Friday, March 31, 2017

Quilt From the Rafters!

It was a rainy night, a perfect night for spending time with the treadle machine in its new space, the loft area up above the front room of our new Quilt Villa, VA.

It’s weird how you get something all pictured in your mind, how perfect it all would be, until y ou sit to treadle with the machine against the railing and discover that all you  can see IS the railing, and not the view beyond the big picture windows at all.

Well this won’t work!  It simply will not DO!

So I made an adjustment.

I slid the machine over (Metal wheels can permantently damage the wood floors, so I keep my treadle wheels on furniture sliders) to the top of the stairs and made myself comfy.

Add a TV tray to hold my bin, an ironing pad and an iron and a couple of standing lamps and I was ready to thread her up and get on down to the business of some easy lazy string piecing.

It's been a while since neutral strings have come out to play, and I have a plan!


Yes, right on the landing!


Now I can see ALL!

The other way, that upper part of the railing was right at eye level and I was missing the bunnies in the yard, the birds, and the rain as it came to pound all night on tin roof, down the rain chains and all over this mountain.


Stitching neutral strings to SVU!

It was a Law & Order kind of night as I treadled away at the top of the stairs.  It felt kind of like quilting in a tree house with the rain pounding overhead and the TV just below.  treadling counts as exercise, right?


This is happening this morning.

The propane guys are out to install two tanks and to hook up our gas fireplace inserts.  THEN it will really feel like home.

Our last cabin was completely heated by the two gas fireplaces, our heating bill was minimal, much less than running the whole furnace.  Heat rises, so this should keep my loft area toasty too.  And I like having a backup heat source here in the mountains.  Otherwise, the cabin is all electric, and we know how that goes with storms.

My son Jason is on his way up and should be here in a couple of hours.  It will be fun to have him here for the weekend.

I’d love to take him to Grayson State Park, about a 20 minute drive away, but if it is rainy and soggy we’ll likely stay in, watch movies, eat good food and just chill.

And that is fine by me.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Antique crazy quilt shared by Ginette in Florida.

Sometimes, I consider it a success if I just make it through this day one hour at a time.

Don't measure your success against anyone else's day. And be aware of those who might be having a rough one!

Happy last-day-of-March, everyone!

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  1. Grayson SP is beautiful in a foggy rain, too, but you miss the spectacular views. I've always felt Grayson is as close to the Rocky Mountains as one can get east of the Mississippi.

  2. Good that you figured out your treehouse sewing area-- nice way to spend your day stringing along. Enjoy your time with Jason. Nice for him to be able to escape to the cabin too! Hugs, Allison in Texas

  3. I am curious why you use a treadle machine. I have seen that in other quilter's posts.

    I too have a view from my sewing machine area.

    tvonzalez at gmail.com

  4. Have a wonderful weekend, Bonnie.

  5. Hi Bonnie!🤗 Glad to see that you are snuggling into the new cabin. How is Sadie doing with the sound of the rain on the roof? By the way, some how I missed the easy square ruler! Not sure how but I did. I hope you are planning to get them made on your own label. I am sure I was not the only one feeling 😭😢😩🤧🤧 Take a survey of how many people want them? I would even pre pay for one. Please, please pretty please!!! So have a great weekend with Jason!

  6. Quilting in a tree house!? Cute!! It looks great Bonnie. We have a propane fireplace as it seems when the power goes out it is usually winter! Brrr... Nice to have it as a backup, for sure.

  7. And the survey said! I want one! I too missed the post about the rulers.I am impressed how much your readership has grown. Keep up the GREAT work we love you.

    Robin in Leaveworth,WA

  8. Love that cabin! What a perfect rainy day spot - windows, TV and treadle. How about a ruler bundle? I would order that in a heart beat. Enjoy the weekend and family time.

  9. Our homes are much the same Bonnie, except our wood is a little darker. I have three 40"ish square bonnie quilts hanging from my loft rail. Sharyn in Kalama

  10. Gotta get me some sliders for my Priscilla. The treadle peddling makes marks too on my wood floors. Have a great final day of March. I want to Treadle with you.

  11. Yes indeed Bonnie. Treading is a wonderful exercise for lower legs & circulation. I learned this in rehab last year. PT had me sit in a chair with both feet on the floor. Raise & lower toes. Repeat 20 times. Then raise & lower heels. Repeat 20 times. When I was stronger I did these standing up. Ha, ha! No standing up to treadle.

  12. Today is one of those days when I needed to see your Quote of the Day. It is the anniversary of my sister's death and it never gets easier.

  13. your space looks awesome! My machines are on carpet and the wheels snag on loops so I protect my carpet with sliders too. Enjoy your weekend!

  14. I am totally in awe of your little haven!! Enjoy to the fullest, Bonnie!!

  15. Hi Bonnie, When I saw the Quote of the Day, I had to write a comment! I'm not sure if you realize how much this particular quote will mean to many of us that are currently struggling with issues beyond our control, but I can tell you for me, it meant the world! I love to read your Quotes of the Day, but this one really hit home! Thanks!
    Love your new cabin, it is absolutely gorgeous!

  16. Bonnie I was reading your blog and like the person above me commented. That particular quote meant so much to me today?

  17. What a beautiful piece of Heaven...It's just Divine Bonnie...enjoy your son while he's with you.

    Debra in Ma.

  18. Hi Bonnie, not written in awhile. The heat rises to the loft and it gets pretty warm up there. You will be sewing in shorts and short sleeves in the winter. Hope you have a ceiling fan up there. Love the new cabin......they are so relaxing. Paula in KY

  19. Always a joy to read your blog, Bonnie. "holding yourself together" has to fit all of us. So much fun to imagine you treadling away to the rain, TV, birds, etc.

    How is your forehead? Think I missed a mailing. Obviously, you are able to work away.

  20. SEW glad to see that you are settling into Quilt Villa, VA!!!

  21. Would love to be in a house with a metal roof in a rainstorm just once. Wonder whether it would be soothing or get on my nerves after awhile. Have a great weekend, Bonnie!


  22. Have heard rain on the roof in a camper. Wonderful except it puts me to sleep. Hey Bonnie - are there any treadles left out there. I would love to have one. Thanks for you, Sadie and your family. I've only met you once but you have become the younger sister I never had. I'm a good kind of sis. I don't bother you too much. Love you and your Mom Bonnie.

  23. Furniture sliders-great idea! Thank you, Susan

  24. My planner was wonderful! From the moment we hired her, she went so above and beyond our expectations! She's responsive and very helpful and I know that any event with these corporate event planners will go off without a hitch.


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