Monday, April 17, 2017

Wandering Aisles with Friends!

Of COURSE there was time to wander an antique mall or two while in Alabama.

I would much rather do this with a group of quilters than a shop hop!

Let’s face it.  The stash has reached epic proportions from home.  There is no way I can sew it up in my life time.  And antique mall wandering is a great pastime even if you don’t buy anything.  And we are getting our steps in, as well as a bunch of belly laughs over things we find.

Just a heads-up:  This is a LONG post.  I’m playing catch-up before heading to Texas tomorrow!  You have been fore-warned!

This was one week ago, Monday afternoon after my morning lecture in Birmingham left me with an afternoon to play.


There were quilts to be found, mostly humble.


This one said Grammy Byron on it.

Who was Grammy Bryon?  I love her love of gingham!


To cool retro machines -

(No, this one didn’t come home with me)


OH NO!  19770s avocado “antiquing!”

Why did they ever think this was a good idea to do to otherwise beautiful natural oak or other hardwoods?  Yes, this is right up there with the chalk paint of today.  Blech.  As soon as you paint it, it can never go back to what it was.  Poor thing!  Interesting irons though:


SA Stone!

I’d never seen this make before.


Someone had done a paint job on this one!

Likely a first machine for a granddaughter.  CUTE!


NO thank you!


Yes please!

This cute little bedside table is going next to the guest bed in the small bedroom at the cabin.  There is just enough room for this night stand, and it will look cute in there with all of the pine.  It’s got such a fun shape!  And the girls agreed with me.


These goodies too!

I had a set of 4 of the pink glass tumblers that became a set of 3 after breaking one.  I found three more to bring my set of three to a set of six!  HAPPY!  A couple of tins, my coffee pot and a hand cross-stitched “murphy’s law” stitchery that is also going to the cabin.


And we all agreed!

THIS gets the UGLY AWARD!!

When I reached Cullman on Wednesday evening I made plans for hitting up Highway Pickers on the outskirts of town upon the recommendation of many other antique lovers. “Give yourself a lot of time” they warned.  And I needed and heeded that warning!


First item found!

There were aisles upon aisles in the 3 floors of vendor booths.  I walked by, saying hello to old machines, petting the quilts.  But when I found this double spounted and handled batter bowl in pink depression glass, I knew this was going home for me.  I LOVE pancakes at the cabin.  I love pink glassware.  Match made in heaven, complete with scratches from years of family cooking.  I don’t have to worry about using it, because it shows many signs of happy breakfasts and cake batters.


Pyrex with 8 point stars?

You are also cabin bound!

These are great for baking, and super for leftovers. They go right from the fridge to the microwave or oven.  And STARS!


And the quilts, oh the quilts!

You will find all of the antique quilts from from the mall in Cullman in the slide show below.

And then, I rounded a corner and found THIS:


OH!!!  MAMA!

Southern Pride in GREEN!


Time for a clean up!

I had some time yesterday afternoon/evening to try to get this baby up and running, and let me tell you, it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be.

“Runs great!” the sign said.  The sign lied.

How can it run great if the needle won’t go up and down?  The motor just wouldn’t turn anything over.  I cleaned and I oiled, and I oiled and I cleaned.  I installed a new tension check spring, new belt, new bobbin tire and cleaned out THIS:


Oh. my word!!


Still barely ran.  Slower than slow, no get up and go….sounded like the motor was bogging down.  And then I remembered.

Here’s the full story in an impromptu Quilt-Cam Quicky shown live on Facebook last night:

Don’t forget to oil the ports in the motor!  (Check your manual if your machine requires grease instead.)


The newspaper from the case base.

Nov 16, 1954

One of the comments made in Facebook last night was that the day’s paper was placed in the bottom of the case upon the last oiling so that you could check the date and remember the last time it was oiled or serviced.  Not a bad idea for that day!  It also helped absorb any residual oil.


Super stitches and the manual to go with them!

I’ve saved the manual and the newspaper in a page protector for future reference.  In the mean time, this girl just wants to sew up a storm and I may get a chance to grant her wishes today.

The Straits of Mackinac quilt is still in the longarm and hasn’t been touched since I left for Alabama.  I’m not sure how far I’ll get before I leave for Texas in the morning, but that is high on the agenda today.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage quilt found in Alabama.

Your mind and your heart can play tricks on you if you don't have all the facts. Researching what you hear is easier than ever thanks to Google and Wikipedia. You are too smart to Simply rely only on your emotions.

Have a super Monday, everyone!

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  1. I might be the only "odd" one of your viewers/readers, but I'd love to see your collection of machine parts and how/if you organize them. Do you have a designated spot for repairing/cleaning/refurbishing your finds? I most enjoy reading about that aspect of your business/hobby/life. Thank you for sharing all you do!

  2. Hi Bonnie,
    What a treasure trove!! One of my dreams is to go antiquing with my Momma next time we're at their home in S.W. Kentucky. She's 90 now, so I need to get on that! Also, if I'm not mistaken, the pink glasses you picked up are a pattern called "Cut Log". My Momma has a LOT of that pattern-clear, pink, heirloom from Grandma, and purchased. Momma's a bit of a Depression glass hound, lol!
    You would like her sewing machine. It's a Kenmore from the late 50's-early 60's, mint-ish green, and has disc cartridges that change out for a large variety of stitches. Very innovative at that time.

  3. Mouse! That was a little mouse in the bobbin area...yucky!

  4. What a great find! What are you thinking for a name for this Southern Pride?

  5. Neat finds. Sure brings back memories of those things I grew up using. The corning ware were great back then but they sure became brittle with age. Now they break so easily. They tend to explode when least expected. Have fun with the new green machine. Very cool.

  6. You forgot to read the first manual for the machine as you revived it...Murphy's Law: "Nothing is as easy as it looks!"

    I love all of your fantastic finds! Especially the Southern Pride machine. She's beautiful! You should call her Belle!

  7. Bonnie - so sorry I missed this part of the Alabama trip! Terri and I spent our free afternoon visiting the local quilt stores....their stuff fit better in our suitcases back to Connecticut! Missing you and the ladies of Alabama today!


  8. I don't know how you could leave the butterfly and Sun Bonnet Sue quilts. They are just lovely.

    Have fun in Texas!

  9. Hi Bonnie! Welcome home! What eye candy! Some of those quilts are keepers! Wish I was close enough to purchase them! The double spouted bowl was fabulous! And Southern Pride delightful. That is the worst matting I have ever seen! Good job refuberishing her! Have a good day! Sadie is happy!!πŸΆπŸ˜πŸ‡πŸŒ·πŸ˜˜πŸ‘πŸŒΈπŸΎπŸ˜»

  10. I see a SPAM comment up 4 comments. I would have brought that table home as well. Glad to have caught the impromptu QuiltCam Yesterday. Great find. It is a clone of a 66? I askj because you seem to have a sewing machine table that fits a lot of differnt machines.

  11. Love your finds....but most of all, the Quiltville sayings at the end. Marvelous, Bonnie !!

  12. How fun! I love a good yard sale, and antique shop. Your vintage find is beautiful! I can barely believe you were able to make it work! That is so cool! Dishes are also my thing even though I don't really like to cook. I guess it just tastes better on a pretty plate. Thank you


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