Friday, April 21, 2017

Fun in the After Hours!

Happy Hour to some might mean sitting at a favorite watering hole with a discounted adult beverage and snack food to wind down the end of a busy day.

When it comes to a busy day involving a very full workshop, happy hour means making good use of the time before the antique mall and the quilt shop closes and getting in what fun we can before the lights go out and doors are locked.

In this case – we had just enough time after our Talkin’ Turkey Workshop in Grapevine to head on over to The Antique Market and then over to Must Love Fabric in Grapevine to pet all the pretties before meeting up with several of the guild ladies for dinner.

I’m posing behind the counter with the quilt shop staff and workshop coordinator Kathi for an impromptu photo!  Thanks for the great welcome, ladies!  So good to see you!

We had 2 hours to fit it all in.  Could we do it?


Spied from the Get Go!

I’ve got Allison in tow so we tried to puzzle this one out between us.  It’s a 3/4 sized machine with griffin decals, and a very large hand wheel.  It’s got a motor, but maybe that came after the fact.  Could it have been a hand crank at one time?  It was beautiful, the shuttle is there, it definitely needs some oil, but if you are close, you can adopt this swet thing for about 50 bucks.


It was a day for quilts!  From Sun Bonnet Sue….


To a gorgeous log cabin set in a zig zag layout..


To a sweet nine patch on point in a rainbow of colors.


This cheddar and red number knocked our socks off!

It’s a “Fly Foot” block with 9 patch cornerstones.  FABULOUS!


From Old Maid’s Puzzle in 40’s prints


to an interesting Drunkard’s Patch variation -

We were captivated around every corner!


Doesn’t this one look almost “modern?”

It looks like garden art pinwheels, dancing on the breeze.


This one blew us completely away.

I love that the setting is a bit off kilter….like “Why bother to make it symmetrical? the bed is only this big!”  But the thing that really had us gasping “Oh, WOW!!”  Was the amount of haand quilting in this beauty.  We tried to capture it with the camera from every angle so that the stitching would show.


It’s like a hexagonal cross hatch!


Almost resembling chicken wire!

Notice the prints of the fabric too.  I j ust loved the anchors in the blue.  None of the quilts came home with us, but we have the photos to add to our inspiration collections.


Someone motorized a Singer 20 chainstitcher!


And they think they can get $375 for it?  Good luck with that one!

The wiring was all dry and cracked and we wouldn’t even risk plugging it in.


Much better – there is a Class 15 win a beautiful cabinet!

I think this one was under $100,00 and it’s a potted motor, a good find!


A sweet Standard, needing some love and attention.


Oh Castle Wall!

Check out the stripes!


The machine love carried on at Must Love Fabric!

I loved this little 2 tone 1950s Japanese import.


Allison noticed the 223 right off, she has one!

This is the machine with an early blind hemming stitch and we posted her demo video HERE.  It’s a great machine and fun to see one in the wild.


Some machines look like trains!


I loved the display of machines and fabric at Must Love Fabric!

We all laughed and laughed about the ridiculous find at the antique mall.  Get a load of this little unassuming card, suitable for framing by the lady of the house in its day:


Now read the back side!



“The average woman cannot discriminate justly between sewing machines as far as mechanical constructions is concerned, but she can wisely judge their work.”  HMMM!  think again, Men of the past!  Oh dear.  LOL!  Let me go fix my hair, my make up, make sure my pearls are on straight and sit here like a demure “Little Lady”.  LOL.


Thanks for the lovely “After Hours”girls!

There was more happiness to follow.  Not long after I was dropped back at my hotel after dinner, Irene and Sherry pulled in, ready for our next leg of this Texas adventure.

We drove to Mineola yesterday.  We are spending the next couple of days at Stitchin’ Heaven Quilt Shop for a couple of workshops – and we had a blast yesterday antiquing our way here.  More to follow on that.  This post is getting too long, and I’ve got to be out the door in 12 minutes.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage quilt found in Alabama.

This describes our day yesterday to a T! A day spent on a road trip with friends just can't be beat.

It’s FRIDAY!  Enjoy!

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  1. sounds like a wonderful day!
    I just bought my grandson a chainstitcher.... came with an orangey/red case! Looking forward to this upcoming rainy weekend so we can sew together!

  2. So glad you had fun in Grapevine! Must Love Fabric has become my "go to" store! Phyliss is the best!

  3. Delightful day together! Loved going to the antique mall with you and Kathi. Lots of pretty quilt and they do looks so different in the photos versus in person. Glad your road trip with Irene and Sherry was fun and look forward to that post. Hugs, Allison in Plano, Texas USA

  4. I had a blue Singer like the one in your photo. I sewed with it for more than 20 years - mostly clotes as I hadn't discovered quilting - and dragged it around the country from Massachusetts to Michigan, back to Connecticut, then to New Hampshire, Seattle and finally Alaska. It died about1989, but had many hours on it.

  5. Bonnie, could you explain sometime what a "potted" motor means?

  6. Hi Bonnie, That little Singer was made just like that. Nothing added, I have my sisters, with the owners manual. Have only seen two others and the price one was $600. They are very rare!
    Happy Quilting,

  7. Oh, oh, oh! The vision of you just sitting by as a "demure, little lady" just totally cracked me up this morning!

  8. What FUN to go Antiquing enroute to Stitchin Heaven. LOL-ing at the demure Bird card. Who wears Pearls to SEW anymore??? See you in 25 days! Judy D, Sonja and Robin have us on a Countdown, hahaha. I'll be wearing my Pjs. I'm a Pj'S Quiltingrandma. Hope some of the others do too.

  9. Sounds like a great Happy Hour! I see you caught a photo of my Gypsy Wife quilt behind the cute green sewing machine at Must Love Fabric. I teach the class there. So sorry I missed your program at the Bear Creek Guild Meeting on Tuesday. There is such a thing as work, unfortunately! Hope to see you next time you're in town!

  10. Great quilts and machines in this post. I thought it interesting that most of the quilts you showed did not have borders --- and the Modern Quilt movement think they invented that to describe the modern trend! lol You gals have so much fun on these outings. Keep it up.

  11. Thanks for Sharing, Bonnie!
    I agree about the after hours time being spent on things you love, and not on liquid refreshments. I love all the quilts and machines. I should forward this to my cousin, who is just starting in quilting. She has a White. She may like to see this old workhorse tank of a white. Makes me think I need to make a trip to Anchorage and seek out the antique malls there, Eagle River and Palmer.

    Kasilof, AK
    My snow is almost all gone, but it will be mucky for quite some time in the gardens.

  12. Hi
    If you know exactly how old is the last green machine? I will be greatful because I have the same and it is Mum's
    Thanks Bonnie


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