Sunday, March 26, 2017

Cabin Stash Day!

I don’t keep a lot of stash at the cabin.

For the most part, projects are kitted up at home – meaning all of the block parts are cut and baggied up and travel back and forth with me from place to place, be it an on-the-road trip where I am sewing during my off hours teaching, and for transport for cabin weekends.

My stash fit into a couple of bins, and some of it, like the de-boned shirt parts STAYED in a bin, so into the closet they went along with a bin of crumbs and smaller pieces destined to be used up in very scrappy quilts.

The stash cabinet was never very organized, just a set of shelves to place my piles – glass doors have the job of just keeping everything contained and from falling on the floor!


Ready to fill!

The cute door you see is to the full bath.  There is also a fridge in the utility room –I don’t ever need to go upstairs! LOL!  Yes, I have plans for that extra microwave as well, popcorn and quilting is a perfect snack combo.


Three bins of neutrals on top!

Colors on the shelves.

I don’t really have YARDAGE here.  I’m used to quilting with many small bits and pieces, and yardage is something that would travel with me if I needed it for the borders of a project, or for sashings or to use as a constant within blocks – and if it was a constant within blocks, it would already be cut to the sizes I need and travel in baggies.

The neutrals however, are something I need constantly and I go through them like running water, so I need an ample supply, mostly in the form of fat quarters.


One basket of open layer-cake type squares
One basket of open random charm pack squares


A rainbow of piles – just enough to keep me sewing and going.

My thought was this –if my pickings are SLIM, I am forced to make choices that I wouldn’t otherwise, and these choices keep me on my toes and out of my box.  I try to think of quilters in times gone by, how they were limited by the meager contents of their scrap bags, and because of those choices, they came up with some wonderful eclectic combos.  Those are the things I absolutely love about vintage scrap quilts -

And let’s face it, the fabric stash at HOME is EPIC, so I can replenish this at any time I want.

I sorted by color family, separating anything that was in one collection and mixing it in with those of like color, instead of what came in "one line."  This also opens up my freedom to use any fabric with any other fabric just by how I like how they play together.  My choices, my vision.  I'm happiest that way.


Oh what a difference daylight bulbs make!

See how yellow the “old one” is?


So much better and brighter!

The cutting table is in a bit of a dark corner, so there may be exta light added over there too.  That can come in time.

It’s been a whirlwind of activity.  Slowly but surely the placement of “all things needing to be hung" on walls is happening. 

A clock in the kitchen.  A stitchery over the door leading down to the studio.  The “Hunter’s Quilt Villa” sign painted by my mom hanging over the sliding door to the front porch.  All of those little touches making this place feel more like ours.

It will continue through today –in the morning, The Hubster will make the long trek to Hickory (about 2 hours drive) for work, and Sadie and I will head home with a short stop in Winston-Salem for a yearly mammogram and bone scan. (For me, not for Sadie!)  There is no need to go all the way home, only to have to double back a 30 minute drive to go for the scan, so I’ll do that on the way home.

Tuesday – Bye Bye Thing Day!  This coming week is already turning up busy.

If you missed yesterday's post - we have a Quilty Box Giveaway going on!  The drawing happens on Wednesday evening.  You can find all of the pertinent info ON THAT POST.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Believe you can and you are headed in the right direction!

Vintage feathered star quilt found while Mary and I were out antiquing in Greensboro, North Carolina last Wednesday.  I loved this one!

**PS** Just for kicks I timed how long this took to upload.  20 minutes.  It's a cloud covered rainy day so it is interesting to see how that effects connectivity via cell phone hot spot.  It's all good.  this is uploading more than an hour later than I wanted it to be, but it is uploading, and that is what counts!

Have a wonderful Sunday, everyone!

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  1. Great Cabinet for your Cabin Stash. I'm glad you got those lights replaced. Much easier than the lights my Hubby replaced in my Quilt Zone. Your way of Taming the Stash and having a place for using it inspires me. My Rotaty cutter will be getting a workout very soon.

  2. Can you organize my stash!?!?!?!?!? I hate that job so it is a mess all the time.

    Just curious....since my dog will not ride in the car well....how does Sadie do while you are having tests? Or are you allowed to bring her in with you? If this falls in that "over the line" category....feel free to ignore!

  3. I noticed the difference in lighting right away when looking at your pictures. Even if you're not a quilter, the room is much more pleasant looking without the yellow. And I like yellow.

  4. Your new studio is a source of inspiration! I am in the process of moving to North Carolina from Oklahoma, and looking forward to a new place to enjoy my quilting addiction. I hope I am not asking an inappropriate question, but I would love to know the source of the cabinet in your photograph. Just what I need to organize my many boxes of fabric.

  5. I like daylight bulbs in my quilt room too! Love your glass front cabinet for your stash :) Thanks for taking time to upload a post today ... enjoy your new cabin!!! Kathi

  6. Just curious as to wether you prefer the larger work space or the more compact (or cocoon feel) of a smaller but adequate space?

  7. Watching your room come together reminds me of an animal working on its den...or Sadie walking around in a circle three times before lying down. Just gotta make it your own! Have fun!

  8. Great post! I need your stash cabinet! You have a cool view from your studio! Enjoy your day! Mary in Az

  9. There is nothing better than daylight bulbs. One word of caution is once you start using the daylight bulbs, you will never use anything else. We remodelled our kitchen and put some daylight bulbs in the pendant lights and the chandelier and now we can't find under-cabinet lighting in the same white. Well, unless I want to spend $900- plus dollars and I still might do it.
    Anyway, when I buy fabric it looks different in the store than it does at home so I take it to a window, if the store has one, to see what it will look like at home. I love the true colour you get with the daylight bulbs.
    Oh and your cabin is beautiful! I'd live there all the time and never go back to the city ever!

  10. I would be interested in the cabinet too. IKEA? Love that place. Wish I had more room for more cabinets!
    It is so fun yo I get a new place! I am working on the hub to move to a bigger place off the lake (taxes!) but he bought this place and built it, so he is wanting to retire here, but we have outgrown it. I'm sure we won't move till we HAVE TO, and then it will be to assisted living!
    Enjoy your new place! How is Sadie settling in with it?

  11. I am re-doing my space. Where did you get the glass front cabinets, please. They look perfect, not too deep. I am hoping they are IKEA. Thanks again, for all you do for us. Hugs!

  12. Yes, this cabinet is from IKEA. it's a Billy bookcase with added doors.

  13. When one has limited scraps (or maybe one is an experimental type) one can find matches that are really likeable but would never have thought to put together.

  14. Stephanie--If you live close enough I would love to come and help sort your stash. I love doing that kind of thing with others. I live in Oregon. If you're not too far I would come and help you. QuiltedDrummer at gmail dot com

  15. Bonnie, thank you so much for sharing your move-in to the new cabin. I enjoy it so much. Have fun.


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