Saturday, March 19, 2016

Scrappily Bargello-ing in Lansing, MI!

Here we are, the Charlie’s Angels of Scrap Quilting! LOL!

Yes, you can make a TON of progrss in a fun and easy workshop like Scrappy Bargello. Have you made one?

You need to give this a try – and since today IS National Quilting Day (Something I didn’t find out until YESTERDAY!) this would be a fun project for you to pull out and work on today!

This pattern is completely sewn in panels.  4 panels make a great lap sized quilt, add borders and it’s even more generous in size.

And yes – in a 6 hour workshop we had some top finishes!

Can you believe it?


Can we get a big TADA!!??!??!?!!!


This one by a mother/daughter tag team!

Great job, ladies!


3/4 the way and headed strong for the finish!

All in one workshop!


Cutting those strip panels! Go Yasmin, go!


Opening strip loops and stair-stepping UP!


Check out Robin’s Halloween Fun!

The free pattern for Scrappy Bargello is found under the free patterns tab at the top of the blog.  You need to give it a try.  It is a serious amount of easy breezy!

And the award for the best matched outfit-to-project goes to:



It was even funnier when she held up her panel before doing the subcutting because the black/tan striped panel disappeared against her black/tan striped shirt!  But what a great quilt!

Click the image below if you are unable to view the slide show on your mobile device.  You’ll be taken to the photo album for viewing.  I’ve also changed the settings so the slide show should auto-play for you, meaning you don’t have to click it to get it started. However, if you miss the photos at the beginning, you might need to replay it to see what you missed!

Scrappy Bargello, Lansing, MI 2016


Click the photo to enter to win!

Another fun thing for our National Quilting Day, through the weekend!  I received an email from Alex Anderson asking me to help spread the word:

Hi Bonnie,
I want to personally ask for your support for the International Quilting Weekend Party we are having this weekend. Please let your fans know by email and Facebook that they can win prizes and see over 200 Shows for Free at TheQuiltShow.com
Everything is free for your audience. There is no obligation but to have fun celebrating this art form that we love. I hope we can connect this year to update our viewers on what you are doing and creating now.  Remember to tell them that your show is #1410.

So there you have it!  Don’t forget to watch my segment, #1410!
SOME sewing happened last night, but not much.  I was just too tired by the time I got back to my room – but I fondled the fabric a bit while watching “My best friend’s wedding” with Julia Roberts.  Great movie!



Today we’ve got Cathedral Stars up on deck for 40 anxious and ready quilters – It’s going to be another great round of scrappy goodness.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately.  So much “it is what it is.” out there ---But maybe it isn’t?  Maybe it Will be what we make of it! 

Often what wears us down most is not the actual problem, but the constant thinking about it ever consumed with the issue. The question is not "Who can I blame?" The question is - "How can I grow and overcome this?" And when all else fails, go sew something!

Vintage hourglass top shared by Jackie in yesterday's Workshop in Lansing, Michigan!

Have a great National Quilting Day, everyone!

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  1. Happy National Quilt Day to my most favourite quilter!!

  2. Anonymous9:35 PM EDT

    Finally got to see your show on The Quilt Show! Very well done & enjoyable to watch. The show captures your quilt philosophy to the "T"!!

    Catherine in SW IN

  3. Today was the 25th National Quilting Day, first celebrated by the National Quilting Association, always the third Saturday in March. With the demise of NQA, the Quilt Alliance stepped in to provide a new 'home' for NQDay. More information on their website and facebook - make plans for next year! Looks like a happy group in Michigan found the best way to celebrate - fabric and laughter.

  4. sylvia weir email is twothreadknot@yahoo.com6:47 AM EDT

    I started a little art quilt group and we decided to exchange ugly fabrics--divide them up and then the challenge was to make something with that fabric. I admit--it was my idea---and then I could not find my set of fabric---and so--after my dear friend finished her piece--and another dear fried used the scraps to make her piece--she had split her little stash in half and gave me half. So I used the Bargello pattern to make a small piece---and of course I could not keep track of where the loops should go and where I should split it and then I didn't have an even number width so just cut it several times--I had some really thin strips and some wider ones.
    Turned out so nicely that one other person in the group wanted to take it home and add to it---and the little bits I had left were made into something else---and that went home with someone else.

    So from a humble start of random fabrics---and your pattern---it was a fun experiment---and I don't think Ihave any photos--maybe when they bring them back for our next meeting.


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