Sunday, April 02, 2017

On Up The Road

I love to explore.

I enjoy new surroundings and finding what is to be found around the corner, down the road, over the mountain, along the river, around the bend where other people make a living, live a life.

While Jason and The Hubster were out doing manly manly things like revving up the chainsaw for some strategic tree and bramble removal, I offered up my services in “running to town” for some chainsaw bar oil (I didn’t know there was such a thing!) and picking up a few items at the grocery store for dinner while out and about.

Jason had decided to stay an extra night, and there were no sweet potatoes to be found in the cabin, and we were out of ranch dressing, and that just wouldn’t DO!

Independence, Virginia is the Grayson county seat.  Its crowning jewel, the 1908 courthouse on the typical courthouse square.

And bonus of ALL bonuses – the cherry trees were in full bloom as I pulled up and parked.


Oh my!!  And blue sky!

An older lady, seeing me frame the scene for the perfect shot by cell phone said “Aren’t the cherry trees just beautiful?  Washington DC has NOTHING on us!”  And I smiled, laughed and readily agreed.  Washington DC may be known for the cherry trees on parade down the length of the mall, but this quiet little sleepy town is nestled into the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains and I didn’t have to fight parking and people to enjoy this bit of glory.


WWI & WWII Memorial


One of these days, I’m going to go INSIDE!


Across the street!

Another bonus!  the local antique store was open.  Just a quaint little place, and I didn’t find anything that needed to come back to the cabin with me,  But I enjoyed my chat with the locals, inquiring about the location of the nearest grocery store, and hardware store.


This sign made me laugh!!

Food City is a great grocery with just about everything you could need including a decent produce section.  Needed items bought and bagged, I was told to check out Dwight’s gas station across the street for the chainsaw bar oil – and found that not only is Dwight’s the local gas station mini-mart, but also a place to get new tires, and all of the hardware/household/hunting/fishing stuff that you could possibly require in “this here parts.”

I made the short 15 mile drive back home over windy roads, past farms and fields, hillsides turning greener by the day and dotted with cattle enjoying the Virginia sunshine as March gave way to April.

I passed small country churches with quaint old cemeteries, headstones leaning after many passing years.

I followed the road that followed the river as it ran all the way back to Mouth of Wilson, turning south and finally arriving back to OUR road, getting more and more familiar with every trip we make up here.


A man, his son, a chainsaw and a RZR doing what men do.

I love that I caught the late afternoon sunlight as it filtered through the trees.

The clump of trees that was too close to the cabin for comfort are now down.  I now firmly have 3 bars of 4G on my phone and couldn’t be more thrilled. Satellite internet is way too expensive for the amount of time we plan to spend here, so the decision has been made to just upgrade my cell plan and use it as my hotspot when I need to connect the laptop.  I’m happy with that.  The Dish Network satellite is now getting the HD channels we wanted thanks to the removal of the trees.  The trees themselves are now lining the edge of the parking area so we don’t drive over the cliff in the dark.  It was a good sacrifice all the way around.


And there has been some of this.

The border units for Straits of Mackinac are underway.  Maybe today I’ll be able to get borders on, or ready to go on.  That’s the plan.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage Carpenters Star found in North Carolina.

How true is this! Quiet the mind and listen to your heart. I think the simple act of sewing pieces together puts me in the right place to listen, as for many of us.

Enjoy your Sunday, everyone!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your explorations with your followers. That sign in the Antique Store made me crack up! I have never heard about "chain saw bar oil", but I can imagine it is just as important to that tool as sewing machine oil is to the vintage machines! Thanks for the photos! Nice you were able to spend some time all together and a great perk that the cell service is improving.

  2. I'll have to keep an eye open for the spots you've mentioned when we are down that way in September for Miatas in Boone. We often drive up Rt. 16 to go to Shatley Springs for breakfast, or keep going north to Hungry Mother State Park, and also drive on Rt. 58 as we look for twisty roads in TN. Glad you are enjoying your new cabin and its surrounding areas so much!

  3. I love hearing about your travels no matter where they are! Really loving you new cabin and surrounding countryside.

  4. Nice to see Spring on your New Mountain place. Hurray for Manly Men to cut down those trees. More bars on your Cell Phone and More Channels on your Dish is very Good! Great Idea to re-purpose the trees. You did your part by running for supplies. Sundays quiet my Mind, singing the Hymns my mother loved in Church...

  5. I also have a love affair with Virginia, although I live in an adjacent state. It's a beautiful state and I think I could easily live there. Relatives live in Petersburg, very historic and charming with amazing restaurants, bakeries, and antique stores in Old Town! I recommend a visit sometime to explore its rich history, and enjoy its many features. It is mentioned in both books, Mrs. Lincoln's Dressmaker and Behind the Scenes. I go there every chance I get. Glad to know you get some time to go adventuring in your new state and that you are enjoying getting to know your new surroundings. Thanks for sharing with us!

  6. I grew up on the east coast seeing lots of old buildings like this and just taking them for granted. While I love living on the other side of the country now, l miss those old historic buildings. And living in Alaska, i do know what chain saw bar oil is! LOL

  7. What a great chuckle over sign since my nephew is an antique dealer and estate sales organizer.thanks for the belly laugh.working on crab apple tree blocks .Thanks for being you.

  8. Oh so true but sometimes hard to quiet oneself even when knowing it's the only way. Glad your MOHS is over, my regular type is Wed, it's just the best way for my needs( having had several BCC's).

  9. I had to do a Google Map search to see where Independence, VA is. I noticed it is only about 30 miles from Wytheville, VA, home to one of my favorite quilt shops, Sew What Fabrics and Batiks. We drive on I-81 frequently as we travel to see our son and family in Arlington, VA and we live in Birmingham, AL. Yes, I am taking one of your classes the week after this one. Looking forward to meeting you in person as I am a regular reader of your blog.

  10. Delightful update of your new-to-you surroundings. Having a lazy Sunday and working on Crabapples blocks like another one of your readers. That sign is so funny. Reminds me of a friend that wears her "dead relatives jewelry" all the time!! Can't wait to see the borders on Straits of M. Continue to enjoy your time at the cabin and exploring. That cherry tree was icing on the cake! Hugs, Allison in Plano, Texas USA

  11. I enjoy your blog and the photos about the area. Wondering if the wildflowers are up yet?

  12. HI Bonnie:
    OK, So now you know what chain saw bar oil is, next they will have you taking the chain saw chains into town to be sharpened!

  13. Shame we aren't there Bonnie, my hubby sharpens all sorts of things.


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