to be here as we have had this on the calendar for 3 years and counting.  I’ve met many of the 50 students that will be in today’s Chunky Churn Dash workshop in previous visits around the state, and it will be a PARTY indeed.


The Harbor House Inn!


Where the Grand River meets Lake Michigan.

I came prepared.  After being dropped off I simply couldn’t let this blue sky slip away due to a bit of cold.  Jacket, hat and gloves on, I headed out to do a bit of exploring on foot before the snow event happened overnight (And yes, it did – and it is still too dark as I type this to get photos, those will come later.)  After sitting on two planes and extended airport time in between it felt good to stretch my legs and breathe the fresh air into my lungs.


What a fun downtown area!


Old buildings…and that SKY!  (No filter!)

I love imagining the hustle and bustle of days gone by when I see these beautiful buildings, still greatly cared for and full of life with shops, restaurants, theaters and boutiques.  It was Sunday, so nothing was open, but I didn’t mind.  And the walk downtown kept me from the wind that comes off of Lake Michigan.


Beautiful Dutch  Reformed Church!


Colorful character!

Sometimes I look at these buildings and I see two windows above, and a door below (looking at the purple one in the center and the one to the left) and they seem to smile at me as if they have taken on human faces.  “The eyes are the windows to the soul.” we are told.  In this case, it’s the other way around.  The windows are the eyes to the soul- the history of this place with laughter and memories captured behind the walls of time.


And CULVERS! Hahahahah!

It’s a double scoop.  Don’t judge!  I usually get just a single, but it was Peanut Butter Blast, it was 3pm and I was hungry with hours yet to go before dinner.  And I hit over 13,000 steps yesterday between airport walking and street wandering.  I’m pretty sure I burned it off.  And if I didn’t, I will in today’s class.


My home for 3 nights!


I move furniture!

The desk was facing the wall in the corner by the bathroom.  I turned it around, put the chair in the corner, and now have window light and the perfect angle for catching a bit of Law & Order while I sew.  It’s been a while since I’ve had solo machine time in a hotel.  This is most pleasant!


This works for pressing too!

There is only a table top ironing board, so the featherweight goes up on the desk shelf while the table top ironing board comes up to play.  We are trading off and taking turns, and all is happy.


It was a TWO-Quilt night!

While the quilted bedspread was pretty, I’m a girl who needs the weight of two quilts to burrow under when the winter weather rages beyond the windows.

The snow fell silently through the night, starting sometime after I went to bed.  I peeked out the windows first thing after my alarm went off.  WHITE!  Everywhere!  And it is too dark to get photos.

It’s going to be a snow-frosted super day for quilting.  Bring it on.  I’m ready!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Any type of relationship is meaningless if you can't actively express your genuine emotions without feeling ashamed or "less than". Always trust your gut feelings. They are usually accurate.

That said,  we  all need to remember to extend the same courtesy to others.  We don’t always have to agree, or feel the need to debate things all the time trying to convince others that “Their view is wrong, our view is right.” 

I’m off in search of breakfast --

Have a great Monday, everyone!

(4 more sleeps until Quilt Villa, VA is OURS!)

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  1. Enjoy your day! I live vicariously through your wanderings. Thanks for sharing.

    Christine from Ontario

  2. Hi, Bonnie! Brrr, it sounds like the transformation of the kingdom from summertime to "Frozen" in the eponymous Disney movie! Your room at the inn looks so cozy and comfortable, especially with that beautiful Garden Party quilt added to your bed. I'm stitching blocks for my own Garden Party, so it is a special treat to see yours. Be safe in the snow, and have a super time in Michigan.

  3. Don't you just love March in the North? We are bracing for the onslaught on the Upper East Coast and here in W. Pa. we are hoping most of it scoots right over us. In any circumstance I am ready. The locals here run out to the grocery for bread, milk and toilet paper. I make sure I have fabric, thread and the generator is prepped...just in case! Have a great week and soon the excitement of Quilt Villa, Va! Can't wait to see what you do with that place.

  4. Thanks for another little peek of what you are doing with Straits of Mackinac!

  5. Straits of Mackinac under construction while in Michigan...I was just telling a high school friend that we need to do this pattern to celebrate the 50th anniversary of our senior trip to Mackinac. We have reconnected on Facebook and haven't seen each other for 45 years.
    Enjoy the snow...I hear there will be some waiting for you when you get home, too.

  6. what a cozy room....perfect with your quilts! and we in maryland are going to get walloped too, just one week before spring and no measurable snow all winter....eeeeks! my mom in maine is predicted to get about 20".....

  7. I love the art on the building's exterior downtown! Enjoy your day!

  8. It looks beautiful. We lived in Howell Mich. and the downtown area looks much like the Grand Haven area. We moved to Tn. 17 years ago, I was just thinking about you last night and how Friday is closing day for you. I was going to send you a message of how many more sleeps. LOL. Enjoy your time. I wish I could have gotten the second class to come on up, but it looks like fun. I look forward to seeing pics of next twos days and all the beautiful work that will take place. Have fun Bonnie and ladies.

  9. Glad you arrived safe and had some sunny time to enjoy Grand Haven's cute little downtown. We live just down the road (ok, really about 45 minutes), but on this side of the mitten it is just down the road. Wish I would have known about the class, I would have tried to make it there. Have a great class!

  10. What a nice write up for our quaint little town. I am so excited to meet you both this evening at the trunk show and at tomorrow's Scrappy Majestic Mountain workshop. Grand Haven is a great little place. Recently named one of the happiest sea-side towns in America!

  11. Hard to believe that just a year ago you were with us "up north" in Traverse City ... yes, the snow is beautiful and typical Michigan weather for March. Enjoy your stay ... your room is beautiful (as is Grand Haven). Looking forward to the pictures you post! EXCITED for you about Quilt Villa VA ... hopes that your other Quilt Villa will find new owners quickly, too! Linda H

  12. I love small downtown areas. As I travel I have always driven around the town square, but now I park the car and walk. You get to get the feel of the place and get a little excise. Your room looks so cozy with snow outside and you get to sew too!

  13. That inn looks so inviting. Enjoy your time there and the countdown to finalizing your new Quilt Villa!

  14. A little bit of snow on the ground here in Nebraska too though most of the storm missed us. Have a great Michigan snow day! I'll be cutting for a couple QOV quilts.

  15. Hopefully the snow will melt quickly.... that is "if" the temperature gets over 30 degrees and the sunshines! Enjoy your classes and sewing time.

  16. Love today's quote, really hit home for me today! What an adorable little room for down time! Enjoy your visit there, stay warm and RELAX! Happy quilting, ~Gina :-D

  17. Yahoo for 4 more sleeps.... it exaustes me thinking about moving...

  18. What a pretty area. Looks like a very nice B&B. I also travel through your photos.

  19. Love that inn! Might have to go to Michigan just to stay there!

  20. Brings back old memories, I used to visit Grand Haven when I lived in Kalamazoo.Enjoyed lots of snow days in Western Michigan. I miss Lake Michigan, it's much better than the Jersey Shore!

  21. Thank you for the pics. Born & raised in the Hudsonville/Holland area & miss the lake too. Would love to be there.

  22. It actually snowed in Wilmington, NC, yesterday. You missed it! Enjoy tour Michigan snow storm, ours has melted already.

  23. Enjoy your stay and your quilting time! I am glad you arrived before the storm, and it will be gone before you are ready to leave.

    I KNOW You are getting excited for the 17th to roll around! Good Luck with the new Quilt Villa!

    In Cool, but Sunny
    Kasilof, AK

  24. Love the room that you have. Enjoy your party time with the gals and can't wait till you come out to WA State in May. We've also been a 3 year wait. You will get the rustic surroundings for this trip. It's so peaceful out there. Enjoy.

  25. enjoy! here in GA it is freezing cold with a bitter wind , and my cats are lrtting me know they disapprove!


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