Thursday, March 02, 2017

Of Teacups & Layer Cakes!

The packing has begun in earnest.

I’ve got the stereo playing my favorite music.

I am burning  my “nearly gone anyway” favorite jar candle, fragrancing my suroundings – no sense packing it.  I’ll burn it until the flame dies, and toss it out as one less thing to pack.

I’ll pick a brand new one to light at the new cabin on move-in day.  A welcome candle to light our new chapter.

Some furnishings are to be left here –a couple of couches, end tables, coffee table, dining room table and chairs.

I like knowing that some of my favorite pieces, some that I have acquired while furnishing this place – will also have their spot in the new cabin, and when I visit, they will be there waiting for me like familiar friends with common memories.

My word – have I always been this sentimental?

Yes.  To  a fault.


But I’m having some fun too!

Isn’t this pretty?  Cotton & Steel and Pat Sloan as PACKING MATERIAL!  Why not?  It’s got to be moved from the sewing nook anyway? 


Plates separated by pot holders, and cups wrapped in fabric.


It’s not going across country ---

It’s less than an hour away from here.  It just has to get from here to there.


Cloth napkins and towels wrap as well.


Sorry for the blurry photo.

Stemware remains.  I think I need to wrap these in batting and perhaps grab some wine bottle boxes from the liquor store for these.  I am trying to avoid BUYING cardboard boxes that have to be recycled after moving.  Instead we’ve invested in clear totes that can be reused.  We are not moving everything in one day – so we can take a load, empty totes, bring back the totes, do another load on another trip, etc.

And then the totes can be used for things like FABRIC STORAGE!  HA!


Machine heads have been removed from cabinets.

The heads will also be wrapped in batting and boxed for transport.  This one will go in the loft/reading nook area at the new place.  Can’t wait to see everything set up there.


Sad seeing an empty mantle.


I know just where to hang this at the new place.


Chicken Taco soup in the Crock Pot!

I posted about this yesterday on Facebook and Instagram and was asked multiple times for the recipe.  I pretty much don’t cook by recipe when it comes to things like this – it was an attempt to empty out some of the canned goods from the cupboard (less to move!) but here it is:

Start with the leftovers of one rotisserie chicken.  Mine was half eaten, but still loads of meat on it.

Break that chicken carcass into pieces, cover it with about 4 cups of water or so and simmer it until all the meat falls off the bones.  Strain the broth into a container, separating it from the meat and bones and put it in the fridge to chill overnight.  The fat, what little there is, will rise to the top and solidify so you can easily discard the fat from off the broth.

While simmering, you can season your broth, but I didn't -- because at this time I didn't know what it was going to become.
When cool enough to handle, comb through the meat and bones, pulling the chicken meat into shreds and discarding any bones or cartilage or undesirable bits.  At this point I usually put the good chicken meat into a ziplock bag in the fridge next to my container of broth that is chilling and save it for the next day.
To make the chicken taco soup, place the broth and the chicken meat into a crock pot and add:

I  15 oz can dark red kidney beans, drained
1 15 oz can black beans, drained
1 sm can peeled and diced green chilies
1 15 oz can diced tomatoes with juice (the whole can, do not drain)
2 ribs of celery, diced
1/2 yellow onion, diced
2 carrots, thinly sliced into rounds  (I used purchased shredded this time, cooks faster!)
1 small package of frozen white sweet corn (I used 1 can of canned sweet corn from cupboard)
1 package taco seasoning mix
Minced garlic to taste  (About 1 tsp from a jar in the fridge)
Let simmer on high for 2 hours. 
Check salt content and add more if desired.
I don't often use canned beans, and this can be made with dried beans if you start the process the day before by soaking the dry  beans overnight while chilling the broth.  This recipe is really versatile!
If using dry beans, you'll want to cook the beans until they are tender BEFORE adding the tomatoes to the broth as the acid in tomatoes can prevent beans from softening up during the cooking process.  No one likes hard beans in their soup!
Serve with crushed tortilla chips, shredded cheese and a dollop of sour cream.

We also garnished our soup with some thinly sliced avocado.  YUMMY!
Mona and I enjoyed this for lunch with a side salad and some sliced fruit.  It made such a huge amount that I am good for the next couple of days without having to stop and cook a meal while I pack.
This happened last night.
I haven’t touched the hand quilting for a while – because every time I’ve been up here I’ve been binding in the evenings.  So nice to sit and stitch!
Working on these.
These are sashing units for Straits of Mackinac.  I thought I must be close to being done, but when I counted, I wasn’t even at half way yet.  Just keep sewing, Bonnie – Just keep sewing!
And trimming – just keep trimming!
So the plan is – more packing and organizing and throwing out of stuff that can be pitched this morning.  After lunch I can sew.  14 SLEEPS until we close on the new place.  I’ll be bringing HOME things that can go home with me that don’t need to go to Virginia.  I’m leaving enough stuff unpacked that we will be able to fix a simple meal, have towels for a shower –but when we head up to Jefferson for our closing, we’ll be heading right up to Virginia to drop off the first load and start the moving in process.
My head is spinning.  Time to get to it!
Quiltville Quote of the Day!
Vintage 16 patch quilt found in North Carolina.
It's your life! Refuse to take a backseat!
Happy Thursday, everyone!

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  1. Happy Moving day coming up real soon. Great idea to reuse the totes and wrap things in Fabric. The Taco Soup sounds so yummy. Waiting and watching your border tri-recs.

  2. Congrats on your new cabin!! We signed yesterday on our new house and get the keys today. To our new sewing rooms!!! Cheers!! 🏡🍷 ~M

  3. I used my fabric to pack last time we moved. I didn't need to use any paper. I didn't leave a lot of my dishes as my sister let me have our mothers. We were moving from Hawaii to Ohio and we limited in what we could keep.

  4. Oh Bonnie. Am so excited for you and can feel your excitement with all the packing and leaving some memories behind but new ones will start. I hope all goes well at your new cabin and all the exciting ventures.

  5. Moving is such hard work but so nice when it finally is done. I have exactly the same teacups! They came to Sweden with us when we moved here, inherited from hubby's grandmother. I am so happy to be the caretaker of them! Good luck with packing and moving! :)

  6. Thank You for the recipe. Don't know how you do so much and still keep giving to all of your fans.

  7. Ok, what do folks who do not quilt use for packing stuff? Using our fabrics is a great form of recycling too!!! We did that on our move to TN. Nothing broke,fabric was fine and we saved a lot of time and aggravation not having to haul on paper etc for packing. Now tell me, quilters are not both ingenious and sensible LOL
    Have fun leaving the old and starting the new..life is like that.. we move and grow, so does our life.

  8. I use clear plastic tubs and fabric for moving, too. Aren't quilters efficient? You're going to have so much fun setting up a new quilting space! Can't wait for progress reports! Your chicken taco soup is my DH's second-favorite soup. We make it all year round and freeze it for even quicker dinners. Great recipe!

  9. Save your trimmings, aka dog ears, and put them clear ornaments for your Christmas tree. Years ago someone in my quilt guild gave me one like that. Cute idea.

  10. Thanks for the recipe!! And especially for the tip about the dried beans and tomatoes...no wonder mine were always hard. Love reading your blog and absorbing your happiness.

  11. The recipe looks good -- how many does it serve? Good luck on your move. Glad you can do it in stages. It was almost 4 years ago that we moved from IL to AL. Nancy A: rangerer@sbcglobal.net

  12. I have that very same cross-stitch piece st the beginning of your post- made by my mom who passed away in 1986. Hangs in my kitchen. Happy packing!

  13. I'm so excited for you and your new adventure!


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