Friday, March 04, 2016

Some Flight Time Show & Share!

 Good morning, everyone!

I’m here at the airport in Greensboro, NC – made it through security in a flash and have about 45 minutes before I board. 

I thought it was time to do some reader show & share here on the blog since I haven’t done that in a while.

I just love seeing what you send in to share with me and with others, so thank you for your photos and best of all your thoughts and stories that come with your quilts – tt’s the story behind the quilt that makes the quilt so meaningful.  The story behind the quilt is the HEART of the quilt!

I want to start today with this beautifully completed Allietare made by Diana!  Look at her scallops!  So wonderful!

She writes:
 This is my first mystery quilt and I am so thankful for this quilt. We buried my 95 year father on November 21 and we arrived home from the funeral the day before Thanksgiving I had so many memories on my heart so that Friday or the next Monday I went to A and E and picked out my fabric on sale.
 And for the next six or so weeks we cut, read directions, cried tears of sorrow and of joy of memories because I made this quilt on mothers vintage machine. My daughter quilted it on her long arm and did the binding.

I would have never chosen these colors but we love how it turn out. This quilt will always be a memorial to my daddy. Thank you for your spirt of giving of yourself so freely. Now I am making Scrappy Mountain Majesty from daddy shirts. Should have enough one for each daughter. First will make one for mother.
Do you see what I mean about the story BEHIND the quilt?

Diana, thank you so much for sharing.  Your email had me smiling and crying at the same time.  Those of us who have lost loved ones, even when those loved ones have lived a very long and well fulfilled life still need a way to put our thoughts and feelings and grief into something positive, and this quilt will hold so many of these memories for you.  My hugs to you as you work through this and I hope that over time it makes you smile with sweet remembrance.


Peggy’s Cathedral Stars!

This one is from Peggy sharing her Cathedral Stars finish from the Free Patterns tab!

She writes:
 Hi Bonnie,
Yeah!!  I finished my “Cathedral Stars” quilt that I started in your workshop in Auburn, California last June. 
Ethan’s Quilt!
I made it for my grandson, Ethan, who just turned five.  I quilted it on a rented long arm using a pantograph from Urban Elements called “Starz”.  I am so happy with the way it turned out. 
Close up detail!
Thank you so much for your inspiration and for an awesome workshop and incredible “free” pattern.  It is not my first quilt, but it is definitely my favorite!  You are amazing!!
Peggy, this is just so inspiring and I love what you did with the quilt back!  Again, everyone will KNOW this is Ethan’s quilt, and all of those scrappy memories of him growing up are sewn right in for safe keeping!  What a fun and scrappy finish!
Our next one is from Janet and the Ladies of the Lake Quilt guild in New Hampshire!
Donation quilt in progress!
Janet sent the following with her photo: 
Hi Bonnie,
I just wanted you to see the progress on our raffle quilt using your Ohio star pattern.  We had guild members contribute some of the fabrics to make a large variety of fabrics. 
We made block kits which we passed out at a meeting to any members wishing to participate.  A group of us work on it on Mondays at our community center. 
We will have the borders on by next week.

It will be queen size...94 x 94.

I'll send another picture when it is completed.

I love this pattern!!!
Janet Vaughn

Ladies of the lakes quilt guild
Wolfeboro, NH
What a great idea for a donation quilt with many hands working together to make this beauty!  Think of all of the stories those scraps could tell!

You will find the free pattern for Random Ohio Stars also under the Free Patterns tab!


A fun photo collage of Mysteries!

Sissel in Norway made all of these beautiful quilts as mysteries as we offered them each year.  She put together a very fun collage of her finishes to share with us! 

The story behind the quilts is in the fabrics she used, moments in time caught with every stitch!

Thank you, Sissel!


Sandy’s Jamestown Landing from String Fling!

i Love it that was are such a scrappy global community!  This beautiful Jamestown Landing is from Sandy.

She writes:
 Hi Bonnie,
Greetings from tropical Far North Queensland!  While you're enjoying that beautiful snow, we're holed up inside with the air conditioning on full blast. 

I just finished up the borders on Jamestown Landing and thought you'd like to see my color version.  

I had never done a piano key border before but it was a lot of fun so no doubt I'll be doing it again. 

Thanks again for your daily doses of inspiration!  It's the perfect way to start my mornings!
 Thank you for sharing Sandy, this quilt is SO gorgeous!  I hope sharing it with everyone gives their mornings a good jump start, too!

And one more for good measure:


Felicia’s Split 9-Patch from the Free Patterns tab!

A note from Felicia:
 Dear Bonnie,

Wishing you a very happy birthday from the Netherlands. Below is a picture of my version of split nine patch. It is 53 x 61 cm, made from tiny scraps.
Have a fun day and thanks for all you do!Felicia Kruger
 Just BEAUTIFUL, Felicia!  Or as we say in Dutch, MOOI!

I don’t know about you, but these are sure getting my day of to a grand start!


Quiltville  Quote of the Day!

I love this perspective on looking back - no, we are not going that way but we can sure gauge how far we have come, turn around and keep moving forward.

Wonky wishes quilt, pattern available in the Quiltville store.
Did you catch my interview on the C&T Blog yesterday?  If you missed it, and my thoughts on scrap quilting you can revisit it HERE. It was really fun writing a post for their blog!
I’m off to catch a flight which is boarding in 10 minutes – have a WONDERFUL Friday, eveyryone.  I’ll catch you from Cincinnati!

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  1. Love reading the stories behind the beautiful quilts. One of the reasons I love scrappy...while sewing it's a trip down memory lane. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I get so choked up, reading these stories. You help a lot of quilters to face their challenges. Thank you, Bonnie. Keep the stories and the assistance, coming!

  3. Beautiful quilts--excellent color selections, great quilting and personalization and yes each does tell a special story

  4. Bonnie, thanks for sharing the photos. Safe travels!!!

  5. Bonnie,
    I find it amazing how your patterns can create so many different and beautiful quilts. I can only hope I can make a quilt as pretty as the ones above. I enjoy your blog very much.
    I wish I had been able to attend your class in Bloomington, IN a few years ago, but I was new to quilt festivals and was late signing up for the workshops. Keep up the good work.
    Anna Marie

  6. Lovely stories, lovely quilts and I love this 'quote of the day' :)

  7. Anonymous11:55 PM EST

    Hi, Bonnie! Your quote of the day reminds me of my many years working in a school. I often said to the kids in the hallway, who would be chatting with friends and never looking where they were going, "Look where you're going, and not where you've been!" It also relates well to our lives, doesn't it? Enjoy your weekend! Candy

  8. Thank you, Bonnie, for pleasant thoughts...a blessing.

  9. Oh to have time to do up every quilt pattern you have out there. I love to try different color schemes sometimes. You have made my creative quilting side grow so much and I love scrap quilts as I have a huge stash. Thanks for sharing. Soon I want to get out my hexagon quilt and do one of those white sides. Have not got it yet in my mind how to do it. Love IT, Barby from MH

  10. Such a bright spot in my day! I love that you bless us by sharing quilts made by others and the back stories. It's amazing how many lives you touch. Then you turn around and spread that touch so that I now feel as though I have quilting friends all over the globe.

  11. Beckasue2@yahoo.com4:22 PM EST

    Bonnie, I thought I'd share the story of what I'm doing with one of my quilts. I'm not including a picture, since it's not one of your patterns. But, I think you'll get a kick out of what's happening to it. The quilt is a large lap size quilt, featuring appliqued aliens in primary colors on a white background, with sashing of alphabet fabric in those colors on a white background. Anyway, I had never done much applique, nor sashing, so I named it Skill Building Aliens. To continue that theme, I decided to try to help my grandchildren build some skills. They are "bidding" for this quilt. The current high bid is a phone call and a letter each month for a year. (it's only the first round of bidding.) They are learning about bidding and will improve their communication skills. I get to hear from at least one of my grandchildren on a regular basis. Win Win!


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