Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Quilt-Cam! 3/2/2016

Welcome to Quilt-Cam, everyone! 

Our very first Quilt-Cam of March, and I’m thrilled to be home and able to spend this time stitching with you.

I love the friendships that have grown through this little interlude of quilting together.

I love the emails and the stories and the sharing!

Tonight’s special story is all about the beautiful 6 pointed star quilt you see here, and I’m going to let Susan share it in her own words.

She writes:

Hey Bonnie!!  Thanks for Quilt Cam !!!
Following along with you tonight!!!  
I just wanted to share this short story that my mother shared with us about a week ago.
I love this story so much. I hope you love it, too.

Great Grandma's quilt
Here is the story ----- It was made by Our Great Grandmother. There isn’t a label but in her diaries I found several entries that she wrote about making it in 1946.
April 19, 1946 Fri warm Mrs Akins and I are quilting my star quilt
April 26, 1946 Fair I am working hard on my quilt
April 29, 1946 Monday Fair I am finishing my quilt
May 3, 1946 Fri temp 45 - I put my quilt in dresser it’s finished
Susan’s Great Grandmother’s Star Quilt 
My Great Grandmother lived in South Sioux City, Nebraska. It was just after the war and housing was scarce. Don’t know her source of income. She was 61 years old on May 4, 1946.
I don’t know when my Grandmother was given the quilt, but I do remember her keeping in the bottom drawer of her big chest. It wasn’t used much but if anyone was sick but not throwing up sick Grandmother would cover you with it. My mom remembers using it when she was recovering from polio in 1954.
The quilt is made from house dress and shirting fabric from the ‘30’s and 40’s.   My Grandmother replaced the binding in the 1970’s.
Our Great Grandmother died in 1962.
Researched the block pattern and it is sometimes called Columbia Star.  Which is ironic because now we live in Columbia, SC

Don’t you wish that Susan’s Great Grandmother had shared MORE about her quilt?  Don’t you want to know about the fabrics and what the scraps were saved from, be it dresses, skirts, blouses, aprons, curtains?
I also find it curious that she “Put it in dresser.  It’s finished.”  Why not on the bed?  Was this quilt made for a special someone and saved for a later purpose?  SO many questions!
It makes me wish that I had journaled my projects and talked more about the things that were going on in my life while I was making them. What was I thinking about at the time?
Oh wait!  I do!  That’s what this blog is about!
This is where I’m at tonight!
This is the same machine I stitched at last week for Quilt-Cam, I haven’t had a chance to switch it out, and I want more time with this sweet little machine.  There is more info on her from past week’s Quilt-Cam post HERE.
I need about 30 more of these string blocks, so I have a way to go yet, but I was able to get in a couple hours of stitching time today after a haircut and a post office run!  The grey strings are really coming together nicely and I can’t wait until I can actually put them IN the quilt.  String piecing can take a long time, but I love the whole process.
Are you ready to sew?  Click the arrow on the screen to start the feed!

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  1. My last quilt-cam before going under the knife. It will be so good to not have such back pain and be able to sew at my treadle for longer periods of time. That is, of course, after recuperating. I did put aside some redwork blocks to start working on. And of course, any future quilt-cams until I can get back to my sewing machine. Love the string blocks you're working on. First thing that comes to mind - Fifty Shades Of Grey string blocks! LOL

  2. Tuning in for my first Quilt-cam. My other half is out of town, so it's nice to have an adult conversation!


  3. 1. Showered *check*
    2. Wood in woodbox *check*
    3. prayers said *check*
    4. All pieces cut *check*
    5. String piecing along with Bonnie...(Yay! Quiltcam!)

  4. Anonymous12:20 AM EST

    Could the feed dogs need re-balancing/adjusting or sharpening? Maybe they are wearing out ..

  5. Hi Bonnie,

    Just wanted to let you know that your commentary on politics/Facebook was great. I had been having issues with it( a lot of anger and hurt feelings) and your explanation put it in to perspective for me!

    By the way, this is my first quiltcam and I'm so glad this was the one I tuned in to first. I am new to scrappy quilts and I'm enjoying following your journey.

  6. Regarding Great Grandmother's beautiful Quilt and putting it in the drawer - always be sure your quilt does NOT end up next to wood in the drawer or closet or shelf.. That wood eats thru the fabric and can leave holes. I know! My Mom's beautiful GFG quilt had a hole clear thru from sitting unused on a wood shelf. It had been "saved for good" and no one touched it for 10-20 years. When I opened it, Oh Dear. But I did repair it and no one can even tell is suffered such damage. Elaine Adair


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