Saturday, March 05, 2016

Wake Up, Cincinnati!

Oh, you guys! 

i have never been on a trip where my alarm didn’t go off in the morning ---until NOW!

Thanks to a text message coming in from a friend, I at least got up in time to throw myself in the shower and giving me 15 minutes to post something for today on the blog.

What’s the big deal you say?  You can take a day off, you say?

I don’t say!

To me, this blog is my newsletter to you, and it’s a habit for myself, and my day just doesn’t start out right if I don’t sit here, type good morning, and get my thoughts in order!

This little photo was Emmy Lou as I was packing to leave on Thursday night….she was as close to that suitcase as she could get, but luckily not in it! 

Yes, the gig is up, she knows that mom is leaving yet again, but this time it’s a short trip.

Workshops today, tomorrow and Monday, and a presentation on Monday night for the guild meeting and I’ll be home in time for dinner on Tuesday!


Hexies were stitched!

row 6 has begun for this second fill in section, and iof you want to know how many hexies can be sewn between Greensboro and Cincinnati with a stop off in Atlanta to change planes – 18!  Not too shabby for otherwise wasted time.  I love how this is progressing.

Someone asked about the thread color I’m using for stitching these neutrals.  This is aurifil #2324  50/2

It is two ply, and I tend to work with shorted lengths of it because if your length is too long, and you work with it for an extended period, the thread can weaken as you continue to pull it through the fabric and eventually it shreds.

If you’ve had this problem, likely it is that you had too long of a piece, and it wore out from over use before you could get to the end of it.  So shorten your lengths!


Three girls sewing!

My friend Irene from Louisville, Kentucky is her with her friend Sherry for all three days of workshops and we had a blast last night ion the suite that Sherry and Irene are sharing!  So much sewing and laughter and a movie on the TV.  The movie wasn’t paid much attention too, but it felt like a party!


Irene and her block of the month!


Sherry busy making a spring loaded catch all bag!


And I sat here…stitching 4 patches to beat the band!


Remember when I kitted these up?

When I make strip sets, I match two strip sets with right sides together – dark on light, light on dark so I can subcut them into already matched and ready to sew pairs.  It saves me OODLES of time – and I quickly had batches of these sewn, pressed, and seams spun on the back ready to sew into my awaiting project.


Leader & Ender Tumbler project is here with me too!

I only stitched until about 10, but I guess my body was catching up on the sleep I missed from the night before. Combine that with the alarm that didn’t go off….holy moly, it’s time to run!


Quiltville Quote of the Day

Today is the day to raise the bar! Don't set your expectations of yourself too low!

Antique star quilt found in Louisville Kentucky.

Talkin’ Turkey Workshop  with the Ohio Valley Quilters of Cincinnati, Ohio to commence shortly!

Have a great Saturday, everyone!

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  1. Thanks for helping me reach the stars in quilt making. Looking at your mystery quilts would stop me from attempting it. But with your mystery quilts and your step-by-step process, I've accomplished what I thought I wouldn't be able to do. I have gone on to make some of your other quilts and plan to make many more. Have a great day! I'll be seeing you soon in michigan!

  2. I hate the hurried feel of waking up late, even if it is just a few minutes. I feel a little discombobulated until about noon. Hope you're not experiencing the same.

  3. You're 3 hours away from me...wish I was there for your workshops! Have a great weekend in Cincy!

  4. I awoke early (thank goodness, medication to give) to a blinking clock. I was so sleepy it took me a while to remember how to reset it. But I did and 2 hours later it worked as it should. It reminded me how dependent we are on some technology, but for the life of me I don't know what else I can do. Have a wonderful day!

  5. Anonymous12:26 PM EST

    Cathy O. in Wichita KS. I am happy you grabbed a bit of sleep. Have a blast in your class today. :)

  6. Bonnie: Miss Emily Lou can come live with me, if she thinks you are gone on the road too much! If I am in a hotel, I always ask for a wake up call, in case my alarm does not go off, or I sleep through it.I overslept once for an important Army mtg more than 40 yrs ago, and now I sleep with two alarms set at all times, if I have to get up. I find if I am real tired, I can sleep through a clock radio, so the second alarm has to be nonelectric/electronic. Sometimes the old ways are better.

    I am glad you had time to get to the airport on time and make your flight! Now, take a Deep breath and try to relax.

    Soldotna, AK

  7. Spring loaded catch-all? Is that a pattern? Sounds awesome!


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