Saturday, April 01, 2017

Just Chillin!

The gas stoves are in!  We are all systems go with the secondary heat source.

The gas guys came early, I hadn’t had a shower, and while they were busy, Jason also showed up!

He was supposed to give me a jingle when he crossed the Virginia state line about 3 miles down the road so I could meet him at the end of the lane way and flag him in since he had never been here before, but as it turns out, he had ZERO cell service since leaving Jefferson, NC.

Note to those who want to travel this direction – T-Mobile just won’t make you happy in these here parts!

US Cellular (which piggy backs off of many carriers) or Verizon (which I have) is the only thing that seems to be fairly reliable out here.


Basement studio stove is up and running!

It will be great to heat the basement sewing space without having to turn on the heat for the whole cabin.  The basement is the coldest spot in the cabin, yet the place I’ll likely be spending most of my time.  This is going to be awesome.

The stoves are from Northern Tool, are ventless and very efficient. 

Once the propane guys were off on their way, Jason and I took a drive around the area, stopping to check out the local Grayson Highlands General Store a few miles up the road. 

This place has everything a small community needs, from gasoline to propane to wood for a campfire, snow shoe and ski rental, groceries, snacks, adult beverages, and a restaurant!  We grabbed a table and ordered up black angus burgers with provolone cheese and the works.

From the Grayson Highlands General Store website.

From there I picked up some necessary items I had forgotten – peanut butter, a potato (because we were going to be 3 for dinner and not 2 and I was 1 short) some corn chips, and a jar of local honey. 

They’ve got milk, eggs, juices – and believe it or not, a whole section of gluten free and vegan items.

This place is VERY close to the Appalachian Trail and gets quite a bit of business.  In the summer on Sundays, they have Bluegrass music jams in the back yard by the river.  The inn above the store has a 2 bedroom suite with laundry facilities for those who wish to stay a while, and 2 regular hotel type rooms with all of the comforts of home.

Dennis, the owner was kind enough to chat with us about his plans for the place.  He has added huge gardens and green houses, he is growing grapes with the hopes of making wine in the future.


Glorious Forsythia!


The Big Wilson Creek meets the New River further down stream.

The joining of the two is what gave Mouth of Wilson its interesting name.

Here’s a video I took while the water was flowing swiftly after a break in the rain:

This is a sweet spot just bit up the road from the cabin.  It was fun to meet some neighbors in the community, and Dennis said there is a quilting group that meets at the firehouse regularly.  My heart smiled all the way home after we left!


Abandoned house, route 58 out of Mouth of Wilson, VA


Abandoned house, Grassy Creek rd, Mouth of Wilson, VA.


Side view.

I noticed this old house on the first trip up here to check out the cabin.  So many questions!  WHY did this house go derelict when the land is still in use?  What is the story?  These buildings continue to amaze me, and Jason was a great son indulging in his mom’s whim of stopping to take photos of these old wonders.


After all of that gallivanting, a nap was required!

Sadie is on the “couch annex”, an ottoman right next to where Jason is snoozing.  I looked over from where I was quietly hand stitching and smiled at the peaceful slumber happening under my new roof.  Happy memories are already being made here.  It’s been an amazing 2 weeks.


Many stitches were put in place to record them all.

Jason is heading home today, I’m here until tomorrow afternoon and then it will be quite a few weeks before I’m able to come up again.  But I now know what will be waiting for me, and I’ve met people in the area.

I can’t WAIT until the Bluegrass jams start on Sunday summer evenings out behind the Grayson Highlands General Store where the Big Wilson creek flows as it has for hundreds of years.

And who knows what I’ll discover with the “Fire house ladies” who meet to quilt.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Miracles are everywhere. You just have to stop, pay attention and appreciate the little things.

Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt made for Ronda Dye by her great grandmother when she was a little girl. Thanks for sharing, Rhonda!

Have a lovely Saturday, everyone!

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  1. How fun to get out and explore with your son. Sadie looks so comfy on her "couch extension".

  2. Thanks for sharing Bonnie, I could have kept reading, it was just like a new novel! Hmm, maybe a new career in writing novels! Glad Jason was able to visit with you. Until next time, take care.

  3. You are living my dreams, my father's dreams. He walked 500 miles on the AT for his 50th birthday celebration summer. I'm certain he must have stopped there for supplies. He rests on Pilot Mountain near my daughter's home in the Triad.Thank you for brightening my days.

  4. Thanks for sharing Bonnie, I could have kept reading, it was just like a new novel! Hmm, maybe a new career in writing novels! Glad Jason was able to visit with you. Until next time, take care.

  5. You sound so happy in your new place. I hope you have years and years of enjoyment there.

  6. Wonderful adventures now and in the future. Thanks for letting us come along as you explore. My heart is smiling for you! Hugs, Allison in Texas, USA

  7. Looks like you found "you have found your happy place". 😋

  8. My heart was smiling for you when I read your post. I am happy that YOU are happy!! Happy that one who gives so much to others gets some happiness in return. Enjoy!! Linda H

  9. Bonnie, your blog today was so uplifting and so timely. It has been an emotionally hard week for me on many levels, but reading your thoughts has filled my heart with joy and relief. Thank you!

    What a pleasant surprise to have your son show up in person instead of the phone call. I love when my travelling loved ones do that. I imagine he will be thrilled to know a picture of Himself sleeping is posted in your blog! :)

    I'm looking forward to returning to your cabin, and I don't even live there. What a wonderful comfort spot you've made for yourself.

    Thank you for your joy, Bonnie. You are a good person and the world is surely such a better place because you're in it.

    Loretta McGinn

  10. I just knew you would find a new bit of heaven on earth when you found this new place. Enjoy every stolen minute of peace from your busy life there.

  11. I am excited for you. You have a wonderful new cabin in God's beautiful creation. You will have many adventures is your new home away from home. Nancy A: rangerer@sbcglobal.net

  12. I knew all your beautiful quilts would look great in this cabin! They and you seem so at home in the new cabin. We have a gas fireplace we added to our living room and I just love it. Ours is also un-vented -- never had a problem with it. We use it to supplement the heat pump on exceptionally windy and/or cold days. It really makes the house cozy. Love the new additions, gas fireplace, area rug, and antique pie safe -- best wishes in your new cabin. Hope you get lots of time to enjoy it.

  13. Sounds like a possible piece of Heaven right close, how many acres?
    The Bluegrass music is my home music as well. Making me miss what use to be home. Bonnie, will AT&T give you service thereabouts?

  14. A piece of Heaven to have your son and Sadie napping as you stitch. I hope your calendar can fit a visit with the Firehouse ladies soon. Won't they be surprised!??
    Enjoy your final day there.

  15. LOVE the quilt ladder! Love the water features too!

  16. Reading almost all your blogposts. This one again is so nice and inspiring, lovely to see the cabin turning in a home to you and your family, great surroundings! kind greetings Conny

  17. I,m glad the general store and inn has opened up since the last time we went thru MOW. You might like Damascus, too. More to,do there and there is the Barter Theater in Abington. Really good plays. There is a bike ridding outfitter that will take you to the top of Whitetop Mountain where you do 14 miles down hill on a reclaimed railroad trail.

  18. If there is a quilting group that meets at the firehouse and YOU now live (at least part time) in the hood, I think it's high time the Grayson Highlands General Store start to carry fabric! Just sayin'.

  19. Congratulations, your new quiltvilla cabin location sounds perfect, except for the cell phone issues, but maybe that, too, is a blessing! I'm a little jelly of those firehouse ladies, being so close to YOU! How great for your happy heart... hope your headache is a thing of the past. Sadie and Jason are settled in!!! xo

  20. I love the way you have a display of quilts hanging to the left of your gas stove in the top picture. Is that a custom made piece they are hanging on? It looks a bit like a ladder but tge rings look spaced further apart than on a typical ladder.

  21. The first picture of the abandoned house on route 58 made me think of the Waltons! :)
    Best wishes!


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