Monday, March 20, 2017

Happy Spring, 2017!

I took many photos during the course of our moving weekend.

And now it’s several days later and I don’t know where to start to post them!

That’s the problem of not blogging daily --- there is too much content to then post all in one update.

At any rate – good morning!  And happy 1st day of spring from Mouth of Wilson, Virginia!

I’m attempting to post this using the hotspot on my phone which has a measly 1 bar of cell service and it comes in and goes out, so this post, with just a few photos is a test to see what we can get by with.

This first photo is of me, following The Hubster to our closing in West Jefferson, NC. His pickup truck is loaded, the trailer is loaded, and my van is packed to the gills with all the necessary first trip items.


Across the state line in to Virginia, keys in hand!


First things first!  Or maybe second!

Let me just say that moving gets much harder the older we get.  This was a tough move.  The two cabins are an hour’s drive apart, so driving from one to the other, loading up, driving back, and off loading –the most we could manage was two trips per day, one round trip in the morning, one round trip in the afternoon.

And thanks to Rick and Mona, we had help – and an extra trailer.


Quilts are up on the railing by Saturday evening!


Yesterday’s load -

Our last moving haul yesterday included 3 treadle cabinets, my cutting and sewing tables, my stash, Accuquilt studio and dies, assorted chairs, china hutch, a tv, boxes of holiday decor, 2 gas fireplaces, and my ink jet printer. And whatever else would fit. That's it for this weekend. The rest (what little there is) can wait.


Basement quilting space

It’s dark out by this time, and the lights make it look quite yellow in here with all of the pine.  This is a walk out basement studio, so for those who thought I should simply “put in windows.” well, that just won’t work!  I can however change the bulbs for some more natural light.  A bright white design wall and some colorful quilts, and maybe some rugs will take care of the rest.


From the other angle.

I think I’ll be completely happy here.  It’s a great space, much more than I had in the other cabin.  There is an extra fridge down here in the utility room, and a full bath as well – I may never need to go upstairs! HA!


This morning’s sunrise from my bedroom window, screen and all.


Dining room table and benches.

We are loving the custom made furniture that our guy in Wilkesboro, NC made.  The benches and table are cedar topped, and the entwined twiggy bits are local  mountain laurel.

There will be more photos when I get home, I already fear this is going to take too long to upload via my 1/2 bar of connectivity.

This I can post here because it embeds directly from  instagram and doesn’t take any upload time:

And THIS one:

Oh I miss my Emory girl!  I love that she recognizes my face on my cards!  I’m counting down the weeks until July when I can kiss those sweet cheeks.

Don’t you love little people voices?  SO CUTE!

Okay – there is more, but this is likely going to take an hour to upload as it is.  Think cruise ship slow.  But it’s better than no connectivity at all.

We are headed home this afternoon.  I’ll catch you from there – Quilt-Cam this week?  Let’s plan on it.  Likely Thursday at this point.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Don't fear the mistakes, they keep us growing! Grand Illusion quilt shared by a student during our Michigan workshops last week.

Catch you from home – Have a lovely Monday, everyone!

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  1. It's all so beautiful Bonnie. Congratulations and thank you for keeping us all up to date. Emory is adorable.

  2. Best read for Dave from now: The Man And His Wood, my hubbs loved it =^}
    It's about choosing the best time for lumber to cut, to store and to staple.
    I hope you'll never feel a need to move again, anything will probable be minor to this!

    Love from a rainy Witmarsum,

  3. Congratulations! And the windows in that dining space certainly help make up for those missing in the basement. So gorgeous.

  4. I feel for you and the hubster Bonnie. Got the keys to our new house today. Painted 1st coat on my sewing room and hallway. More painting for this week then our moving weekend. Will be wonderful once we are settled. Enjoy your new space, I intend to 😊

  5. It's Beautiful! You will love it and make it your own.

    Isn't it funny how we have loads and loads of quilting stuff and fewer clothes!


  6. Know you are tired but happy. Glad Virginia could provide you with a lovely sunrise in your new nest. Best wishes on your retreat. Don't worry about the electronics...this is your retreat!

  7. Oh my, it is all coming together so nicely. Very happy for you both. Darling niece just lights up when she talks about your coming to her house -- so precious and sweet. Come on July for family time!!! Hugs, Allison in Plano, Texas, USA

  8. Oh its so incredibly gorgeous there, Bonnie. I'm sure a lot of us are envious of your cabin and the views!! Enjoy!! You might end up sewing off that other table in front of the windows just for the view!

  9. It is just beautiful Bonnie. Thanks so much for sharing your new journey with us all. I love it all but I am a outside gal anyhow. Love to play. Looks like you have everything under control. Enjoy it, you deserve it all.

  10. What a wonderful, fun journey. Take time to enjoy it all, the good and the struggles πŸ˜‰

  11. Glad to see the New Sewing area at Quiltvilla VA. LED lights are the Best! I got mine at Costco and it has made a vast difference in the light of my Quilt Zone. Easy to install and low profile. I know you are tall and wouldn't want to have them hanging down. Happy Spring! It's a Quilt Guild Morning for me.

  12. What a beautiful sewing area. Love to see the hardwood, it is beautiful, so easy to get the lint and threads swept. Glad to see the quilts are hung in their new home.

  13. The new dining room table is gorgeous and I love all the windows looking out on the woods! Your new sewing area is so spacious! Make sure you head to Shatley Springs for breakfast one day soon - love their family style meal!

  14. Wow, gorgeous on the inside, Bonnie. I'm right in the middle of packing and moving myself to Ohio. Will be leaving Georgia and moving to OH....new experience for me as I've never really been a "northerner." Yes, I know it's cold, everyone is telling me that. I have a jacket and gloves! LOL.

  15. I am so excited for you and Dave, both having some big dreams coming true.
    Is there chiggers there also? :)
    Sharyn in Kalama, see you in Oregon in September

  16. Hi, Bonnie, I can't believe how quickly time has past since Emory was born. I remember you doing "Emory's Star" for her. She is so cute you really do want to cuddle her. It's heard moving house even if it isn't your permanent home. Hopefully things will all come together for you and Dave. Certainly looks fabulous. Eager to see more photographs when you are able. congratulations.

  17. Great post. Moving is a pain, that is for sure. I love what you've done with the place already:) I sold our cottage a couple years ago and it was hard to change "lifestyle" but decided I needed to be mobile. I bought a big bus RV and now my Quiltvilla has wheels, I call her MONDO. Of course the projects travel well and one machine is all I keep in there but the escape is inspiring.

    Blessings to you and yours in the new space. Spring is here.

  18. Beautiful sunrise, and I love the light coming in through the dining area windows!

  19. I need an update on Sadie. How is she managing with the move?

  20. Absolutely beautiful place!
    Wish I could come and throw you a big Housewarming Party. We could all sew instead of eat....LOLOL. (after we help you get everything moved and put in place, of course)

  21. Sounds all like heaven to me .....

  22. Congratulations on your new and lovely home. Welcome to the state of Virginia, although I live about a 6-hour drive from you in Northern Virginia, just outside of Washington DC. I hope to see you at the Quilters Unlimited annual show in June in Chantilly, Virginia.

  23. Hi Bonnie in VA! Congratulations! Your new place is heaven! I am pea green! Love the quilts on the rail, love the new dining room table, love the space and brightness in the basement, the sound of the brook, Iam in love! I would have trouble going home to NC now! Enjoy and see you on quilt cam!

  24. Congratulations on new QuiltVilla! I know what you mean about moving getting harder. I out-age you by about 14 years & we are selling our house in hopes of getting a 5th wheel & living in it full time & visiting children & grandchildren. Not sure how we will get rid of so much stuff😱.

  25. I agree with Mary; LED lights have made a huge difference in my sewing room. Hope you recover from the hard work soon.

  26. Your new dining room table and chairs add such wonderful character to the room, and the window views! Beautiful!!! Enjoy!

  27. Your new cabin is lovely! The dining room table and benches are so cool! They fit right in. And I love the quilts hanging on the railing. I wish you many years of happiness here!

  28. Love your new place! I wouldn't even mind all the pine :)

    Moving is tiring and stressful so take care of yourselves. My husband and I (76/70) are contemplating moving to a smaller home but we dread the work involved.

    Looking forward to seeing more new cabin pictures.

  29. Bonnie- Your new cabin is so Beautiful! I am Happy for You! Your Quilts look so perfect hanging from the railings. Your sewing space will look better in the day light, and yes changing lights is a big help. I hope you get to spend many enjoyable years in this space!

    I know how hard it is moving as you get older. I moved my whole house last spring, and because of distance could only make two trips a day also. I hired some younger guys to help me, but I moved m y fabric stash and yarn stash, cutting tables, all the rulers, sewing boxes, etc by myself, and I am ten years older than you. I over did, it, and flared up some old injuries big time. But I felt better moving most of my sewing room myself, as I could control where things went easier.

    Happy Spring!

    In Sunny but cold Kasilof, AK, where spring is still about a month away for us.

  30. Thought of you moving all weekend. So happy for you, and love love love the new dr table and benches. And downstairs--who needs windows? Just cocoon yourself blissfully away and mosey outside as needed. Enjoy!

  31. How cute is Emory!

    Happy New Cabin Day! Congratulations - it looks wonderful.

  32. Love your new digs. I'm so happy for you. Hope you can wait all the way to July to get your hugs in....OMG....is she the cutest little thing?😍

  33. Looks like you are going to be quite happy in your quilting "cave" with all of the mod cons. Little Emory is so cute.

  34. welcome home Bonnie!!!

  35. Bonnie, one idea for lighting that I went with for my sewing room is that I purchased 4 ft. 2 "bulb" (not really bulbs because they are LED) light strips from Costco. In my sewing room, which is only 16x16, my husband installed 8 units, so I have wonderful lighting! Four lights can be linked together. He cut the cords down so that when they plug into each other, there's no long cord hanging down. The lights can be hung with included chains or flat against the ceiling. Since my hubby is quite electrical savvy, he wired them all up himself. My sewing room is as bright as daylight and I LOVE it! The light strips at Costco sell for $29.99 each, but luckily when I purchased mine, they were on sale for $19.99 each unit. Prior to deciding to go this route, I purchased two LED 4 ft. 2 'bulb' units from Home Depot for my sewing room closet that I paid $129 each for! So - all eight units in my sewing room cost less than one in my closet from Home Depot.

  36. OMG, Emory is so cute and her little voice pulls at the heartstrings. Maybe you might have to make an extra trip just to get some hugs n kisses. Your new Quiltvilla VA is breathtaking, may you and your family have many wonderful years and tons of happy memories there. Thank you for always taking the time and sharing with us, everything you do is appreciated.

  37. Love your quote today, made me start my day with a big smile.

  38. Your new place is perfect! Thanks for sharing, now we can all pretend we have a mountain place! Maybe your retirement place? It is a dream spot!! Happy getting acquainted with your new area!!!

  39. It's been such fun joining you in your search and success in finding the perfect new cabin in the mountains. I'm looking forward to sharing your future there.

  40. I know you will enjoy that basement studio! Quilts on the wall, a design board or two and a couple rugs on the floor and that yellow pine won't look so yellow anymore!

  41. Bonnie, you new cabin is beautiful, especially the Quilt Zone! I look at your quilt space and think...endless possibilities. How exciting!

  42. I love your rooms and spaces. I think you'll settle in great. It just takes some you touches. The dining table is fabulous.
    tracinecharest at Gmail dot com

  43. What potential you have in that great basement room. I'll bet the view is lovely! Enjoy the new cabin.


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