Tuesday, March 28, 2017

A Bit of Cabin Stitching Time!

This past weekend there were a few moments when I could step away from the unpacking of “stuff’  the hanging on the walls of “stuff” and all of the settling in and simply go through the motion of stitching pieces together with machine and thread.

When I sit down to sew, even in the midst of upheaval and chaos – albeit planned upheaval and chaos – my soul finds its happy place.

What’s not to love about stitching away with Annie Get Your Gun playing on an old laptop saved for its Cd player capability?

This is another one of those reasons that I love having my projects cut out and kitted up so that I don’t have to travel with yardage.  Just grab a couple of prepared baggies and sit down and sew.

This project has been ongoing for many months now, built as one unit at a time as I found time.  

There have been times when it has sat idle for a couple of weeks while I was doing other things, but I always came back to it.  I've been captivated by i t!

Laid out and waiting for cornerstones!

It was at this point that folks thought the yellow WAS the cornerstones.  But it wasn't really yellow -- this was the effect of the yellow overhead lights on the floor.  And no, I didn't want this to be anything but a two color quilt.  Straits of Mackinac is all about the water around Mackinac Island, Michigan.  Turquoise it was going to be.

Stitching the last seam for the top!

It's busy.  I know it's busy.  I LOVE BUSY.

Busy is what I do best, and I love this for the riot of activity it contains.  And I believe there are other busy-loving scrap quilters out there who would endeavor to make this, so you will find the full pattern in my next book down the pipeline.

Catching some mountain air off of the deck rail.

I did a little video collage so you could see the breeze.

Now on to borders.  Maybe this weekend.

This is also growing!

How is your Hourglass Leader & Ender challenge coming along?  I've seen photos of completions or tops on our Quiltville's Open Studio Facebook group!  As usual, I feel like I am taking up the rear, but these yearly challenges are not a race, just a do it as you see fit kind of thing.

You'll find the pattern and info under the Free Patterns tab at the top of the blog.

I was finally able to add the green round, and follow it with the next neutral spacer round:

Time for the next color!

It was supposed to be aqua, but I'm feeling rather aqua'd out at the moment!  Maybe more of a periwinkle?  I need to go through the strip stash and see if there is enough variety in that color.

I'm headed out in a bit for the dreaded THING removal. Thanks to everyone who has had Mohs surgery for skin cancer and took the time to send me encouraging messages letting me know it's "no big deal."  That helps.

The biggest thing is the amount of time it can take to get this all done.  They remove a bit, test it to see if the margins are clear, and if not, they remove a bit more, and test again,  rather like peeling an onion.

I've downloaded some episodes of Frankie and Grace from Netflix onto my tablet.  I've got my bluetooth headset.  I've got my busy bag in case I feel like doing handwork.  I've been told it's chilly in the surgery suite so I've got warm socks and shoes, and my favorite fleecy jacket to keep me snug.

And while my head takes its time going from numb back to normal this afternoon, you'll likely find me in the quilting studio cutting out either the next round of hourglass units, or border units for the Straits of Mackinac quilt, or both.

Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage ocean waves quilt shared by Siobhan.

Sometimes we've got to work through our fear until we come out the other side. 

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  1. I have a suggestion for a great TV series. Gavin and Stacey. I've watched the entire series multiple times, it's that funny!!
    Good luck with your procedure. Xoxo

  2. Praying for you this morning, Bonnie.πŸ™ Those heated blankets, the surgery units have, feel a bit like heaven! Ask for as many as you want. The nurses will love you as we all do! It will be great to get this over! Hugs...

  3. God bless you and keep you safe. Guide the doctors hands and mind in perfect balance. In Jesus name, Amen

  4. Had the mohs surgery on the top of my head about 10 years ago!!! Thinking of you today and sending up prayers because it's still stressful to go through!!

  5. Prayers for clean margins during your surgery! Thinking of you! πŸ’—πŸ™πŸ»

  6. Fear of what might happen also robs one of the "Now"! Good thoughts coming your way!

  7. Bonnie, prayers sent up for you this morning. I was in the room with my mother through 2 Moh's procedures. She was self-proclaimed to have a very low pain tolerance but said it really was not bad at all. However,I know everyone is different and any cutting procedure that involves our flesh is a cause for a bit of stress.
    I told my dermatologist that I am a quilter and would inspect his stitches...we both laughed.
    Take care, you are going to be better in no time!
    Hugs, ShariZ

  8. Thinking of you this morning as you have surgery. It is good to get it done where the samples can be checked as the surgeon works. My bother-in-law has had three surgeries for melanoma (a whole different seriousness when it comes to skin cancer). He might have been able to skip one of the surgeries if he had gotten it done where the lab could check during surgery. I have forgotten how long between the first two, but maybe 4 to 6 weeks. My Mom,Dad, and Father-in-law have all had other types of skin caner removed with no trouble.

  9. Prayers and good thoughts for a successful procedure at the hands of skilled and knowledgeable care givers with good people skills. Speedy healing, too.

    Periwinkle?! I hope you have enough, that sounds perfect.

  10. may the best be with you and get back to us soon as you are a terrific motivator

  11. Hi Bonnie, PrayersπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™for you today that the surgery goes quickly and smooth ,so you can be through with this ordeal with a peace of mind. I absolutely love your Straits! Bravo! I am looking forward to starting mine! And you leaders and Enders is coming along beautifull. Love to see you using some brighter colors in a bunch. So Springy. Also loved the rain trains the other day. Love the sound they make. Sadie looks like she would like to go walking. Enough sewing and nesting already! Let's go outside. 🐾🐢🐝😷🌞🌸

  12. Praying for you that all goes well and is not too uncomfortable and yes the heated blankets are da bomb as the daughter says I like busy too but could never keep up with you. Keep on keeping on as they say love the quilt and just starting the hourglass leader ender still using the scraps from the en Provence

  13. Glad the Thing is gone! Comb-over bangs will hide the scar. Periwinkle siunds great for the next round. Happy Tuesday.

  14. You're probably done with "The Thing" by this time and waiting for the numbness to slowly leave. Sounds like you are well prepared with things to do. Loved the video - like the waves of the lake moving the top! I think the periwinkle will look great with the other spring colors. "Try" (haha) to take it easy the rest of the day.

  15. Another beautiful quilt!

  16. Hi Bonnie:
    My prayers are with you going through the Mohs surgery. I almost had to have it on an eyelid, but lucked out, that it was not cancerous. Under the other eye, they were able to do without Mohs.

    I love your Mackinac straights quilt top. I love the colors, too and thought it would be too busy for me, but maybe not. We will see when your next book comes out. How do you keep the quilt top from blowing off the railing, when it is so breezy? I love your hour glass one also. I will have to get that pattern for future use also.
    Then I can have the company of a furry friend while I am sewing, also.

    Have a Great day. I am readying my home for the adoption of a couple of kitties. I have not had pets for years, there is so much to think of!

    Kasilof, Ak
    Where it is cloudy today but it is to warm up this week, and may hit 40+ in Anchorage, but not here.

  17. Listen to me Dear Woman, you are one the strongest and most inspirational people I "know!" I am sure all will be well with the "thing" had a couple of those 2 years ago and did just fine. The scar is now just a shadow from the inside corner of my eye to under my eye. Sort of my own crescent moon! I was going to take a nap but I think I will work on a quilt, see what you do? Thank You.

  18. I love it Bonnie!!!! (I'm very much a lover of "blues/teals/etc"....giggles. I love your motivation; you help to keep me moving FORWARD....

    Sandi in East Palo Alto California

  19. God bless you as you go through this. The most beautiful words are finished!!
    One Mohs I had was almost a new nose.
    Hope it is over for you!!

  20. Bonnie, love & prayers for a speedy recovery after a successful procedure. Liz

  21. Wow! I love your new quilt, I love it's busyness and motion. Also, I am a sucker for blues and neutrals. Hope your procedure went well! I have had a couple of icky things removed. Hope your recovery is as easy as mine was!

  22. When I had that surgery on my nose, the waiting room used for those waiting to see if enough tissue had been taken was filled with candy. Big candy bars, etc. Perhaps a nap might be in order, too.

  23. I can't wait to read all is well, Bonnie! Praying for you.
    I also have a question. Am I the only one that can't find the Bow Tie Leader/Ender pattern under the Free Patterns? I see the picture, click on it, but only get more pictures, no pattern. I think it's just the cutest quilt!

  24. Hi Bonnie,

    Nice Post Once Again.
    Thank You.

    Worlds Latest Trends Blog

  25. Praying for you especially this morning that "the thing" goes away quickly & safely to return no more. You are the woman that every little girl wants to grow up to be, strong, aggressive, compassionate, fun-loving, friend to all that will allow it, dedicated to all that is meaningful to you all wrapped up in a quilt like a gift to each person you touch. Thank you. Blessings abound for you today.

  26. I'm keeping you in my prayers....my husband had Mohs Surgery for carcinoma on the back of his head a few years ago....I can feel the "dent" with my fingers but it's not noticeable even if you're looking for it. Your website and generosity in sharing your patterns and knowledge is phenomenal. I hope you know how many people love and respect you. Blessings....

  27. You and your surgeon are in my thoughts and prayers this morning. Best wishes for a successful surgery and healing.


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