Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Lunch, Shop, Hike!

I met with Lisa and her little fluffy side kick Shelby out at Reynolda Village in Winston-Salem yesterday on my way home from the cabin.

Oh, what a LOVELY early spring day!  Temps reached 75, and the sunshine was infectious.  I let it seep into my bones, drowning myself in wondrous rays of vitamin D.

I know before too long I’ll be complaining about how HOT it is as spring turns to summer, but for now – I’m basking, filling my sunshine battery before I leave for Cincinnati on Friday!

We ate lunch outside at The Silo and while it was a bit breezy, we didn’t complain.  We just weighted down napkins, menus and other fly-away-ables using the salt and pepper shakers to keep them from obtaining spontaneous lift-off.

After a lunch of much yumminess and conversation, we wandered next door, to The Village Fabric Shop!


A quaint little shop, with a BIG amount of inspiration!


I think all fabric looks better by chandelier, don’t you?


Heavenly bundles and tuffets!


Please pet the fabric!


Lisa and Shelby obey!

Do you see that sunlight streaming in?  Heaven!


Cute samples everywhere!


Come on by!

We had a fun visit, said our goodbyes, and then headed out across the parking lot to the walking trails that surround Reynolda Village.


Just what we needed!
At Reynolda Village, pick up the trail on the south side of Reynolda Gardens. Shortly, you’ll hit a fork. Go right — and keep turning right at subsequent forks — for the 2-mile loop. Go left, down the gravel path, cross a stream and you’ll end up with close to 5 miles. Meanwhile, on the adjoining Wake Forest University campus behind Palmer and Piccolo Halls, you’ll find 3 miles of cross-country trail. This rolling trail is groomed and maintained for walkers, but ideal for trail runners. Link the two trail networks — Reynolda and Wake Forest — via a quarter mile trail that runs from Winston Hall on Faculty drive with Reynolda Gardens at Lake Katharine. Source

Winter on its way OUT!


We found daffodils blooming!

From here I headed home and unloaded the van and began to tackle everything that needs to be done before I leave on Friday, but so glad I took this time out!




I hope you’ll join me for some stitching time in the Quiltville Studio tonight, 9pm Eastern!  Grey String Blocks are still calling my name.  I stitched this pile last night, and am loving every bit of gifted grey you have sent my way!  I think it’s safe to say there will be many many grey quilts in my future thanks to this overwhelming abundance.

For those new to Quilt-Cam, the live feed is NOT found under the Quilt-Cam tab until I archive it there after the fact.  Simply come to the blog, and look for the latest post that says "Quilt Cam 3/2/2016" on it.  It will post when I go live.

If you don't see it, it might mean that you are on the page a bit too early.  Wait until 9pm, and refresh the page to bring the latest new post to the top of the listings on the index page of the blog.  Click that post to bring the full post up, and scroll down the page until you see the embedded feed.  Click on the screen to start it playing.  I hope this helps!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Joy does not simply happen to us. We have to choose joy and keep choosing it every day. Not only for ourselves, but for others as well. Celebrate someone else's accomplishments today. It will mean the world to them! And the joy is contagious!

Allietare quilt shared by a student in Mineola, Texas.

Have a lovely Wednesday, everyone! See you tonight!

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  1. Nice to enjoy time with a friend. Cute shop. Quilt Cam tonight right before Survivor in the PNW. Spring Breezes of March will bring in the Spring Rains that make the flowers grow. That's what I tell myself. I got got caught in the rain yesterday. I was happy I had on my hoodie.

  2. I went to Village Fabric when I was visiting family last summer. I feel in love. It's a great shop. My granddaughter and I ate in Reynolda Village. Winston-Salem has so many neat, historical areas.

    Why don't we see Emmy Lou on QuiltCam?

  3. That is a besutiful Allietare quilt

  4. Love your quotes, Bonnie. Keep 'em coming! (Also love the quilts you post them on!)


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