Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Early Morning Sewing!

This happened this morning.

It DIDN’T happen at ALL yesterday.

Yesterday was dermatologist day.  Don’t you just love medical updates?  I don’t.

But it was a first for me.  I thought I was going in to have “The Other Thing” just looked at, but before I knew it I was on the table, they were numbing my forehead and slicing The Other Thing off and sending it for biopsy.

I was sent out the door with a big band-aid feeling numb from the crown of my head to my eyebrow…maybe even the tip of my nose.

But not before the nurse with the most gorgeous red hair and a smiling face sprinkled with freckles and I had a long conversation along with my instruction on “wound care” about the Blue Ridge mountains I love so dearly.


“Biopsy results will be back in a week to 10 days.” She said.

I replied with “Not a problem, after St Paddy’s Day is wonderful because we will be closing on our new cabin in the mountains in just over a week and I won't be in town.”

“Where in the mountains?”

“Oh, a little place called Mouth of Wilson, Virginia.”

“NO kidding!” Said she.  “I live in West Jefferson! I only come down here to work a few days a week and stay with my elderly aunt when I do.”

Talk about a small small world!  No, she isn’t a quilter, but there is a kindness to folks in this part of the country that can’t be matched.  Before I knew it, Annabelle (Yes, really! And perfect since my Grannie called me Bonnie Belle all my life) had given me her name, address, phone number and let me know that if there was anything I needed while getting situated – if I needed a referral for a plumber, auto repair, whatever to call her and she would connect me.

Wow.  Just wow!  I left a scary place with perhaps a scary diagnosis feeling like I just made a new friend in a flash.  And she isn’t even a quilter.  YET!

And I giggled all the way home because just HEARING the word BIOPSY makes me think of this scene from My Big Fat Greek Wedding:


Face completely numb on one side and not feeling like much of anything, and not feeling like cooking dinner either, the choice was made to head back out to the wilds of Winston Salem in search of a new mattress set for Quilt Villa, VA.  The plan?  To hit Sam’s Club first, and then swing over to Costco and compare.

Someone explain to me why there are THREE “Mattress Firm” store locations, two on one side of Hanes Mall Boulevard, one on the other between Sam’s and Costco just across the street from one another?  Seriously.  These three locations are a stones-throw apart from each other. Ridiculous.

We all laugh about the pharmacy situation - you know, if there is a CVS on this corner, there is bound to be a Walgreens or a Rite-Aid just across the street, but at least they are different companies.

Mattress Firm?  There is too much of you in Winston Salem, NC.


One more job off to the “to do” list before closing happens!


And I found the area rug for the front room as well.  Bonus.

It's mostly the color of dirt, with a hint of dust.  Perfect.

But after getting home there was no desire to stitch, the numb was no longer my friend and wearing off.  Bed came early and I suppose that is why I was back UP early this morning and settling into some sewing.  What else can a girl do when the rest of the family is still out for the count, right?


Parts laid out and ready to go, including the 5 missing and reconstructed centers!


Quite the stack, Jack!

My Straits of Mackinac blocks are now done and waiting for sashings.

Today is a packing it up day.  I’m headed to the Akron, Ohio area tomorrow for a workshop on Friday, and a luncheon lecture on Saturday.  From there I fly to Grand Rapids on Sunday for time in Grand Haven.  I’ll be home Wednesday.  I’m so excited about this trip, we’ve been looking forward to it and planning it for a long long time.

The trunk show needs to be re-packed to include the workshop quilts I need, and my suitcase too.  Here we go again!  It’s been a nice 10 days home.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage double-knit quilt found in North Carolina.

Don't search for kindness. BE the kindness!

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  1. I think there is some innate human need that helps us instinctively find these 'surprise' connections to people around us. How nice to have the start of a new friendship even before you move into your new place.

    And I am just loving those blocks. The colors call out to me and this one is on my horizon, I can feel it.

    Hope the path results are nothing to worry about.

  2. Mattress Firm bought up the Sleepy's chain...could be why there are so many MF's around. I love love love the colors in those quilt blocks!

  3. I laughed at the description of your new rug..."mostly the color of dirt, with a hint of dust. Perfect." I live on a farm and the kitchen door is used most to enter the house. When I'm shopping for a new rug to go at that door, I'm always looking for the colors of dirt and dust.

    Your newest quilt is going to be a real beauty. I love the colors.

  4. What a perfect description of your new rug! What a blessing at the dermatologist office to make a friend close by to your new getaway. Sometimes life is crazy that way. Love the color combos in your "Straits" blocks. mary in Az

  5. Hope your Thing is only as bad as your twin! Your quilt is going to be gorgeous! I love all the aqua/teal/blue colors in it. Can't wait to see the finish. Your comment about the rug color made me laugh. When I picked out carpet for our house I told hubby I wanted dirt colored carpeting. It definitely hides a multitude of sins!

  6. Travel safe this week. Fingers crossed for your pathology results! I had a similar situation a year ago. All Good! I also sew in the early morning while DH is still asleep. It's "me time".

  7. Loving your Straits blocks, especially the colors!

    We tell our kids, If you have the choice between being kind or being right, always choose kind.

  8. Mattress Firm bought out another company in Arizona also so there are usually 2 mattress firms in each giant shopping center.

  9. We were on our way to BJ's warehouse yesterday and saw Mattress Firm. We bought a mattress there last year and it was a different store name. Now I am questioning my 10 year warrenty...geez !! I laughed about the "dirt" rug. I need one that the cat hair doesn't stand out on. Grey for me! Also was thinking you made friends with MONA who was not a quilter...........but now she is! Have a safe trip!

  10. How sweet that the young lady offered you her help if ever needed. We need more people like that in this world.

  11. Oh girl, you made me laugh!

    "And she isn’t even a quilter. YET!"
    This is why I love love love your blog so much!
    Besides all the sharing of helpful hints, teaching and inspiration, you are such a lovely person.
    Your sparkling positive personality makes people like you instantly, no matter if they are quilters or not. I am glad that you found a new friend there near Quilt Villa 2.0, and I am so very sure that the quilting bug will bite her as soon as she gets to know you a bit closer. Why? Because WHO in the world wouldn't pick up quilting if there was the possibility to learn it from you?

    I remember the first steps in quilting that Mona took with you, and I have a feeling that Annabelle will take a similar direction with you.

    I envy them. Both of them. In a positive way though.

    And I am glad that Annabelle made the "scary place" way less scary for you now. I hope that the results won't be any alarming at all and that there will be an easy fix for "The other thing" so that no third version of it will ever show up.

    Greetings from Germany

  12. The true south at work. Neighbors help neighbors. It is just done. No questions and no worry about how to make it work. My neighbor and I had plans yesterday and she called to say a friend needed support - I said she needs you - go to her. After the need ended she called and we did our fun stuff. The south, memories of staying with neighbors after my brother's death. Never have to ask - it is offered or just done. The true south is almost nonexistent any more, but there are pockets and I am glad you are in one. Said a prayer for good results from the biopsy. It helps me to think of positive results for good people.

  13. My mom had several "things" removed. She was a fair skinned, freckled woman who grew up in the '30s pre sunscreen. Hope your biopsy is clesr, and if not, well, the thing is gone!

  14. Can't wait to be in your class tuesday in grand haven,I was on the waiting list and they called me in Orlando so I'm driving home from Disney with the grandson, work monday and drive up north for tuesdays class. I love your straits of mackinaw block its gorgeous. When is the needle arts class at the Grand Hotel and where do I register?

  15. Can't wait to be in your class tuesday in grand haven,I was on the waiting list and they called me in Orlando so I'm driving home from Disney with the grandson, work monday and drive up north for tuesdays class. I love your straits of mackinaw block its gorgeous. When is the needle arts class at the Grand Hotel and where do I register?

  16. Hope all turns out well with your biopsy. Your straits of Mackinaw block is beautiful.

  17. Vintage double knit makes me feel really Old! The one my mother made has scraps of my Easter dress circa 1970 and the sports jacket she made my brother. I have been predicting double knit will be the new feed sack of collectibles.

  18. Ack! I wish I had known you were going to be so close to me! I just checked your calendar. I would have loved to drive down to Louisville to meet you. Plus, my niece lives there! Sending positive vibes for a good report for your "thing"!
    Vickie in Cleveland

  19. Yea for the Annabelles in life! Sorry about the waiting for results. Praying it's benign. Cool rug.

  20. Oh my goodness I love that film clip... thank you for the LOL today!
    I had forgotten about how much I love that movie and Andrea Martin :)
    Hope all goes well!

  21. she isn't a quilter.... yet :)

  22. perfect colors for a rug...dust and dirt...LOL

  23. I had to laugh when you mentioned the drug stores across the street from each other. So true! In our nearest real shopping hub about 60 mi. away, right on the main intersection of Hwy. 81 and Norfolk Ave., CVS is on the SW corner, Walgreens in across the street on the NW corner, and across from that on the NE corner is a bank so you can run across and get a loan to pay for your prescriptions. LOL

  24. I am loving your Mackinac Straits blocks, and since I'm from the UP I think a quilt is forming in my head! Thanks Bonnie (and fingers crossed for your Bib-0p-sy :)

  25. I had not heard the name Annabelle in a long time, my new neighbor 16 months old is Annabelle, have a wonderful trip. I have not found a paper copy of 100 Blocks # 14 yet, been to several stores. I will find one or order it.
    Bettie Sue in Middle TN

  26. Who is laying odds on when Annabelle makes her first quilt? Such a kind heart! She has to be a quilter, she just doesn't know it yet!

    I love those blocks, I think this quilt is going on my to-do list.

    Bonnie, you are in my prayers for a good biopsy.

  27. Praying for a good outcome on your Biopsy, Bonnie!

    Your sraits of Mackinac Blocks are lovely! I just love those colors.

    Good luck on your closing next week! What a way to spend St. Patrick's Day!

    Kasilof, AK where it is sunny, cold and clear.

  28. Oh darn, I wish I knew you were in W-S, I would have met up and took you to lunch and then to a few cute fabric shops in town. I was just at Costco the day before and I am seeing my dermatologist at Wake Forest this week for a follow-up,(and I'm a "Bonnie" too, lol) and I always manage to stop by Joann's Fabric...just in case I might "need" something. Best wishes on your biopsy. Safe travels up north. I'll be heading in that direction in a few weeks. We have a small farmhouse in northeastern PA.

  29. Bonnie, I love the "colors" of your new rug! LOL Throw in the color of fur-tumbleweeds and I'd be good to go.

  30. "YET" being the definitive word here! LOL! I love that you met a new friend and that she offered to be your "go-to" VA. resource! Your paths were meant to cross!

    I'm so glad the biopsy was "impromptu" so you didn't worry about it in advance! Sending happy thoughts and prayers your way and glad for you that "the thing be gone!"

    Have a fun rest of your week, Bonnie, and thank you again for all you do to enrich my quilty life!


  31. Your comment about the mattress stores made me think of what my 17 year old granddaughter and I say about Starbucks, which is just down the street from Starbucks, which is across the street from Starbucks, which is just inside the grocery store next door.

  32. After seeing your Straits of Mackinaw Blocks I bet your Grandma in Heaven is saying "Oh my Bonnie Blue Belle"! I think we should take odds on how long before Annabelle meets Mona and you lovely ladies have a mini retreat in VA.

    I'm glad your "Bi-boxy" is behind you and pray that it is negative for anything bad.

    I love your words to live by for today: Be the Kindness. I hope to make that part of who I am.

  33. When I read your description of the multiple mattress stores I thought about the "Advanced Center for Sleep Disorders" just down the road from me - which sits beside two mattress stores! Maybe they think all you need is a better bed.

  34. Sleepys and mattress firm recently merged. They switched all the locations to Mattress Firm and probably just left them all open while they decide which ones to keep and which to close. And maybe they need to wait for leases to expire. We had the same thing here with Game Stop and another similar chain...when they merged, we ended up with two Game Stops virtually across the street from each other, and when I asked about it once I was told that they had to pay to the end of the lease anyway, so they were just staying open. IT was like that for several years, and now they have closed one of them.


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