Sunday, April 16, 2017

The Mountain Road Home!

I left Cullman, Alabama under a sunny blue sky and made my way north.

Dang GPS!  It kept trying to re-route me through Atlanta, saying that it could shave 18 minutes off of my drive if I drove that way.

One way through Atlanta is ENOUGH.  And I know better.

Holiday traffic with everyone on their way to grandma’s house, and a bridge out in Atlanta, and all of the re-routing in that area would have been a stress-filled nightmare.

I needed quiet roads.  I didn’t care if it was a 2 lane highway and the speed limits were lower.  I wanted open road and the sight of my beloved Blue Ridge in the distance.

I drove north, setting my sights on first Chattanooga, and then  onward to Knoxville, past the Pigeon Forge area and on into North Carolina.

Home.  I need Home.


And I needed some MONA!

Rick, Mona and Beanie were camping in the Maggie Valley area of North Carolina, not more than 2 miles off of I-40 for the holiday weekend, and I was passing right by.  I called ahead , they invited me to stay for dinner, to stretch my legs a bit and to RELAX.  ABSOLUTELY!


Can you hear the sounds of the burbling stream?


They are in such a beautiful spot!

Now, lest you think they are really “roughing it”  there are a whole generation of RVers out there who are living life on the road with all of the comforts of home in the form of a 5th wheel or full sized coach.  This was the first time I was able to see the inside of their 5th wheel, and it is cozy and comfy.

And yes there were quilts present!


I loved this log carving!

2 bears and an eagle.


Dinner was delicious and so was the visiting time.



One thing I noticed right away is that while ALL of the leaves are in full regalia down in Alabama – they are slower to emerge here in the mountains.  We are just “that much farther” north and things are a couple of weeks behind.  I’m glad.  I get a double dose of spring emerging this way, my favorite season of all.


I sent a Beanie & Me selfie to Sadie!


She sent this one back!  HA!

Though it was hard to tear myself away, I loading myself back into the van with a full belly and fuller heart and headed on home, about 2 1/2 hours up the road.


Miss Airplane Ears was waiting for me!

It’s just me and the 2 cats until this evening.  Jeff and Jason spent the Easter weekend together in South Carolina, and Jeff will be coming home this evening. 

The hubster and Sadie are up at the cabin in Virginia doing this:


A shed in the making.

See the leaves?  WHAT LEAVES!? Just “THAT MUCH” further north.

They will also be home by dinner tonight.

So today the van is getting unloaded, laundry has already started, I’m unpacking and getting ready to flip the suitcase and the trunk show for my trip to Texas on Tuesday.
when I gFor those asking for Quilt-Cam its just not going to be possible to do it tonight (Easter and family time) or tomorrow night (Early to bed, very early flight Tuesday) so be looking for it when I get home from Texas and we have just a bit more breathing room.


I found my vintage percolator!

This did get unpacked from the van last night.  I purchased this in Birmingham during an afternoon of antique mall wandering with new Birmingham friends.

I grew up to the smell of coffee gently percolating on the stove. I was always fascinated by the bubble and burble of the percolator.  Today I made my first pot.

Color me old school, but this is really good! And it brought back so many childhood memories.

Kcups are SO expensive for what you get.  And the thought of all of these plastic things being left to find their way to the landfill?  When I try to fathom the number of Kcups being trashed daily I shudder.  This takes me back to much simpler times.

More from the antique mall adventures to come in another post.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage quilt found in Alabama.

And this goes for Grown Ups too! We should never stop asking why!

Have a beautiful Easter Sunday, everyone!

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  1. If I never drive through Atlanta again it will be too soon! I had no idea traffic could be like that.

    I adore your "new" coffee pot!

  2. I miss the RV days with DH and kids. We covered SOO many miles in first our little 24 ft. Shasta then moved up to a small motorhome and then to a 27 ft. trailer. There are some FABULOUS places to 'camp' and I'd rather be there than in some hotel. Have a wonderful Easter and hope to see you Thur. at Bear Creek!

  3. I now live in NJ.Born in Johnstown, Pa, when I come cross the turnpike and finally see the mountains in the distance,I am home. I feel the same about kcups and they just don't taste as good or as hot and defiantly cost too much. Might see you in Bedford. Have a Happy Easter

  4. I don't care how long it takes I drive around the cities and love the back roads - so much more relaxing - I will take an extra day if needed. Love campgrounds and our little motorhome - comforts of home but outside in the mountains sounds right to me. Have a relaxing week before you take off again. I have a old fashioned percolator in the motorhome and love it.

  5. Taking the road less traveled is sometimes the only way to travel, I love the back roads and you see some of the most interesting places and towns. Glad you got to see Mona on your way home. Enjoy the few days that you get to be home with your family and travel safely on Tuesday.

  6. Happy Easter, happy spring! Glad you are safe at home. Love "Indignant" kitty. They really let us know exactly what they think! Neat percolator. I remember my parent's Corning coffee pot just like yours. My mom would buy A&P 8 o'Clock regular ground coffee in the red bag for it. It did make good coffee. Wonder what happened to it. Enjoy the jelly beans and chocolate bunnies and eggs!

  7. Love your quote. Thanks for the beautiful pictures. I am envious of this drive on the back roads. You really filled every minute with this trip. Have fun in Texas.

  8. You are going to love the Greenbriar Retreat in Texas next week...great food and friendly people! I wanted to go then but already went in February and March, with another scheduled in May! Last time I worked on the layout for Garlic Knots on their design boards. I almost have the center sewn together. I love it!

  9. What do you mean vintage? We still use ours. 40 years and counting. LOL

  10. Love your percolator - that brought back memories! My husband the coffee connoisseur swears by a vacuum pot - we have three. Honestly, if you love coffee and see one of these old pots at an antique store grab it - you will not be disappointed in the quality of the coffee. You can recognize them by their shape, they used to call them "double bubble" pots since they are one round segment on top of another. And - Atlanta - oh my goodness, I would drive 50 miles out of my way to avoid Atlanta.

  11. Neat coffee perk..a few years back we went on a family houseboat 4 day trip on the Trent-Severn ( east of Toronto) I thought oh great! No decent coffee for 4 days when I saw the 6 cup aluminum perc.,, it made really good coffee ��,, have a great weekend ����

  12. Ahhh, teach children how to think. I have worked at several public schools, only one of them focused on teaching children how to think. My children are teaching their children how to think, to use their imaginations and...to daydream! God bless you, dear Bonnie! I am looking forward to your Southern California visit! Happy Easter to you and yours!

  13. Happy Easter! Enjoy your family time. Nice of hubby to build a shed at the Cabin.

  14. So glad you found many things antiquing in Alabama, my home for the last 35 years. I am one of those damn Yankees that went south for a visit and stayed! Did you know that Dreamland for many years did not offer side dishes. They had a sign that said, if I remember correctly , "No sides. Don't ask". I am old school so when we eat at Dreamland I will not order sides. For me it's strictly ribs, sauce and white bread. When they first started offering sides I had them once and felt like such a heel I never did it again.

  15. Oh I am going into dangerous territory, but I put K-cups and jelly rolls in the same category - a way to package the item so it is a bit more convenient, but a LOT more costly....... I'll brew a pot of coffee and buy a yard of fabric !!!! Old School, yep.

  16. Happy EASTER,BONNIE!

    I love the smell of fresh perked coffee, also, but rarely drink coffee anymore , and when I do, it is like a half cup. ALL Coffee goes in the compost pile, as it is excellent for the garden. I DO Buy K-Kups, as it is the most economical way for me. I can make a cup for company and not have to waste half a pot. BUT, I also have lots of gourmet coffee to choose from, also. I dismantle the K-Kups, take the coffee out, before they get smashed and into the garbage. If it can be recycled or re-used it does. I also have a K-Kup individual cup that I can use regular coffee in, so use that, also.

    Maybe Dave wants to come to Alaska and build a Garden/storage shed for me, too?

    Have a Great visit with the family!

    Kasilof, AK

  17. OH, The thought of Teaching Critical Thinking Skills! I taught it the last Ten years in the military, as it is a very important part of the Military Decision Making Process MDMP). I was even asked to teach it in the combat zone my first trip to Iraq in 2003-2004.

    I gave my oldest son a crash course in it in 2008 when he was being indecisive.

    I have always asked a lot of questions, WHY is a big part of "WHO, WHEN, WHAT, WHERE AND WHY?" You can use it in all walks of life.

    Kasilof, AK

  18. I had a corning percolator pot in my first apartment and for many years after. My parents had vacuum pots most of my childhood. I was fascinated by them.

  19. WHY is always my comment when hubby asks something...and he gets somewhat annoyed with me!! haha
    We have a stainless steel perculator for camping and an electric one for home and hubby loves them both. I just love the smell of fresh brewed coffee.

  20. Now I wonder where my old percolator is!!??? Enjoy that heavenly smell!

  21. I love your new coffee pot. I used to have one like that. Brought back memories of simpler days...I am amazed at all that you do. Where does all that energy come from? If you have a secret, let us know!

  22. I always forget how great coffee is made in a percolator. I broke the carafe to my coffee maker, so used the percolator and it was wonderful. Hope you have fun on your next adventure!

  23. That cute coffee pot made me think back when I was in college. The big double bubble was all the rage and 5 of my roommates and I bought one for our off campus apartment. We had one or two girls that had never made coffee before, so sometimes we had great laughs at the flavor of the coffee (if it could even be called that!). I wonder where it went? That's been too many years ago to remember, for sure.


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