Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Stitches of the Quilting Kind

This happened last evening.

The string pieced borders went on to the Straits of Mackinac Quilt thinking that I could get it loaded and start the quilting process on it.

And then I remembered that I needed a quilt backing.

A BIG backing.

This beast turned out to be 96 1/2” square by the time all was said and done, and that takes a LOT of backing fabric.

If the price of fabric for the top alone doesn’t scare off a new quilter, just the fact that you need 8 yards for a BACKING can do it.

And this is the time I wish I had thought to pick up some extra wide backs during the Pineapple Fabrics sale when I was there several weeks ago.  Next time.  It’s on the list.  Those 108” wide backings could have saved me a ton of time.


This morning we are loaded!


And miracle of miracles, I had enough of this for backing in my stash.

The date on it says Fabric Traditions – 2008.  It has aged a while.  The truth is, I probably bought it on sale during one of my teaching trips, but I can’t remember where or when.  All I know is that if I can find a sale on fabric for around $5.00 to $6.00 a yard, and I like it, I will buy enough for a backing.  You just have to.  Who wants to pay $12.00 a yard or more when you need 8 yards?  Crazy.

I will piece backs from random hunks and chunks when I don’t have deadlines or don't want to get it quilted PRONTO.  Having the right amount of yardage on hand in the stash?  Priceless.  And I like this one.


Some favorites and some not so favorites!

There are fabrics from the 1990s up to fabrics I picked up at Quilt Market, and even more recently in here.  It’s a good mix.  And please notice that these are NOT all tone on tone.  There are pops of color everywhere for interest.  Like that Laura Ashley type rose up in the corner that has to be early 1990s.  Cabbage roses were all the rage.  Cut them small! LOL!


Quilting with a light aqua thread using The Aurora pantograph.

And this is where I will be today in between packing the van for my trip to Birmingham tomorrow, and Quilt-Cam tonight at 8pm Eastern on Facebook Live!


Dogwoods are blooming all over North Carolina!

On the interstate they are interspersed with the red-violet of blooming Red Bud trees, and the whole road is a line up of spring bouquets.  I LOVE spring in the south, and this driving trip is going to be a great one.  A long one too, I get home on the 15th! I’ll have Easter Sunday and the Monday following home (2 days) and then I’ll be off to Texas.  By the time I am back, all of this Dogwood action will be gone, so I’m glad I can enjoy it during this driving trip.


Stitches are out!

I sent a message to my son Jeff about the Harry Potter scar, and when I walked into the house, he came down with his phone playing the Harry Potter theme song for me.  TOO FUNNY!  I love his sense of humor, he makes me laugh and smile every day.

The scar is healing nicely.  Mederma and vitamin E and sunscreen and we will be just fine.

If you see something “different” on your skin, please have it checked out.  The other day while out to lunch with Rick & Mona on my way up to Virginia I noticed that the very young waitress was a “little too brown” with white goggle marks around her eyes.  I really wanted to say something.  “Don’t Do It!”  “Stay out of the tanning bed or this can happen to you!”  But it wasn’t my place.  I’m not her mother, and she is going to have to learn.  Oh the foibles of our youth and how they come back to haunt us.

My 6 month check ups will be regular as clockwork.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage quilt shared by Laura V.

It's all about perspective, and sometimes we need to look at life from a different perspective to understand where others are coming from. If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Laura's story behind the quilt:

My Grandma Gladys made this quilt, Square and Compass. Traditionally done in blue and white by captains wives for their seafaring husbands. No label, no date.

My Mom wanted this quilt sooo bad. When my Grandparents went to senior apartment, Grandma wanted Priscilla tie backs for their living room window. My Mom had just made new drapes for our house and took down the Priscilla's, so guess who got this quilt in a trade?

Then after I started quilting, Mom said it would be mine. I cherish this quilt and the story behind it.
Do you have a vintage quilt and a story you’d like me to feature in our Quiltville Quote of the Day photos?  Email me with the photo and the story.  Close up photos are best. Try to get a few of the blocks and some of the quilting texture in there.  Ask me for more info and I’ll help!

And for those asking about the Easy Center Square ruler --I am ALL SOLD OUT.  I don't know if Sharon Hultgren will uncover anymore, but she told me if she finds more she will send them to me, so just follow my blog and you will know when I know :)

See you tonight for Quilt-Cam!

(Yes, the tablet is CHARGED!)

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  1. Bonnie, the essential oils - Frankincense and Lavender work great on incisions also.

  2. Good Morning, Bonnie! What makes me happy: Your morning blog, with coffee,Fifth grade granddaughter spending 5 days with me sewing straight lines on making placemats for her family on her Singer 99K. Anticipating Quilt Cam tonight. Because of spring rain, staying inside and being able to continue working on my Happy Quilt, your pattern 16-patches and Pinwheels. All this I owe to your generous sharing of your talents and interests. Thank-you Bonnie, from the bottom of my heart! You have enriched my life!
    Cherry-Boom, North East, PA

  3. What a wonderfully full life you lead. Love the Straites of Mackinak quilt. Great size for the bed. Glad 'the thing' is gone and you can move on to more interesting thoughts. Look forward to catching quiltcam in the archives. Have a great time, I will be at work 😊 Thanks for sharing your sewing time with us.

  4. I love this vintage quilt. It is so interesting. I wonder how it was made.
    Loving the Straits of Mackinac finish. I am leader entering those HSTs
    and looking forward to making my own in the future.
    Have a great trip.

  5. What happened to your calendar? I went looking for it to see if you are going to be close to me anytime soon and it was gone!!!

  6. So glad you have a driving trip to Alabama to enjoy the highway bouquets! Very glad your stitches are out and healing has begun. Thank you for fitting in Quilt Cam between quilting the Straits of Mackinac and packing for your trip. As always, the story behind the quilt where you feature a quote is always delightful. I'll be tuning in this evening while working on Crabapples!! Hugs, Allison in Plano, Texas USA

  7. Glad to see the stitches are out of the thing and you are healing well. It takes a bit of time but my surgeon instructed me to very gently massage the scar twice a day after the first two weeks. I was mostly faithful doing that and it did heal well. Since it starts at the corner of my right eye and extends a good 2 + inches around my eye socket it was important to minimize it as best as possible. What ever treatment prescribed I suspect that you will be as diligent with it as you are with everything else!

    Love the quilt, the border really gives it a pop. Safe travels, See you tonight!

  8. As always, only the best for you and now it means good traveling, healing and great teaching time. You and all you do makes such an impact on so many lives, we are all so thankful for all you share. So, again, only the best for you Bonnie and enjoy the flowers as you go on this next adventure.

  9. Best of everything to you. Love your sashing and borders. They add so much to the quilt. I can see another quilt in my future.

    And a heads up, Connecting Threads has a great sale on their side backing fabrics going on this month. (Other great guys as well.)

    Safe travels to you. Enjoy this glorious season we call Spring.

  10. Grrr, spell check strikes again after I proofed, changed things once themn before I could stop it, changed back. well anyhow that is WIDE backs and other great BUYS.

  11. Looking forward to your Birmingham visit. Since you are driving --are you selling any of your featherweights in their cases. I know you know a good one when you see it!

  12. Darn, I missed cam tonite. I use backside fabrics, wide backings, great prices.Google it Bonnie

  13. Yum!!! That is a gorgeous quilt! I love all the color in it!!


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