Thursday, March 16, 2017

Show & Share, Grand Haven Style!

Meet my youngest presentation attendee!!

Heather braved the weather (okay, I just had to say it that way so that it would rhyme!) to attend my presentation in Grand Haven on Monday evening, with little 2 month old Zelda in tow.

They sat in the front row!  Right in front of the book signing table.  So during a lull in the flurry of activity, I begged for a snuggle.  I couldn’t help myself!

Baby snuggles are the best, especially when they grunt into your neck, all squishy and warm.  And PINK baby snuggles?  Oh, the icing on the cake!

Zelda is well on her way to becoming a quilter – we are planting the seeds early!


What a great display!

We used the high school auditorium, and these are guild member quilts made from my designs hanging from the rafters.  I couldn’t be more thrilled with the effort that they put forth in anticipation of this event.  It ran like clockwork – which was no easy feat since the regional basketball playoffs were also playing in the gym at the same time – snow was falling, and parking was a bit of an adventure to say the least.

My thanks to those who braved the weather warnings and still turned out in droves!


The highlight of my evening?


Calling Hope up on stage to share her Pineapple Crazy alongside mine!


Is it live, or is it Memorex??

Remember that commercial?

Thanks for being such a good sport, Hope!  Your quilt is wonderful!
(Pattern from my book String Fling)


Idaho Square Dance on parade!

It was a little bit disconcerting at first having a jumbotron of ME behind me.  “Just don’t look, and I’ll be okay” I kept telling myself! LOL!


Yeah, right!  LOL!

The rest of the lecture photos are at the end of the slide show, and it’s a LONG one.  Student photos first!

We had two fabulous days of wonderful show & share and I loved each and every quilt that was unfolded to view.  Thanks for bringing them with you through sleet and snow, ladies!

I am especially thrilled at the number of varied En Provence finishes that have shown up!  SO many different twists and turns that makes this pattern your own.  Thank you for sharing your finishes with me!

I’m home.  My feet were back in North Carolina about 5pm, and I was met by son Jeff and Sadie since The Hubster was still on business in Mexico.  Yes.  Not fair.  I’ve been freezing my lily white hiney with snow in both Ohio and Michigan, and he’s been in MEXICO!

The fun starts today!

All book orders are caught up and to be dropped at the post office as I head up to what will now be referred to as "The Old Cabin" for final packing and preparation for our closing and move to Quilt Villa, VA! It's also The Hubster’s birthday today --how many can say that they are getting a log cabin and 42 1/2 acres of Blue Ridge Mountain as a birthday present? Happy birthday!

After tomorrow morning I won't have internet until sometime on Monday when Hughesnet comes out to set us up. It's going to be MINIMAL connectivity in the new cabin, but just enough to keep us connected. I feel like my umbilical cord is being severed, but at the same time I am excited to have some "margins" back on my life without being connected to social media 24/7.
Some posts will be written ahead if I know I am going to be gone. Sometimes there may be just enough juice to post a couple of quickie photos without it being a big long post. And I get to go back and remember what it was like before we were in everyone's back pockets every minute of the day.
This is going to leave more time for designing, for rejuvenating, for enoying nature. My life needs to shift back to "20 years ago" as far as technology goes. We ALL need it.
Here we go!
Quiltville Quote of the Day!
Be yourself. But be your best self!
Vintage quilt shared by a student in our workshops in Grand Haven, Michigan this week. I’ll be sharing the vintage quilts from this trip in a future post.
Does anyone know the name of this block pattern?
Have a great THURSDAY!!

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  1. Looks like Royal Cross/Royal Maltese Cross (according to Rhoda Ochs Goldberg)

  2. You may suffer some "techno withdrawal", but I think you'll come to like be really unplugged at your cabin. As long as you can be reached in an emergency, it's all good. Happy Birthday to your husband today, and Happy Quiltvilla VA Closing tomorrow!

  3. I think it's great that you're going to be minimally connected at the new cabin. You do so much for us; you need, and deserve, to have a break for just you and family.

  4. All that land seems too good to be true. That space is going to rejuvenate you each day. What a blessing! Enjoy it through and through :-)

  5. Ditto what everyone else is saying about being disconnected for a bit. Good grief, closing on the property and moving everything over to the new place would take all the energy and attention of anyone. Unplug, breathe, and get back to us when you can! Happy (early) St. Pat's Day and Happy Birthday, Dave. Oh, yeah, and Happy Moving and Closing Days.

  6. Here is a link I found to the block; there are two pages of templates. Looks like it would be a challenge but very fun and pretty! I hope this works: http://www.reocities.com/tsniedze/royalcross.html

  7. Bonnie, being unplugged is one of the kindest things you can do for yourself! You will feel so much better after a break from technology! Enjoy your weekend at Quiltvilla. I plan on taking advantage of The Quilt Show being free this weekend. My sister is coming over and we are cutting scraps for our scrap users system while we enjoy Alex and Ricky. Can hardly even wait for Saturday!

  8. Glad you are back in NC. As I read your post I know you will be quilting up a storm once you settle in to the new digs. Happy Birthday to your hubs terms

  9. Your hubby and I share a birthday but thankfully, he is a lot younger. Nothing wrong with being "forced" off grid somewhat. This world has gotten crazy with instant everything and
    I think you will enjoy it for the most part. May take some adjusting but as long as your phone calls can reach your sons and other family,your good. We can all live without knowledge instantly. Love you being happy in your new cabin.

  10. I hope that you have a smooth and easy move, Bonnie, and that your new cabin is a little piece of heaven here on earth. Another gorgeous show and tell!!

  11. Honestly, I am so excited for you and the new cabin. I just know that after the strangeness dissipates, it's going to feel like home and such a wise move. Particularly if it means being a bit unplugged from the rest of us . That down time becomes more and more important!

  12. Anonymous10:18 PM EDT

    Loved the quilt show pics! Thanks for sharing! ❤️

  13. How wonderful to own LAND! I love every square inch of ours. We ranch so it takes a lot, but remember... there is only so much land they don't make more, so take good care of it as I know you will! AND "don't" kill yourself moving! And happy Birthday to Dave! yahoo for both of you. So happy for you! I know how good it feels to get something amazing on a special day... after 40 years of marriage, last Christmas Eve we got our 1st "new" vehicle, only because a new truck was cheaper to buy than a used one! sounds strange I know but it was... usually we buy old used and run them till they DIE! My current car has 324,980 miles on it...and yes I love it and yes I will drive her till she drops.. takes a lot of miles to go to church, to grocery shop, to get parts, to pay the bills, to go to the doctors and on and on, living on a ranch means plan ahead as best you can and enjoy the drove to and from town... miles and miles and miles...

  14. Love today's "quote quilt" --that one, Royal Cross, was the one that started it all for me. I was working a Church yard sale and someone donated it in pieces. One of the other workers set it aside for me because she had heard me talking about how I always wanted to make a quilt....and the rest is history.
    Great slide show--Michigan quilters rock!!

  15. What a wonderful video of the show and tell. I am blown away by the talent presented there.


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