Friday, March 11, 2016

Hello to Traverse City!

It is quite a shock to the body who had just enjoyed ONE day of 77 degree temperatures at home – to arrive up “on the edge of the mitten” where things are a balmy 37!

Yes, I packed my parka.  I have my woolie socks.

Did I pack a hat?  NO!

Did I pack mittens or a scarf?  NO!

My own fault!  But hey – it’s DRY!  And there is sunshine and climbing temperatures predicted through the weekend if we can keep the rain at bay.  Whatever the outcome, I am comfortably installed here:


The Park Plaza Hotel, circa 1930!

Our retreat adventure starts this evening with my lecture followed by 2 days of workshops all under the comfort of this bit of history. ((Yes, there is even vintage hexagon tile on my bathroom floor!))


Oh this is going to be so fun!


This place is just beautiful!

I dropped my bags in my room and simply collapsed for a 2 hours nap, out to the world.  That 4:45am wake up call came early, but I had the afternoon to myself to rest up and get my bearings.


The view from my window on the 7th floor!

Oh, that’s it.  I can’t stay inside.  Me and my parka are going out for a stroll!


It’s COLD!!!!


But so beautiful along the bay!

You can see where the bay opens up into Lake Michigan just beyond!


Okay, it’s not THAT bad!!  Get moving and you will warm up!


Canals!  Very cool!


Charming downtown area with loads of shops!


The sign for the opera house
(Photo at top of page)


What a fun place!


And I topped it all off with pie!


From the lounge on the top floor!

Gorgeous courthouse!

We are going to have an awesome retreat here and I can’t wait for the ladies to start coming in.  The plan for today is to meet up with Linda and her cohort and do some exploring around town, have some lunch out and just enjoy the day until it is time to set up for the lecture tonight.  I know there is some antiquing in the plan and I can’t wait.


Hotel sewing – with a view!


A bit of pink cloud action as the sun set to the west.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Progress is a process and it takes time! Sometimes progress happens quickly, sometimes it takes longer. Slow progress is always better than no progress! Make *SOME* progress today!

Vintage Irish chain quilt found in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Great news from the home front – I heard from C&T yesterday that the sales of Wonky Wishes are so hot and heavy that they have already sent it to reprint!  Holy Moly, did that make my evening special! I was giddy as I sat here in my room sewing 4 patches on Linda’s loaner 301!  I awoke this morning with a smile as well.

I think I’m going to throw on my parka and head back down to the Pie place for breakfast!

Have a great Friday, everyone!

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  1. I hope it is okay if I share the quilt/message to my FB page. I have been working on an epic (10+ years) counted cross stitch. It is a beautiful English style garden with butterflies and hummingbirds. I have been teased by how long it is taking me but most would not have even attempted it. So the quote is perfect!

  2. If you like fried fish, go to Scalawags for their whitefish. It's right across the street from you. (If you can't eat the batter, eat around it--it's worth it. The fish melts in your mouth.) Their tartar sauce is to die for (and they won't tell me what's in it so I can make it at home). So many wonderful places to visit! You'll wish you were there for a week. I can't wait to see which antique stores you go to. Have fun!(Can you tell I have a soft spot for Traverse City? Well, really all of northern Michigan.)

  3. Welcome to the mitten! Cold hands, but warm hearts.

  4. I hope you'll have your wonky wishes pattern for sale at your workshops. I'd like to buy mine in Kalamazoo. See you then!
    Have fun in Traverse City, the hotel looks fabulous!

  5. My sister lived in Traverse City for a while, many years ago. She was told by the locals that they have two seasons--winter and the Fourth of July! : )

  6. Anonymous10:28 AM EST

    Bonnie, that is great news on your Wonky Wishes pattern! I can't wait to start mine. Have a great time in MI. Thanks for all the info on Traverse City. It looks like it would be a great place to visit. I added it to my list :) Anne D. adeedrick@ hbci.com

  7. I love Traverse City! We had our honeymoon there. If you are a foodie, I highly recommend The Cook's House. Also, if you have access to a car or a driver, I would suggest checking out Sleeping Bear Dunes and the Cherry Republic before you head back home.

  8. Try Traverse Pie CO.'s pecan pie! Better than homemade!

  9. Pie for breakfast! I knew you were a girl after my own heart.

  10. Looking forward to next weekend when you're in my part of the mitten! We should all be thankful for the limited amount of snow we have. It is only March after all.

  11. I am hotel stitching my 1930'farmers wife blocks. Gotta love rooms with a nice chair and a desk with a good light above it. Enjoy some pie for me. Lucky ladies in Traverse City.

  12. Bonnie I really enjoyed your photos and commentary of Traverse City. You made me want to go there! Your blog is always one part quilting, one part travelogue, one part pet love and one part health and fitness. Thanks for all you share.

  13. Linda S.5:58 AM EST

    Bonnie, I enjoy every one of your daily quotes. You are really an inspiration. So glad to hear of the success of wonky wishes. Well deserved.

  14. Love TC! The Traverse City Brewing Company has a dynamite walleye sandwich! And Cherry Republic has free samples of their chocolate covered dried cherries! Yum! (PS...bought a copy of Wonky Wishes at the Indiana Heritage Quilt Show last weekend)

  15. Bonnie I knew that wonky wishes star would be a hit! I just love my quilt and everyone who sees it just drops their mouth open!
    Looks like you are in a fun place. I giggled at your parka... We are so happy when it warms up over 30!! We ditch of big coat for a hoodie! I bet the air off of Lake Michigan can be pretty chilly though! Have a good time!

  16. So glad you are loving Traverse!! That's where my heart is even though I'm living in California now. It's truly God's country!! And they will love you too.

  17. Bonnie, glad you're enjoying the weather. I saw antique linens & beautiful antique quilts at the Dallas Quilt Show. I saw one inspired by one of your quilts. I strolled right on past the antique quilts but thought of you. If I had had the time & energy I would have looked through the linens, but not the quilts. I still hear my mom's voice when I asked if she would care if we made jackets out of her handmade quilts. Never again. We did use one of her quilts alot growing up. I saw many jackets from quilts but I still refuse to buy one. Now if I had a start with some blocks, yes but I can't cut up a quilt. Those quilts I saw were gotgeous. One quilt made with a table cloth as inspiration! I don't have a picture. Another crazy quilt was all old linens cut & used as the blocks. Another used a part of a linen for the center & hankies around the edges. You missed a great show. I met several vendors who know you. I know you are busy & miss these cool shows. Have fun! Stay warm. Hope you find a cool quilt to share with us. Until later. Good night.


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