Thursday, March 10, 2016

Wonky Wishin’ in the Wind!

This is Karen!

Karen is making us all jealous by the photos she sent of the beautiful soft sand and warm ocean breezes!

She’s finished her Wonky Wishes and has taken it on vacation for some photos!

Upon receiving her email with one “barely a tease” photo I responded right away asking her to send MORE so we can all see what she has been working so hard on.

Her first message merely said “Wonky Wishes Quilt making memories with us on a blustery day at the Perdido Key Beach.”

Well hold on a second!  There has to be more to this story!


The “teaser” photo!


Oh, doesn’t this look WONDERFUL?


I spy some fun back piecing too!

Hurry and catch it before it blows away!

When I asked Karen if she wanted me to include her story behind the quilt with the photos, she said:


Ahhh!  Bliss! 
It started out as just trying the block with some scraps "I didn't really like" and just kept making blocks...ended up one of my favorite quilts to make and use!!

Such fun to make!

Thanks Bonnie!

Do you have your copy yet?

You can find Wonky Wishes in the Quiltville Store.  And even better for those who live outside of the USA – because this is a single pattern and is not as heavy as a brick full sized book, NO ADDITIONAL POSTAGE is needed if you are just ordering the pattern by itself and need it to be shipped over seas.  You can even add up to 3 seam guides for no additional postage because the weight stays under the “need more money to ship this” limit!

For those within the USA…shipping on all orders over $75.00 is free when you use the coupon code Free75 at checkout.  Not available outside of the USA.

I spent yesterday getting everything ready for flying to Traverse City, MI this morning, but since the antique mall was right around the corner from the bank, I was able to make a quick run in just to see what was up!


Oh, say!  Aren’t YOU gorgeous!

Hello, new spool cabinet! Thank you to booth #55 for the 50% off sale! This one was actually used for sewing needles, both hand and machine according to the drawer fronts. Solid Walnut!

Spool cabinets can be pricey items.  I’ve found a few of them at decent prices, but they still come pretty dear.  This one was marked $145.00 so I got it for $72.50.  SCORE!!

It’s still a lot of money when I compare it to the machines I have found very very low, but this will have a nice spot in my living room by my stitching chair and will hold stuff WITHIN the drawers so my table top will not be such a mess.

And yes, I found quilts..those to come in another post!


Registration is now open for Round Three!

The response has been so overwhelmingly positive, and the interaction so great, and I am THRILLED that the folks at Craft U are opening registration right now for the third session of my online course that will run from March 21st to April 29th of 2016.

I’m extremely pleased with how this course turned out, and I’ve packed it full of all of the hints, helps, tips and tricks that I could – things I use in my every day scrappy quilt life.
It’s like being here with me in my own studio!

I’ll talk to you one on one about how to best manage your scraps, how to put the Easy Angle Ruler and Companion Angle Ruler to good use, and how to create the blocks featured in my  Addicted to Scraps column-easily, quickly, and oh so scrappily using the fabrics and scraps you already have on hand.

Course dates: March 21st to April 29th .  The 6 week course begins on March 21st with one new workshop segment being released every week until completion on April 29th.

There is a gallery section where you can share your progress and converse with other class mates!
You can sew and view at any hour of the day, work it in to your schedule as it fits!

If you are busy during this time? No worries!  Simply download the videos to your own computer.  You own them!  FOREVER!  So even after the course has completed, you can go back again and again and again to view the videos as many times are you want because they are YOURS once you download them.

2016 is a great year to GET SCRAPPY!
I want to share with you some of the experiences of former students, because they say it ALL!
Kristie writes: 
Hey Bonnie!
I have to say thank you once again for your craft online university classes.  I have been working on Clue One and here is what I have found out I can make half square triangles that measure out correctly without adjustments and I think that is the difference in what you taught about line on the fabric when cutting and a seam allowance that is marked perfectly with a guide in place.
Using your yellow machine seam ruler allows me to remove the guide if need be and still re-position perfectly to start again.

The biggest improvement is in how I see neutrals, I really grew in that department and you covered it in several of the classes so it stuck in my brain.  Now that my confidence is up and I am comfortable with accuracy going to leader ender some Joyeaux blocks so I can make a table runner.
I was shying away from triangles because I never was good at them.  I am still struggling with the border or Roll Roll cotton boll but think I will take the units apart re cut a few triangles and try again fresh.
When I sew the units together I nest the seams and that seems fine, but when I open there is not a quarter inch seam allowance to sew the borders to which I think means I cut wrong.  So that is the plan for that one.

Just wanted to tell you that I was hesitant to do what I considered to be a “beginner” level course, I found that going back to basics and unlearning what I thought I knew made the difference in being successful.
Best Wishes,
Kristie J
Linda writes:
Hi Bonnie,
I joined your class at CraftU and I am one of those who had to download everything and watch everything first.  Must be my age!!
I do have the Easy Angle rulers, both sizes, but as I DON'T like math it was a pleasure to learn how to do it and also I am a visual person.  Your teaching/instructions are off the wall and I "get it".
I have been quilting for almost 15 years and watching your videos has opened another world for me.  "Who Says You Can't Teach An Old Dog New Tricks???".
Although I might not see you in Canada I certainly hope to see you in Rochester in 2017 with a few more quilters to bring along.  I also enjoyed taking your cruise "in my dreams" on line.  Perhaps a cruise with you will be in my future.
Thank you Bonnie for all your hard work but remember to stop and smell the roses along the way.  Each day I look forward to your Quiltville emails and I especially like Quilt Cam.
Stay safe and healthy,
Linda R
And there are many many more!  I have loved interacting with my students through the forum on the class website and sharing in the photos they have uploaded of their projects in progress.

You can be a part of this too!

Come Get Scrappy with Me!

The regular retail price of this 6 segment course is $129.00 But I have a special deal for you!

Register now through THIS LINK and enter the code BHSCRAP in the coupon box at checkout when registering.  You will get all 6 workshop segments covering 6 block designs, all of my hints, tips and tricks for $99.00.  That’s just $16.50 per workshop segment.  You just can’t beat that!

Remember to use the code to get the discount!

I'll be seeing YOU at Craft U!

Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Imagine all the things you could do with all the things you could learn!

Vintage orphan block quilt found in Winston Salem, NC.
And with that, I’m off to Michigan!  I’ll catch you from there!

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  1. Took your Craft U class and it was wonderful ~ recommend it highly! I downloaded the videos to my own computer and watched them several times ... plus they are mine FOREVER!! Looking forward to your visit to us in Traverse City, Michigan ... we're having unseasonably warm (for us) weather ... must be the weather gods knew you were coming North! LOVE your daily saying posts ... did you think about making another tab on your blog so that we can see them all in one place? Travel safe! Linda

  2. Kalamazoo, MI is looking forward to your visit! We are having unseasonably warm weather, so your timing is great. Have fun in Traverse City; it's beautiful up there. See you in class!

  3. ANYONE who uses a perfectly intact quilt at the beach would be STRIPPED OF ALL QUILTS - in my family.

    Having lived in South Florida 56 of my years, near the ocean with oil globs, doggie 'poop' etc. hiding under the sand...as well as nasty beach sand-grit... this is an absolute law for me..... I hope her quilt survives well.

    BUY THE SPOOL CABINET NOW - don't love just love them?

    Hugs and smiles

  4. My wonky wishes is on my bed and is the most beautiful quilt I've ever seen. I'm going to make one for each of my girls too. Your patterns are great! I love them!


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