Thursday, March 23, 2017

Quilt-Cam 3/22/2017

Last night was a Quilt-Cam night via Facebook Live!

This morning is a re-cap to get it posted up here to the blog, and listed in the archives so you can enjoy it any time you want.

I adore seeing what you are up to while we sew together.  We had hand quilters, machine piecers, appliquers and groups on retreat all joining in for some evening fun.

And no one seemed to mind my “Allergy Voice”  Thanks to everything that is blooming here in North Carolina.  Oh, how I adore the pink trees – but they don’t adore me!

This photo came in from Louise who writes:
Hi Bonnie,
A group of us are sewing at Open Sew in Rhode Island.
Brenda just finished her magenta tri-recs from En Provence, Linda is making nine peaches and Sharon is webbing her log cabin quilt.
Mary is working on red sashing border strips for "Talkin' Turkey" using her black featherweight.
Love quilt cam!
See you in July in Bedford PA!


Jean and Jessica tuned in to say hi! 
Hi Bonnie
We're at Wichita guild retreat. Jessica only lives a mile from me!
I love these two Kansas Kwilters!  They are both so fun to be around.  I hope you have a wonderful retreat! 

(Why am I not on retreat?!?)


LeeAnne’s Leader & Ender Hourglass challenge!


What a gorgeous label!

She writes: 
Hi Bonnie, I'm almost finished with my Hour Glass Leader Ender quilt. Hand sewing the binding & label tonight.
Can't wait to see what you have for us this year. Love Quilt cam!!!

Karen’s Garlic Knots are Growing!

She states:
Good morning Bonnie,
Watched my first quilt cam with you last night and enjoyed it very much.
I am making Garlic Knots. Never realized that I had so much pink in my stash. Enjoying the pattern and look forward to sending photos of the finished quilt.
Thank you for all the info (patterns, insight, commentary, etc) that you provide to us quilters. Makes us feel like family.
Karen Kinsey

Karen, these are so cute!



I unearthed these in baggies under the longarm during a clean out this week.  Nine patches in two varieties – 193 with indigo blue corners.  A whole stack of scrappy shirt nine patches including some subcuts and strip sets.  WHAT WAS I THINKING?!  I don’t remember!

I think the blue ones were going to be “alternate blocks” for something – I must have had a plan?  There are 193 of these!  I have ZERO recollection.  The scrappy ones may be left overs from the two Dancing Nine Patch quilts I made for my nephews when they were born.

They don’t work together.  I do know they are two separate projects.  Now I am on a mission to design something that will use them up.

But for Quilt-Cam?  It’s these:


I’m getting this next round ready to go onto this:


My own Leader & Ender challenge is growing!

I’m hoping to have it to “couch size” by July.  This one isn’t going to go bed size.  But I sure love how it looks like spring!

Click the arrow on the screen to start the feed:

This morning I am headed to see my surgeon about “The THING” that came back as malignant.  I’ve had to console myself that even though it is a BAD THING, (basal cell) there is less of it on my face at this moment than there was BEFORE the biopsy, and I lived with it for at least a couple of years.  We will get it taken care of ASAP.

From there, I’m headed up to the new cabin.  We’ve got another weekend of settling in and moving stuff over from the old cabin coming up.

Originally, I was supposed to be meeting with the gas folks to hook up the two gas fireplaces, but as of yesterday afternoon they have now rescheduled to the 31st.  I’m still going.  There is still much to be done, and I might even get some sewing time in, so I’m packing a project.

I’m thinking of design walls, brighter white lighting, some rugs on the floor, quilts to hang –this is the part where “Setting up housekeeping” becomes fun.

In the Quilt-Cam episode above, I spoke of Mark Lipinski and his search for a kidney.  I promised to leave a link for his blog.  HERE it is.  Please read it and spread the word. We need to help find him a new kidney.  We’d like to keep him around a lot longer.  This is serious.  Please do what you can.

My thoughts and prayers are for those affected in the terrorist events in London yesterday.  I love that beautiful city, and its inhabitants.  Words fail me.

And through it all, we hold ourselves together by stitching on.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Tumbler quilt top shared by Diane during our Michigan workshops last week.

When I can't control the big things, I focus on the little things that make me happy!  Little things that I CAN manage. 

I am happy for 1/2 bar of 4 G from the upstairs bedroom at the cabin allowing me to send up another blog post tomorrow.

And to quilt on.

Have a terrific Wednesday, everyone!

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  1. Good morning! The first thing that I thought of for the blue squares was a plus-sign challenge from a year or two ago. Sorry about the biopsy results- thinking good thoughts for you! I hope you have nice weather for your cabin time!

  2. You have now reached the point that you need to have yearly skin checks. I do those and use a moisturizer with SPF 30 with certain areas touched up with a SPF 60 sunscreen. I wear wide brimmed hats and try to listen when the doctor says "Don't worry, that's my job."

  3. Bonnie - I must have missed something (I was gone for a week!) - was thinking of e-mailing you yesterday about that thing (haha) on your face. The last I knew they had told you that it was due to dehydration. Good luck with the surgeon - will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.
    I just caught a few minutes of quilt cam last night, then my phone rang. Maybe I'll catch it online later today.

  4. Let us know the good news about getting the Thing removed. Can't wait to see what you find for rugs and such! Just got in String Fling and Addicted to Scraps yesterday. Whoohoo! Had a quick read through, but new projects have to wait for a bit. Have 2-3 more yards of dirt to haul to my flower beds and a bunch of plants to replace due to the one 48 hour deep, deep freeze we had. Oh! And I'm expecting the two Shirt books any day now. So excited! I've been stocking up on shirts.

  5. I have a dear husband in the early stages of dementia. I have to be grateful every single day for the time I have with him right now and for all that I do have in my life. I'm glad you have a good attitude about this surgery and please know that we all will be saying prayers for you. I just moved houses and am so excited about the decorating-setting up my nest-this coming week. Good Luck.

  6. Bonnie- I hope things go smoothly for you today. I am glad they got back to you quickly and I hope the surgery will be quickly scheduled. Sorry to hear about Mark. I know he is a good friend of yours. Your leader/ender is gorgeous! I love the rainbow one you showed as well. My Grand Illusion is featured today over at Jo's Country Junction. I loved making it but couldn't used it at my house so I passed it on to Jo. I am thankful for your mysteries and now someone else can enjoy it too after Cheryl quilted it and sent it on to a Florida charity. So fun! Have a wonderful time with decorating your new cabin. Love all you do! K- lkw2x6-apq@yahoo.com

  7. Bonnie--prayers heading your way for the malignant "thing". You are an inspiration for many of us quilters! I am one of the many that follow your blog; enjoy all aspects of it, and no complaints here about what you blog about! It lets us be your friend, even if we have never met you in person. (I hope to one day!)I am getting ready to quilt the borders on a 58" x 62" quilt for a friend's grandson. He is now four years old. I started it before he was born. LOL It was "lost" for two years! It was accidentally put in with scrap batting- it was rolled up with batting showing-and got put in a black garage bag that went to storage! Now seriously-has anyone else done that?? LOL
    As many people say "Thank you for all you do"!

  8. Hi Bonnie hope all went well with the BCC. I grew up in MA. But have spent my adult life "down under" . BCC's are common here, even with very agressive prevention thoes of us with fair skin suffer. You will be fine what ever the treatment. I swear my surgeon for the most recent one was practicing his applique.. A leaf I think.
    Enjoy the cabin. Terry

  9. Last night was my first time to actually catch a quilt cam live! I arrived late of course due to my senior memory but I got to see much of it. Thanks for doing these quilt cams -- they are fun and they really crank up the mojo!

  10. Bonnie you had that same fabric and comment about the mushrooms in your sample for the video last weekend. Funny the mushrooms keep popping up. Rest today your in my prayers. Cathy from Washington, Michigan

  11. Hi Bonnie, What a great surprise to see my hour glass quilt and label on your site. I love your yearly challenges although this one took a lot of time. But I finished several other tops while doing the leader-ender thing you encourage. I love making labels, for not only my quilts, but for my quilting friends too. I find so many neat designs for free on Pinterest. I enjoyed seeing you at the Baytown Texas guild and hope to see you again. Love ya. LeeAnne

  12. Hope all went well at the doctor's this morning!! Thank you for letting me know about Mark and his hunt for another kidney...I was privileged to make a block for his kidney quilt and have tried to keep up with how he is doing (obviously I failed there!).

  13. 1st to # 11 SILVER DOLLAR MI: I heard that too, and thought I somehow gotten a re-run. Figured it out, and enjoyed. Glad you mentioned it, made me feel better.

    Bonnie, you are in my prayers and thoughts each day, but especially today. Do keep us updated. Thank you for quiltcam. Even though we've never met,hoping someday that will change, as other say, I feel like we are friends. Enjoy your time at "new" Quiltvilla. Can't wait to see pictures of Sadie as begins her adventure too.

  14. Are the blue nine patches something you did to go into a replacement quilt for one of your class samples? I seem to recall a quilt cam where you said that you needed to make some fresh class quilts. As you look through your quilt closet, maybe something will pop out at you. (I think I have watched most of the old quilt cams while sewing in the last year or so).

  15. Well I hate to say it, but I think I can top your car tags story....I was driving home from the swimming pool one Sat morning, dripping wet in my suit with my cap and goggles still on, wrapped in a towel so I could just hop in the shower at home (don't like to shower at the pool if I can avoid it!). As I drove past the local gas station I noticed a police car parked off the side of the road, a place where they never park. I kept going, thinking nothing of it, until I turned up into my neighborhood. There was the police car following me, and soon the lights and siren went on.. I knew it had to be me they were pulling over, as there was nobody else out there that early. So I pulled over, and sure enough, my tags were expired...for over a year!! I had to get out of the car (in towel, cap and googles), as I had kept my purse in the trunk while swimming. The deputy with the officer commented that he at least hoped the pool had been warm!! Turns out when we bought the car, the dealer had put the wrong city on the registration, something neither my dh or I had noticed, and so we never got the notice that the tags were due. Yes we paid a fine, and no they didn't impound the car leaving me stranded...I still drive home dripping wet from the pool, but I make sure the tags are up to date!!!


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