Thursday, March 03, 2016

It’s a Shout-Out Kind of Day!

I’ve got some fun things to shout out loud about today!

It’s just been that kind of a great week!

During last week’s Quilt-Cam, Mary sent a comment that I read out loud, saying:

“Hi Bonnie browsing through my new Scraps Inc 2 book and Allison Harris of Cluck Cluck Sew has a shout out to you and Quiltville on page 26. You're famous for inspired scrap quilting!  happy for Quilt-cam!” 
I just thought this was the coolest thing ever.  I had to head right out and order myself a copy!


Scraps Inc, Vol 2!


And there it is!

“Whenever I need some “Scrap inspiration” I visit Bonnie Hunter’s website, Quiltville.com.  It is full of great scrappy patterns, blocks and ideas.  I’ve made her Dancing Nine’s pattern, the Fun with Bricks quilt, plus a few other blocks that she has featured on her blog over the years.  Her free patterns have great step by step photos and many of Bonnie’s online tutorials have printer-friendly versions that you can download and keep as a handy reference.  Next time you are in a scrap rut, browse through her long list of scrap friendly patterns and prepare to be inspired!”
Thank you, Allison!  And thank you, Mary for letting me know.  This really made me feel great!


Ooooh!  Wonky Wishes!

And guess where Wonky Wishes has a special shout out?


On the C&T BLOG!!

I wrote an article introducing myself to the readers of the C&T publishing blog and also wrote about how I work with scraps, my love of vintage machines and how Wonky Wishes came together.  The rest of this post will be continued over on their page, and I’ll give you the link in just a second.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

No one holds the keys to your happiness, but you!
Loving yourself might mean saying no to opportunities that don't feel quite right and trusting that something better will come. That has happened to me even recently.  Last year was very difficult with many changes and challenges, but this year has made it all worth it!  ((Antique 25 patch quilt found in North Carolina.))
If you haven’t entered our drawing for the 2 copies of the Spring 2016 Quilts from 100 blocks issues AND MYSTERY GIFTS, you can find out more info and enter on that post HERE.  The drawing is this evening, there is still time to enter
Now…click HERE to head over to the C&T blog to read the REST of the story!

Please leave a comment on their blog letting them know that you heard about it from me!
Have a great Thursday everyone!

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  1. The back of your Wonky Wishes quilt is just wonderful. Many times I tell quilters use what pieces left from the front and others to piece a back and they give me THAT look. Thanks for giving me validation. My husband usually likes the backs of my quilts better than the fronts!

  2. Hi Bonnie,
    I went over and read the blog - great write up. I love how your personality comes thru in your writing. But... what I can't believe is there is a quilter who doesn't know you! Your such a great promoter of quilting, scraps and so generous with your time and talent.

  3. Great post at C & T! Your delightful self comes through loud and clear.

  4. I'm happy to call you a quilter/friend! Your hubby is correct, if you were stranded somewhere one of us would come and get you! Great article on the C&T Blog. I give you a SHOUT OUT every month at my Guild.

  5. So exciting for you! Hope the day brings more your way. Sandi

  6. I am always so amazed when a quilter doesn't know who you are! How can they not!

    I spotted your Smith Mountain Morning quilt in a log cabin house shown on Hgtv. I cannot remember which show it was, but a family of 5 was looking to downsize to a smaller house (like 500sf). The first house was a log cabin and the quilt was hanging over the bannister to the loft. The 2nd time I saw the episode, I got a screen shot of it and confirmed it was indeed Smith Mountain Morning!

    Did you know that Craft University is selling Bonnie Hunter scrap bundles? You can buy darks, middles, or lights....they sent me an email just a couple days ago (because I enrolled in your online class last fall).

  7. I think we all come to your blog for inspiration, tutorials and just general "quilty stuff". You are so talented, and so generous sharing your work :)


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