Tuesday, March 14, 2017

A Chunky Churn Dash Snow Day Sew Day Monday!

Time to circle up the Featherweights!

Round them up, quilters –it’s time to show our stuff!

Vroom vroom vroom!

They may not have “all” the bells and whistles but these vintage beauties were a number to be reckoned with at our Chunky Churn Dash workshop with the Lighthouse Quilters & Friends in Grand Haven Michigan.

Just look at the loveliness pictured here:


And THREE white ones!!

I think that’s a first for any workshop!


And a great day to sew it was ---

This was my view as I stepped off the front porch on the way to class.  A fluffy white winter wonderland, perfect for staying INSIDE and sewing our hearts out.  What a difference from just the evening before when I had taken my long walk around town.


I so love the old stately homes!


Mobbing the book table!


Pressing matters!


These blocks are so adorable!

Have you made a Chunky Churn Dash quilt?  The pattern is FREE under the free patterns tab at the top of the blog and is super fun and easy, made with simple 1 1/2” strip sets and 2 1/2” squares.  NO TRIANGLES!


Check out the fussy cuts!


This is way too much fun.

We easily and quickly made the hour glass alternate blocks using 3 1/2” strips and the Essential Triangle tool instead of the alternate method of working from 7 1/4” squares in the traditional way.  Working with 3 1/2” strips is easier, faster and much more accurate.


I wanted to take this lavender baby home!

Check out the rest of our day in the slideshow below:

We had a fabulous day!


Hanging with the Kalamazoo Kontingency!

I’m also slipping this little video promo in here because this is something that I am participating in, sponsored by TheQuiltShow.com!

I have a giveaway bundle worth over $300 that will be up for grabs during this coming weekend.  I will be posting the link you need to use to get to the giveaway for my bundle here on my blog on FRIDAY. (The day we close on the new cabin! YAY!)  You will click the link to enter – and hopefully WIN!


There are over 200 shows you can watch for Free on The Quilt Show, and more fun and prizes are being offered by other designers as well – so be ready to celebrate QUILTING WEEKEND with us!

Time to grab some breakfast and head out for Day 2 of workshops in Grand Haven.  Up on deck – Scrappy Mountain Majesties!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

You are who you spend your time with. As Jim Rohn puts it, "You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with." Or in other words, you become like your friends.

Remember this from teenager-hood? It's still true today. The people we surround ourselves with help set the baseline for what we think is okay, what we think is possible and what we are exposed to.

Find positive friends, and be one yourself!

have a great Tueday, everyone!

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  1. I recognize that 301!! It's always great to see you! Thanks Bonnie for a wonderful day!! I had so much fun and learned something new. Janey & Lynn had fun too! Hope to see you again. Wish we could be there today, have fun and stay warm!

  2. Chunky Churn Dash is such a fun quilt to make. I want to make another one! Sure wish I was there to do it. 😊 Have a great time everyone.

  3. I LOVE that photo of all the feathweights... how fantastic to see this many in one place!
    Wish I could've brought my 3 to the party... they would have been so happy to see so many friends!

  4. That is a high percentage of featherweights! I once went to a class with Jenny Doan with almost 70 women there and I brought one of 3 featherweights, that I could see.

  5. A delightful dozen of Featherweights!! The Chunky Churn Dash blocks really are cute. Especially with all those fussy cuts. Ah, the snowy delight you found outside your door. Thanks for the quote too! Hugs, Allison In Plano, Texas USA

  6. I just found a perfect pattern to use for our guild's 'doll quilt' collection to be given to another group that makes dolls and matches them up with a quilt/blanket for children in a crisis situation. That chunky churndash will be perfect. Thanks Bonnie!

  7. This is such a fun quilt block to make! You get to choose 3 fabrics to go together in each block! If you love your fabrics like I do, you will enjoy this process.... I started a chunky churndash quilt top years ago and laid it aside for some reason. Time to pull it out and finish it! A recent blog post touched on the subject of new designer fabrics vs old fabrics. I like to throw in some new fabrics every now and then but my old fabrics have a history with me that the new ones haven't yet developed! This is especially true when they were (in an earlier life) the curtains from my children's nursery, my father's old shirts, my shirt from high school (I kid you not.....and I graduated in 1977!), my sisters bell bottoms from 1975. You can't buy those in the fanciest shop, but they can start some interesting and happy conversations that new fabrics can't. Can't wait to pull out those churndash blocks and see what fabrics I used in them!

  8. I just went to get my Chunky Churn Dash pattern, but right off I have a question. How much "total background" material do you need so that all my background will match? Like page 3 Quilt Assembly diagram. Half light half dark? The chunkies are all scrappy right? Am sorta new at all this, so trying to make sure I have enough fabric before I start. Thanks for your help, someone.

  9. Annieb, I did some "rough" quilter's math and 1 1/2 yards should be plenty. This is using the old fashioned way of cutting the 7.25" square into fourths. (I used 7.5" when figuring). The strip method uses a little less. Both methods use over 1 yard but less than 1 1/2 yards. Do come and join Quiltville's Open Studio on facebook. A great place to learn and share.


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