Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Getting Spring Break Started!

There is a new ride on the block!

Say hello to my new Quilt-mobile, MOBY!

It was a very bittersweet moment as I left Shamu at the dealership and took possession of this handsome fella. 

It’s even a bit weird.

Because it feels like Shamu, it drives like Shamu, it’s only 6 years newer than Shamu, and even though similar, there are buttons and bells and whistles in different places and I’m getting to know him (Yes, Moby is a HIM!) just a bit at a time.

When we rolled off the lot there were only 8 miles on his odometer.  I plan on a long life together traveling to guilds and events far and wide, with his all wheel drive keeping me safe through all kinds of weather.


My plates are still here!

And Laura has kindly offered to send me a new “Got Quilting?!” sticker for the back window.  My heart will feel better when that is in place so you will be sure to know it’s me as I fly by you on the road!


Things are different in here, but I like it!

I opted to NOT get the built in Nav system this time.  I tend to use the GPS app on my phone much more because I could voice-to-text my location instead of having to tap buttons one at a time to spell out the long winded city, state, street, house number, etc on the previous built in system.

This model WILL bluetooth the GPS app from my phone so it shows up on the screen!  COOL BEANS!  There is an option (Which I will take) to purchase the maps for my phone app so that even if I lose cell service, the GPS will still get me to where I’m going.  This is important to me because nothing is worse than being in the middle of nowhere and find you have no cell service, therefore, no GPS.


Packing for the cabin!

My spring break starts this afternoon.  You can see that I HAVE remembered the big bin-o-grey-strings and several tubs of other colors that I am working on.  I am longing to treadle on the porch.  I pray the weather cooperates.  I may be a bit early in the season, but we will see.

Yes, also taking a laser jet printer up to the cabin for work stuff.  Some work has to happen even though it is officially my “Spring Break!”


Moby happily in my drive!

Do you see that green coming on the trees?  I have nearly missed the bloom of spring here in North Carolina over the nearly two weeks spent in Michigan.  The bradford pears are almost done, their blossoms being pushed out by emerging leaves.  Red buds bloom along the highways and byways in all of their purple-fuscia beauty.  Dogwoods are also nearly done.  How could I miss them? It’s the BEST part of spring in the south!


This is what I’ve been working on since arriving home.

My first pdf copy of my new book has arrived, and it is my job to mark it all up with stuff that needs to be changed and get it on to my editor, Ellen!  Three sections have been sent to her already, the rest is due by the 31st, so this will be coming to the cabin with me as well.  Quiet time there to go through all of this and make sure it is right –perfect compromise.

I am so happy that I am not traveling during this editing phase or it would be too hard to really deal with it at the end of a long teaching day.


ALWAYS feel free to add more scraps!!

Other things going on in Quiltville:

The Quilty Box Giveaway is still going on!  That drawing happens tomorrow evening, so there is still time to enter ON THAT POST.  It’s a good one! Don’t miss it!

Our Give-Away for Scrap Quilt Secrets by Dianne Knott along with the blog hop is HOPPING!  Did you read about the book giveaway and enter to win ON THAT POST?  Drawing is on FRIDAY.

Quilt-Cam is likely to happen NEXT week.  It just really does not work well from the cabin, and I want to do it RIGHT, so watch here on the blog and I’ll let you know when that will work for next week, likely Wednesday as I look ahead on my calendar.

Oh, and if you tried to order Wonky Wishes from my site and it showed as Out of Stock, more has come in! If you live internationally, no additional postage is required for Wonky Wishes.  As a single pattern the USA shipping will cover international destinations as well.  And you can add up to 3 seam guides without the weight going over requiring additional postage!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

As a creative person I do not force myself to always follow rules, I might not completely break them - and I most certainly make my own as I go along! Is that you too?

Easy Street quilt shared by a student during my Michigan workshops this past couple of weeks. Aren’t her colors gorgeous?? LOVE this one!

Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone!

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  1. Looking good and it appears to have tons of storage. Yeah! Enjoy the break.

  2. I rarely follow rules. Sometimes a problem in some situations. My sister and I have taken quilting classes together. Teacher would always smile at my sister because she won'T DO ANYTHING UNTIL TOLD TO. Me, I would always get "told" because I keep going forward and doing what I think is next!

  3. Congrats on the new wheels! I hope he'll take you safely where you need to be.

  4. Proud for your new ride. I am starting a pineapple quilt design, I will post a pic if it turns out right so far so good. But yet I just got the four patch done for them and they turned out perfect. i am gathering fabric for a sting project also. Have a great spring break, you deserve it.

  5. Nice new ride, he will get you through many miles even though he is not a Ford. ;-)

    Red Buds, I loved seeing them when I would travel to KY in the spring. But, have not been there during the red bud season for a few years. When you mentioned them in this blog I thought maybe there would be a picture of them later in the blog. But, (sigh) there wasn't. Red buds and lilacs are may favorite spring blooming bushes.

    Take care and enjoy your spring break.

  6. Congrats on the new wheels. My daughter works for a dealership(not a sales person) and informed me that I needed a new van for future fastpitch softball trips for my granddaughter. We have lots of miles to travel this summer for her sport. With the van there is always room for my sewing stuff, as we are in some places for a week or more. Enjoy!!!
    Oh I hope you packed your thimble this trip? LOL

  7. Don't forget your thimble!

  8. Bonnie enjoy our new ride. I have same car only in red love the AWD. mine is 2 years old. only van with AWD I live in the country

  9. Jill Stiger12:23 PM EDT

    I hope you remembered your thimble!

  10. Have a wonderful time at the cabin! ♡

  11. Have a wonderful time at the cabin! ♡

  12. Have a wonderful Spring Break and enjoy Moby! Thank you for using my quilt for your quote today! It is my favorite quilt to have on my bed; I love the colors, too! I had the best time at your classes in Kalamazoo.

  13. Wonderful name for your new ride. Moby might want to go to the Beach sometime. Have fun at Quiltvilla! Looks like you're packing half the house in there.

  14. Anonymous5:20 PM EDT

    I love your new ride! Moby will server you well. Have a blessed weekend!!

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Moby looks great! You are going to have so much fun taking him on your trips. I love the quote for today and the pattern you used as the back drop. I pulled out my Leaders and Enders book and was thinking of doing that pattern. Have a Happy Easter and enjoy your time sewing at Quiltvilla.

  17. We just spent 5 days in North Carolina on our way home to western NY from Florida. The redbuds and Bradford pears (and othe trees with white flowers) were gorgeous. I just couldn't get enough of them. Then we returned to brown grass and gloomy, gray skies. Oh well, at least I'll get to see spring a second time.

  18. We just returned two days ago from the Mountain Quiltfest in Pigeon Forge Tennessee and it was peak for redbuds and the Bradford Pears which were everywhere. Just totally beautiful! !, It's going to be awhile yet before our 2 Bradford s in our yard bloom. But when they do, it means the Orioles come back too and time to put out the oranges.

  19. OK, Bonnie: I have to know, what is the model of your new ride. I have to get a new ride also, and Toyota is one that I am looking at. My current one is an Acura (19 yrs, 20 yrs old) Before that was my Honda Prelude (13yrs old when I got the Acura,,20 yrs when I sold to my nephew). But Being Alaska, I need an SUV, 4 X4 or AWD vehicle. So looking at my options before fall.

    Thanks So Much, Donna E.

  20. Love your ride. I got one just like it last year. I need to look into that GPS Bluetooth thing. Have fun!

  21. Love your ride. I got one just like it last year. I need to look into that GPS Bluetooth thing. Have fun!

  22. Anonymous5:33 AM EDT

    Lots of comments about spring and the new vehicle, but what set my heart racing was the mini preview of your new book ... Always feel free to add more scraps! Can't wait. Grace in UK. gracebrown@aol.com

  23. I think they should leave the smiley face in the printing of the book! As for GPS, it makes me feel more confident with GPS working! I feel like I will never get lost again. But Siri doesn't know everything :)

  24. Enjoy your well deserved break. I am going on one next week too.To our huntcamp in the woods. No power(generator for the evenings, wood stoves and we will be making maple syrup. DH even said I could bring my featherweight...what a sweetheart. I think I will stick with handwork, embroidery, knitting and hexies!

  25. WOWOW... The Great Blue WHALE... Moby should give you years of great service too.
    I love the smell in a new car. HOW many miles did ORCA have on her?

    Took a 'chapter' from BKH's (LOL) ideas. Saw a photo in a quilt catalog that I like. It uses 2.5" sqs. Now just guess who has MANY? LOL.... So I have made my own version of the quilt ala Bonnie K. This is/as been so much fun...we are talking about if it is 2.5 Sq. use type piecing. Thanks for giving us all the nerve to do these things.

    Happy and blessed Easter
    Smiles, JulieinTN

  26. Toot, toot; ding, dong; WOOOooooo, WHOOOoooo. Do you hear the horns honk, bells ring, and whistles going? New cars are such fun; don't you just love their new smell? Wanted to weigh in a tell you how much I'm enjoying the little quotes you've added to your postings. I save some of my favorites. Thanks.

  27. Anonymous10:40 AM EDT

    Enjoy your new ride and your spring break, you deserve it! I just want to say I really enjoy your quilt quotes.

  28. I've been enjoying your blog for several years. I've learned sooooo much and love scrappy quilts more than anything.

    We recently bought a new Kia, and it doesn't have a GPS. What App did you download that will work with Bluetooh?

    Thanks for a reply. Enjoy your new ride!


  29. Anonymous1:07 PM EDT

    Congrats on Moby! I've had my "new" car a little more than a year, but sure missed it this week when it needed attention & thus had to use the OLD one!!

    I've long known I have a creative mind, because I ALWAYS see so many things that CAN be or CAN happen. My great trouble is getting from my idea factory into the DOING!!! Sometimes I really like the brainstorming and idea generating more than execution of a plan.

    Lydia Cox, from Central PA Amish country, but not Lancaster County

  30. Bonnie, you have not missed the dogwoods in NC....they are getting ready to pop.
    They bloom after the redbuds.....enjoy the new ride! and your spring break!

  31. I know I'm late to the party, but co-pilot will allow you to access maps while you have no cell service and it's a free app. We used it extensively when we visited the USA earlier this year.


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