Thursday, March 24, 2016

Quilt Your Heart Out! And Mine!

Are you ready to Quilt Your Heart Out?

Maybe you’ve heard, but I bet you haven’t-

Quilt Your Heart Out is a NEW kind of podcast held weekly and hosted by nationally recognized mother-daughter quilting team Marianne Fons and Mary Fons.

It launched in February, 2016!

Quilt Your Heart Out is the first-ever listener-interactive podcast specifically designed for quilting enthusiasts. Check out how to ask a question—you may have some time on air!

Subscribe, so you can listen every week, and in the meantime, quilt your heart out.

How’s that for an intro?

I am sharing this little tidbit with you because today's podcast is now LIVE, and they are giving ME a shout out on sites not to miss!  How cool is that?

I have no idea what they will say, they just told me that I needed to listen.  Today.

And they made me PROMISE that I would be a guest in the future!  How could I say no? :cD


Love this photo of Marianne & Mary!

Check out more HERE, and if today’s isn’t up yet, you can catch up with the previous episodes.  There are several down the page to listen to.

You can also follow along with the Quilt Your Heart Out facebook page HERE so you won't miss any announcements!

You really CAN listen your heart out while you Quilt Your Heart Out!


My beautiful maiden voyage with Moby yesterday!

Things are blooming EVERYWHERE!  And oh, how I love it staying light later.  I just love the evening hours!

I had errands to run and a massage before I could head up the mountain, and after grocery shopping at nearly 6pm I was SO hungry, I stopped at my fave hole in the wall Chinese place.


Yes, I needed to edit the fortune cookie! Now it is perfect!



Things are blooming at Quilt Villa!


Hello, Yellow!


Evidently deer don’t like daffies!


I had to bring Spring inside!


The end of a beautiful day!

I stood on the front porch for a long, long time watching the breeze waft my flags and listening to the sounds of nature around me.  Oh, how this place makes me whole.  I can’t explain it, but those of you who have places like this know exactly what I mean.

There WILL be a lot of creating going on over the next several days.  I am staying until Tuesday, giving myself a long Easter weekend to really dive in. If I can, I’d like to finish TWO quilt tops that have been in partial progress over the past several months behind the scenes.

There will also be more book editing to do….maybe on the porch.  It promises to be a lovely weekend.  If the weather permits we may get the motorcycle out on the Blue Ridge Parkway for a bit.

However you are spending your Easter, may you be surrounded by the love of friends, family and all of the goodies that come with it – making memories!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Are you allowing yourself to break some rules, and make some mistakes along the way? Get out of the safety zone and play your heart out!

Scrappy Bargello in recycled fabrics from the free patterns tab at the top of the blog. Have you made one?

Drawing tonight for the Quilty Box! Be sure you got yourself entered!

Happy Thursday, everyone!

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  1. Enjoy your renewal time at the cabin, I know what you mean about the place making you whole. It is where you are meant to be at this time in your life. Love your new ride and will definitely check out the podcast. I am having a mini quilt retreat with my sister this weekend who I only see once a year so let the fun begin.

  2. You are right the deer don't eat daffodils and neither do gophers or squirrels. I have been fortunate enough to find a place much like your cabin in Northern California that I love and it is my place to regenerate also. I have to work a few more years, but am looking forward to retiring and staying at home to enjoy it even more. For now it is a great place to come home to and I get to work in a nursery around plants and gardeners all day so even work is not so bad though I need more quilting time!

  3. Looks like Heaven! I love the Spring time. Sending good wishes for your progress on finishing your projects and book edits while at QuiltVilla! Heading down to my Happy Place as soon as I push send.

  4. What an uplifting blog today Bonnie. I envy the beautiful trees, bushes and flowers you have in your midst. We have snow and iv=ce today in Ontario Canada. I can only hope Mother Nature takes pity on us and gets around to us in the near future. In the meantime its great weather to sew.

  5. I totally get it. Our cabin is our bliss. Although just 2h 20m away from our primary home, it's another world. Stressfree. Relaxed. Rejuvinating.

    Enjoy your time at Quilt Villa :-)

  6. Anonymous8:00 PM EDT

    Love the look of the runner on your dining table...
    Any chance of a close up photo?

  7. I thought the fortune cookie was going to say needles instead of noodles. One needs needles to quilt as well as fabric. LOL

  8. Deer are too sensible to eat daffodils - they are somewhat toxic, particularly the bulbs.


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