Saturday, April 08, 2017

A Garden Party Kind of Day!

A fun day of stitching and cutting, cutting and stitching, talking and laughter and getting to know one another – the best kind of day!

We filled our classroom full with 31 students who had gathered from all over the area – ((and Florida!)) for a day of scrappy piecing – all from 1 1/2’’ strips.

OH!  The VARIETY!  All of the stories that came from cherished scraps, favorite pieces, leftovers from this quilt, or that project and all of the memories that come from them.  I love that part about being a scrap quilter.  The fabric speaks.  The fabric KNOWS!  And when we share the scraps with each other, the ripples continue.

The pattern for Garden Party is found in my book Addicted to Scraps, and addicted to scraps we all are.

And the BEST part about this day?  NO TRIANGLES!  LOL!

(But we’ll be making up for that today in our Smith Mountain Morning workshop soon to commence!)


Everyone was working so intently!

And just when things got really quiet, you’d hear a ruckus o laughter rise up from this corner of the room, or that one, and we’d all have to get in on what was so funny.  These gals are just so great to be with.


Blocks coming sweetly together!


Slicing and dicing and rearranging!


Laying them all out together!

You’ll find the rest of our fun in the slideshow below:

Thanks for the amazing time, ladies!




This was a wonderful day to play in the scraps!

Last evening after dinner it was still early enough to get out and walk around the area where I am staying.  Mountain brook is a very nice and very well maintained older section of Birming ham with rambling tree lined streets complete with humongous magnolias, and right now the azaleas are in bloom.  I got quite a few steps in while appreciating the beauty of well kept homes built in the 1920s through the 1940s while wandering up Canterbury Street.

Take a look:


And I was so perfectly tired when I got back to my room that no sewing happened, just a bit of pressing and cutting so things are ready for me to sew TONIGHT!

There is still time to enter our current Quiltmaker Bundle Gift-Away!  The drawing happens on Monday evening.  You can find all o the nitty gritty and do your entering ON THAT POST.  Good luck, everyone!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

It's not our differences that divide us, it's our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences in others.

We are as diverse as the blocks in this vintage quilt found in North Carolina.

Have a wonderful Saturday, I’m off to the Quilt Mines where 39 students await!

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  1. Oh, it looks like everyone had so much fun, and the Quilts & blocks are beautiful! Come back to Washington state so I can attend one of your workshops! I am taking my mother-in-law's Featherweight 221 in for a cleaning today. I just discovered a local quilt shop that collects Featherweights, & the husband is an expert on them! Who knew!?!! (Sandy's Sewing Center in Yakima, for those in Central Washington)

  2. Oh my gosh the Garden Party blocks are coming together beautiful. I dug out my book of Addicted to Scraps and I have to make this. The area is beautiful with all those gorgeous homes. Nothing is blooming here except for a few bulbs as it has been too cold up here in MA. I love reading your blogs every day. Take care and have a wonderful day.

  3. Like Betty Sylvia said, I had to go check out the quilt in my book too!! And, it is going on the list..... But this post did it for me - I am going to get back into my sewing room and sew more than a stitch or two today. I plan on getting the borders on my Fair and Square quilt I have been working on (an lovin' now for YEARS) and making it a real quilt top instead of just enjoying the pieces. As for your L/E project this year, I was not going to join in, but, you got me!!! In the Addicted to Scraps book, what do you have at the end but a perfect quilt to join in on the L/E fun!! Jingle Bell Square found on page 89 - perfect for this fun challenge and for Christmas. So, now I am joining in on the fun. This post has so many happy smiling faces in it, it just made me feel really good to have come online to see it. And one day, I would love to be in one of your classes; to be included in all the fun I know you are having. Thanks again for letting us into you life. You have given us so much and I love to see what you have coming up next. I have 5 of your quilts on the go right now...... well, more actually, but 5 going under the needle right now, the others are waiting their turn!!! And saying that, gives me more reason to get into that sewing room!!! Enjoy your days there teaching/sharing and safe travels home. bye for now.

  4. There are nomolds for. Makingpeople ... each. Of us is unique ... so much so that our uniqueness makes us special
    As Ihave become more and more aware ... ea n of us is. A PERFECT flower in thePERFECT place

  5. Just a little more than a month and I will be stitching the Garden Party quilt. Lots of 1-1/2"strip cutting going on here in the Pacific Northwest. Love seeing all the old scraps I'm finding to add into mine.

  6. Great video. Glad y'all had a great time.

  7. Well, I've read the blog twice, watched the video 3 x's. Loved it all. So glad you all had a great time. Loved all the beautiful blocks. TFS


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